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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
requests! Want me to write a fic for you? Then step right up and… 
Jan 05 29

Want me to write a fic for you? Then step right up and ask me for one! All I ask is for your patience as my muses aren't always with me, but I do try. Also, the only band/fandom I'm very familiar with is Gazette, so if you ask for other bands/fandoms, we might run into troubles. Don't hesitate to ask though, because I may be able to deliver. ^^ Just comment to this post with the pairing of your choice.

→ Aoi/Reita smut - akira_nya
→ Sexy Reita/Aoi - fatalblissy
→ Aoi/Uruha - fraud_lover/lovecrumble
HOT URUHA/AOI PORN - kouyou_x3
→ Aoi/Uruha (Cinderuha) - everybody who asked for the smut :D
→ Kai/Uruha (The Cotton Candy Series) - those who asked for the smut
→ Aoi/Uruha; leprechauns and rainbows - imagined_enigma
→ Gazette x Versailles crossover - imagined_enigma
→ Aoi/Gackt - paranoiascreams
→ Ruki/Reita - libertyguns

→ Ruki/Reita - paranoiascreams
→ Aoi/Kai - miyuchi/granitemouth
Aug 07 09 (UTC)
;D I know you want to write something for me, bb.
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Of course bb.

One Ruki/Reita when I get the inspiration. :3
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