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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Winter Sleep - Aoi/Uruha (1/1) 
Jan 20 09
Title: Winter Sleep
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Angst, fluff (FLANGST! xDD)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Shortness
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Everything written here came from my imagination. Plus I don't own any of the boys though I wish I did xD.
Summary: Will you hold me now?
Comments: You must know that I hate sad endings. Yes I do.

“Am I ever gonna feel myself again?”

As those words left Uruha’s lips, Aoi knew he couldn’t possibly look into his eyes. In his heart he knew how the blond looked. The pained look in his eyes despite the smile, despite the seemingly joking tone he knew the graveness of that simple phrase. Instead what the brunet did was hold the other’s hand, even if at first he resisted, but eventually gave into the soft touch.

Uruha wanted to speak of how each passing day only gave him the disgusting feeling of emptiness, and that even throughout the merriment and the success he just wanted to disappear into the void. As if nothing was worth of anything anymore. He was never alone, but he was always lonely. He had exquisite skill and beauty, but inside he was revolting. And the silence between them that he himself established was so painful even death seemed to be kinder.

He also wanted to speak of how much of a fool he had been. And true enough, he had been stupid. It was stupid of him to think that the thing that they had between the two of them could possibly get in the way of their music. There had been rough times, that he had to admit, but there really was nothing they couldn’t do. Not when Aoi did everything to make it work. It was really selfish of him to think of such, that he realized now, when he’s the one barely exerting any effort, seeing the band as an excuse to get away from his part of the responsibility. How selfish he had been was so funny that it hurt. And it hurt bad.

But he couldn’t pull any more words out of his throat. It just wouldn’t come out even if he knew the words to say. Perhaps it was his conscience’s way of saying that he didn’t have any right to speak at the moment, when he could only imagine the pain Aoi went through when he said his harsh parting words. He didn’t even deserve to be in the other’s presence, but instead Aoi welcomed him with open arms. Even without words Uruha knew that Aoi was once more offering his heart to him.

Aoi knew of the blond’s inner turmoil – that’s how much he loved him. Unable to speak when there was so much to say, restraining himself from doing anything for thinking that he wasn’t worthy. Those things reflected in the tears that trickled down Uruha’s cheeks and Aoi frowned, wiping them off from his face. Such ugliness shouldn’t stain his love’s beauty.

The tears flooded even more when Uruha was pulled into an embrace; Aoi cradling him ever so softly and placing soft kisses on top of his head. He didn’t ask why the other was this kind, this loving, this forgiving for he knew the answer himself. To release himself from this pain, he also knew what to do. He had to rouse away from this pointless winter sleep. And Aoi, as always, would be more than happy to wake him.
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
Confusing. I avoid angst but thought I could try and check this out. See no comments so I though I could leave one. Interesting idea, objectively I would have to say it is good story. Just me don't like angst :)
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
LOL, I guess it is a bit confusing, especially with it being meant as a oneshot. But maybe reading the other season fics (you'll see it in my archive) can give you a more clearer explanation? xDD

Thanks for reading and commenting~ your comments are teh loooove. <3 *huggleclingcrash*
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
Oh, I see. I kind of steered away from those seeing the big ANGST sign. Maybe I'll try them later :)
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
LOL grammar fail -> 'more clearer' xDD *dies*

You get turned off by angst? o_o Oh noes but I usually write angst! >_<;;

Anyways, yesh, you must see them later. The fics are calliiiiing xDDDD *gets shot*
Jan 21 09 (UTC)
Yes, I got that you usually write angst and I did like it in your other stories but I kind of get scared when I see only angst as a genre. When it's wormed between romance and humor (or whatever) I'm much braver to give it a shot. But it's only because I somehow read unhappy ending when I see angst written. I should stop doing that I guess.
Jan 21 09 (UTC)

Actually I absolutely hate unhappy endings as well because they actually depress my IRL. I get moved by fiction too much~ u_u So I swore that even if I write angst (I just love the drama of it LOL) I will never write a sad ending.

So don't worry, even if my works are rated as angst I'm sure something good will come out of it~

Unless my brain goes haywire and decides to go crazy with the fics xDD
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
I liked it lots... sad Uru is always love <3
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
Would it be evil if I say I actually laughed at my Uru when I was writing it? I always find crying Uruha too... laughable xDDDD

Thank you for reading! ^^
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
laughable? :O I always want to comfort him :$ *g*
Jan 21 09 (UTC)
Actually I always find any crying men even in fics laughable. I'm evil like that >D

But yeah that just makes me wanna hug Uru, but then again, he's already got Aoi so yay~ xDDD
Jan 21 09 (UTC)
Aww <3 this was nice *_*
*wants to go and hug uru*

My OTP with my favorite song of OLIVIA, awesome combination! x3

But maybe I should take the time and read the rest of your season fics *glances at other comments* since it was a bit confusing. xD
Jan 22 09 (UTC)
Hohoho, yes, this song is most awesome. I've been itching to write a fic based on Winter Sleep since last year actually, now I got it so I'm happy. <3

Ohoho please do!

Thank you for reading! ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
i dont like when Uru is sad.i want to hug him.it was so sad but beautiful to.
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
D= I don't like my Uru sad either, so I get my Aoi to make him feel all better! ^^

Thank you for reading~ ^^
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