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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Leap of Faith - Aoi/Kai (1/1) 
May 02 09
Title: Leap of Faith
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Slight angst, fluff, AU-ish
Rating: G
Warnings: No plot? :/
Pairing: Aoi/Kai
Disclaimer: Real people, real circumstances, fake stories.
Summary: But the world was calling to Kai, and Aoi knew he couldn’t say no.
Comment: For miyuchi *grumbles*. BGM is Layag (Sail) by Up dharma Down, a local band. They're seriously good so I'm pimping them! If you wanna know more about them, just tell me ne and I can share their stuff to you. ^^

His bags had already been packed; the two suitcases occupying nothing but a small spot outside, in the corner of the living room. Suddenly the bedroom was filled with the scent of his cologne, almost too strong for the nose, but he couldn’t help but spray it all over himself nervously. It was a small enough action, but it gave him at least a few minutes to stay glued on the floor, not having to leave right away. If he could he’d spray cologne on himself all day if that meant another day in this apartment, in this bedroom that they shared.

He threw a look over to the bed, still messy from last night’s slumber. But he hadn’t slept a wink at all, even though Aoi’s warm weight rested on his chest the whole night. His thoughts were broken by the soft voice that hollered from outside.

“Kai, you’re going to be late.”

All Aoi could do was to watch Kai, support him whenever he could, and urge him to do the right thing even if that meant that Kai would have to leave his side. Today’s departure was not only hard for Kai, but for Aoi as well, being the one left waiting here with everything that would remind him of what they have. And wouldn’t that be unkind, being surrounded by everything that he wanted but couldn’t hold, couldn’t have?

But the world was calling to Kai, and Aoi knew he couldn’t say no. Besides, who was he to keep Kai from the world?

Kai knew there’s no escaping now when his legs made their way to the door and exited the bedroom. His head was cast down and he couldn’t even look up to Aoi to at least give him a reassuring smile that he was going to be alright. Why should he, when he himself couldn’t be reassured that he’d really be alright?

The soft padding of footsteps coming his way and the gentle hand on his cheek wiped off the sulking expression off his face. “It’s only for three months,” Aoi’s words rung in his ears and once more Kai’s heart sunk. Three months was far too long.

“It’s far too long,” he repeated out in a hushed tone, still hesitant to look up the older man.

“Let’s go,” Aoi finally said, pulling away from Kai before his mind flips and decides not to let him go.

The ride to the airport was silent, too silent that he couldn’t even hear the taxi’s engine. Kai refused to look at Aoi’s face for the remainder of the ride; he knew his monsters were wrong to say that Aoi was going to be gone if he didn’t look because he still felt the older’s comforting hand on his knee.

His eyes were then fixed outside the window where everything was a tad darker than normal. The skies were of an eerie shade of gray and the trees that were once so bright with life now lanky and unsightly, the leaves barely hanging at the branches. What a depressing day to go, Kai thought, and the monsters were back, telling him how each day would be like this if he left Aoi’s side. Kai brushed the thought aside and stopped focusing on the seemingly dead things. So he directed his eyes to the people and noticed how everybody was clad in thick, comfortable clothing but didn’t seem comfortable enough that they still had to hide in another person’s arms.

Falling in love was such a wonderful feeling, but in his and Aoi’s lives, that was a luxury they can’t indulge in too much.

Finally the cab stopped and the huge airport building loomed into Kai’s vision. He couldn’t help but grimace slightly, wishing that he really didn’t have to go. He planted his hand against the taxi couch harder until he felt Aoi tug on them with a small, apologetic smile on his face. With a sigh, Kai curled his hands into a fist and pushed himself off the cab.

The area was nearly deserted and Kai wished more people were there so that saying goodbye would be a little easier. But with almost no people around, he knew that in some way or another he’d give himself an opportunity to embarrass himself in front of Aoi. Like crying for example.

He felt his eyes start to water but Aoi planted his big hands on the sides of his face, his thumb rubbing circles under and at the corner of his eyes. “Don’t cry okay?” Aoi started in a gentle tone, “You’re only going to be gone for three months. No need to be dramatic, Kai-chan.”

Kai started to sniffle but the way Aoi massaged his eyes kept him from spilling any tears. “I’m gonna miss you,” he stated silently, as he pulled the older for an embrace.

“You won’t,” he answered as quietly, pulling Kai as well and stroking through his soft hair. “I’ll call you every day and pester you over the internet too.”

Aoi broke his hold on the younger and went over to get his luggage from the cab’s compartment before going back to his spot in front of Kai. Smiling, he patted the top of Kai’s head lovingly. “You’re gonna be fine. When you get back, we’re gonna watch the cherry blossoms together, alright?”

Kai opened his mouth to agree, but instead something else came out. “I love you, Aoi.”

The smile faded from Aoi’s lips. “I know.” He placed a hand over Kai’s cheek again. “I love you too.”

With that Aoi leaned close to Kai’s face and pressed his lips against his, and although the lip piercing was brushing quite painfully against his skin, Kai didn’t complain. Instead he closed his eyes, letting Aoi dominate the kiss unlike the usual.

Aoi was the one to pull back first and saw how flushed Kai had become after the kiss. He let out a small, good-natured laugh and squeezed the younger’s cheek gently. “You need to go. You’re gonna be late for your flight.”

Kai then gathered his things and gave Aoi one last peck on the lips before turning on his heels, afraid that if he stayed any longer he wouldn’t be able to release his hold on Aoi. Better go while he still had the will and strength to.

After all, it would already be spring when he gets back. That was something to look forward to.
May 02 09 (UTC)
Well, I was hurt when you grumbled after my name but I will forgive you since this was so so beautiful.

I love how you did not include the reason for Kai's leaving and simply let the emotions follow through in between their simple gestures. There was a lot of love here.

<3 domo chantal~ XDDD (you wait for my Aoi/Kai too ^^)

Aaaaaaand, I'm pimping the band me-al art too. Akiya (Kagrra,) recommended them and they have really good songs. XD
Here's a link if you'd like to listen to them http://community.livejournal.com/kagrra_media/183175.html#cutid1, uh-huh. :D
May 02 09 (UTC)
Yeah, the main point is the love anyways. ♥

LOL you're welcome bakla, you may ask anytime you want. Maybe I should make individual fics for the junkos, ne?

Oo nga pala, ninakaw ko yung idea mo na fics for all pairings ng Gazette. Hope you don't mind~ gagawa akong community eh 8D
May 02 09 (UTC)
Oh yeah, I can't view the stuff on the link D:
May 02 09 (UTC)
fics for all pairings??? AAHHHH~

Ah~ do tell me what that comm is about sali ako! XD

Ay nga pala, kelangan mo mag-join sa comm to view the recent posts. :D
May 02 09 (UTC)
gazeroundrobin :D

>_<;; Oh sya sige ako'y sasali na xD
May 02 09 (UTC)
ahahaha~ ooooh.

Sige pag-iisipan ko kung sasali ako. XD
But nice~ all for the gazelove. X3
May 02 09 (UTC)
Hindi talaga. 8D
May 02 09 (UTC)
Awww~ ♥ Nice read!
May 02 09 (UTC)
Thank you! ^^
May 02 09 (UTC)
awwwwww, that was really cute :) Don't be so dramatic harharharhar~
That was actually quite bittersweet... T^T but nice nonetheless :)
Thanks for writing it and sharing it :)
May 02 09 (UTC)
I dun wanna go all out angsty haha but yes, there's some bitersweetness to it.

Thanks for reading! ^^
(Deleted comment)
May 02 09 (UTC)
Haha, thanks dear~ ♥
(Deleted comment)
May 02 09 (UTC)
I'm not very much for angsty situations... unless my angst muse is alive lol 8D

Thank you very much for reading! ♥
May 02 09 (UTC)
You would think it was the end of the world or something, but I guess that's love for you :D
May 02 09 (UTC)
Blame Kai, he cries at the silliest of things. xD
May 03 09 (UTC)
this was so nicely sad =) I really liked the taxi ride, how everything was dead and grey outside and matching Kai's mood <3
May 03 09 (UTC)
But Kai shouldn't always be like that! >_<;;

Anyways, thanks for reading. ^^
May 03 09 (UTC)
but I like his sadness and melancholy ;_;
May 18 09 (UTC)
Woo, kawasakininja sent me your way and I picked a random story to read, and it was Aoi/Kai. It's such a sweet pairing, isn't it. :) Of the story, it's a small segment of their lives, I like how it's not actually said where Kai is going - it doesn't have any importance - and I feel for Kai. I liked the scene where Kai refused to get up from the cab and the most of all I liked this almost too strong for the nose, but he couldn’t help but spray it all over himself nervously somehow.
Keep it up.
May 18 09 (UTC)
Ohoh, wow, how nice of her to do that~ :3 Mmm, I still need to get the hang of Aoi/Kai, but I agree, they are sweet. ^^

Thank you so much for reading. ^^
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