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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Like Another Language - Ruki/Reita (1/1) 
Apr 27 09
Title: Like Another Language
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Smut, PWP
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Pairing: Ruki/Reita
Disclaimer: Real people, real circumstances, fake stories.
Summary: To Reita, Ruki was just like another language, hard to speak, pointless to try to understand, but interesting to learn.
Comment: Dedicated to paranoiascreams, because for some reason, she wanted some Reituki smut for the Aoi/Uruha fluff she's making for me. Also, for tragic_ennui prompt number 12. Written in first person. I'm finally giving Reita some love!

I hated the feeling of sweat making my skin cling to my clothes, which are nothing but a thin black shirt and heavy black jeans, adorned by chains, belts, and whatever else this fancy pair of pants had. The ways these unfamiliar bodies moved around me, groping, make me want to spit right then and there because the atmosphere disgusted me that much. But I didn’t, and instead did the same as they did. The way my eyes drooped down rather seductively, earning me low moans of approval from those who saw, but that look isn’t for them. It’s for that guy at the back of the club, staring at me with a smirk on his lips.

To tell the truth I never understood Ruki. Nor can I understand why he has such power over me. It’s really scary to think about him, how somebody as supposedly ‘normal’ and respected like him could be as wild as an animal when no one was watching. Wait… that wasn’t right. The truth is, he simply lived out the things that were expected from an icon like him – to be free, untamed, and sexual. I could say the same for myself, but I’m different from him. I learned once that those who seemed quiet were aggressive in some way and vice versa. He certainly was aggressive in more ways than one.

Ruki had always been calm and collected, and he tended to keep to himself. The only time he lets his feelings known is when he writes his lyrics. But even then I can’t understand him. Who the hell writes about abortion so accurately when they didn’t have abortion themselves? Or incest, but that’s a discussion for another day. Bottom line is, I don’t understand him, nor do I wish to understand him. I don’t think I ever will, anyway. He’s far too enigmatic.

I slinked away from the faceless person (in my eyes, anyway) and walked towards his direction. Despite the poor lighting inside the club, I noticed him stir from his position too, pushing himself off the wall that he’d been leaning against for quite some time now but still keeping his arms folded across his chest. Stopping in my tracks, I glanced around nervously as he approached me, and I just stood in a rather dumbfounded manner there, adjusting my noseband a little bit.

“Hey,” he greeted, but clearly showed he wanted to waste no time as his hands circled around my neck. My hands automatically slipped into his waist and then he leaned in close to my face, softly brushing his lips against mine.

“Hello Ruki,” I managed to exhale, but he only responded with a low chuckle against my ear, and I couldn’t help but flinch. I can’t say I didn’t like it, but his hot breath against my earlobe felt proved to be too ticklish.

“I told you not to call me that.” He practically purred, and I could feel his lips ghost over my earlobe. I could feel the goose bumps start to form on my skin, but I decided to keep still and quiet.

“Takanori,” I finally breathed. To tell the truth I was awed by his boldness. Ruki didn’t need to be called by any other name than his real one whenever the cameras were out, simply because there was no need for him to hide behind a stage name anymore. This was a part of his true self, after all.

“That’s better, Akira.” I frowned; I didn’t want to be called by my given name. Akira doesn’t act like a whore, he wasn’t needy, and he wouldn’t crumble to anybody’s ministration – close friend, crush, or not – like that so easily.

He let out another chuckle. “No need to be pissy, Reita.”

Yes, that’s right. The name Akira shouldn’t be soiled with actions as disgraceful as this and I could only thank the noseband on my face. Aside from the stage name I’ve adopted, it was the only barrier that separates the shamefulness of my doings from my true self. It’s no problem if Reita gets down and dirty like this, grinding his hips like a deprived whore against another.

Even under the dim lights, I saw that he simply smiled. “We need to take this somewhere else.”

The moment we stepped inside the bathroom, Ruki pushed me against the wall and started unbuckling my pants, all the while molesting my mouth with his. It was a mystery as to how I kept my brain functioning while his tongue curled dominantly against mine, no doubt wanting control that I was willing to give anyway. Finally I found something to keep people from entering the bathroom – a thin plumbing tube of some sort conveniently laying on the ground. I pushed him away for a moment and smirked when I heard him grunt at the loss. I then grabbed the tube and stuck it on the door handle. They would just suspect that the bathroom was broken or something, and it wasn’t like these people would have enough attention span to actually get the door open. They’d just have to piss or fuck somewhere else. After that I grabbed onto Ruki’s collar and pulled him into another harsh kiss, this time, with me taking charge.

Ruki pulled back to catch his breath and let out a low chuckle, also having finished undoing my annoying pants. I narrowed my eyes at him as he started to speak. “Afraid somebody would catch us fucking, huh? What a pussy you are.” He then grabbed at my shirt and bit on my bottom lip, sucked on it, before thrusting his tongue onto my mouth again while he pushed me towards one of the sinks.

So maybe I really am a pussy, but who the hell wants to get caught during the heat of the moment, anyway? I’m not a fucking exhibitionist. “Fuck off. I just don’t want anybody finding me while I fuck.” I yelped a little when the sink hit my lower back and grabbed on its sides. Ruki got down on his knees and hurriedly pulled my pants down. The cold air that hit my thighs gave me more goose bumps, more so when Ruki started kissing and suckling there. It made me shiver and moan a bit, and I could swear he was smirking against my skin. Fucking bastard wants to leave hickeys on my thigh.

“Fuck Reita, you’re so hard already,” he commented almost too casually as he fondled my still-clothed dick, and I swear I could find no words to respond to that. Maybe it’s because my head was too clouded with lust to actually respond then, but I think it’s more about Ruki having this effect on me. Even if we weren’t in this kind of situation, there’s something in his voice and his eyes that could immediately shut me up.

“I’m gonna suck it now baby, is that what you want, huh?” He dragged my underwear slowly and teasingly, making sure that it scraped against the skin of my erect cock. I gasped at the feeling and felt my cheeks heat upon seeing how my dick sprung out proudly.

With one hand Ruki undid his pants as the other gripped on my cock, stroking it softly. I let out a hushed moan when it came in contact with his lips, coating the tip with his saliva while he stroked his own to hardness. Throwing my head back, I closed my eyes and just focused on the sensations Ruki brought me.

He gripped the base of my erection and took in more of it, surrounding me with such delicious heat, and I couldn’t help but buck my hips forward. Ruki gagged when my cock hit his throat, and I think I caught him grumble a muffled fuck while he adjusted to the intrusion. Nevertheless it didn’t seem like he was going to stop any second, and so I continued to thrust into him and he continued to suck, stroking whatever his mouth couldn’t reach. It felt so fucking good, I swear my legs were going to give out. He continued that steady pace and I started to push more frantically, trying to reach my climax. But then I felt both his hands on my hips, holding me firmly, though his mouth was still suckling and licking on my cock. Flicking my eyes open, I stopped moving at the silent command, and he pulled back for a moment.

“You’re so fucking impatient baby, I’m gonna give what you really want in a while.” His voice sounded so knowing and malevolent, but before I could create more coherent thoughts, he started sucking my dick again, reducing me back to being a needy whore. The way he dragged his tongue on the underside of my length, scraping his teeth every now and then while his thumb ran over the slit, smearing the precum to the rest of my organ was enough to make me orgasm. In fact, my abdomen was starting to stiffen up for my impending release, but Ruki seem to have noticed that and stopped.

It was then that I knew he wasn’t here merely for my blowjob, but for the sex. These were the times that frustrated me because I couldn’t read his true intentions. Sometimes he blew me, other times he demanded me to suck him. Then there were rare times that he’d ask me to fuck him and of course I’d be willing to do so. I hated it whenever I’m made to guess and Ruki – his actions, his thoughts – was just a big mystery for me. It was less frustrating when I didn’t bother my pretty little head about that, and so that’s exactly what I did; stop thinking and just let him do whatever the hell he wanted.

Just when I thought he was gonna beg for me to cum inside him, I was suddenly flipped around and my stomach collided with the sink. Immediately I planted my elbows on both sides of that sink. “What the hell?” I inquired defiantly but made no moves to act against Ruki, simply looking over my shoulder with a questioning look on my face.

“I told you, I’m gonna give what you really want.”

From my position I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, but I did hear rubber being rolled onto skin and the slick sound of lube (it was, wasn’t it?) being coated. Before I could protest any more Ruki positioned himself to my entrance and slowly but surely pushed into me. How he figured I didn’t need much preparation (I had been – to my shame – playing with myself so hard the night prior) was beyond me, but was glad that he fulfilled my unspoken desires. Lately I just wanted something shoved up my ass instead of the usual me fucking his hole.

Ruki always knew what my body required, to my delight and embarrassment.

I leaned my head against my right arm as he continued to adjust, shallowly thrusting in and out of me. I perked my ass towards him, biting my lip as he did so, and he rolled his hips gratuitously. “Fuck,” I moaned out loud but came back to biting my lower lip again, ashamed to have been so vocal about this whole thing. I wasn’t a vocal person when it came to fucking, I don’t want to be noisy when being pleasured. I hate to admit it, but it’s just that I’m embarrassed. Ruki seemed to love making me embarrassed.

He started thrusting in more violently, making me gasp for more. Suddenly I felt him tugging at the back of my hair and the knot of my noseband came undone. “Dammit Ruki wha—”

“Look at yourself in the mirror Reita. Look at how horny you look, how your face contorts to every of my thrust. How that little sweat drop rolls down your nose and onto your chin.” Even though I couldn’t see Ruki in the mirror at all, he could paint my reflection to precision, and for a while there it freaked me out. “I bet your lips are slightly parted, but you’re willing yourself not to moan.”

Suddenly I felt Ruki’s weight against my back, driving his cock deeper inside me, hitting my prostate. I screamed his name out and clutched on the sink tighter, my eyes rolling at the back of my skull. “That’s it baby, moan my name,” he groaned, shallowly thrusting and striking that sweet spot over and over again.

I would’ve came already but his hand snaked down on my cock, gripping at the base but the other one fondled my balls. Seemed that he wanted to cum first before I did, and for some reason, that wasn’t something I wanted to deprive of him. Even if he still had that hold on me, I held my release back as he desperately shoved into me, reaching for his own climax. My head collapsed back to my arm, with my body starting to tire and senses on overdrive.

A few thrusts later, I finally felt his warm load filling my ass. Ruki slowed down and his hands started moving, stimulating my balls and playing with my dick. It was probably the lube and sweat that made my cock all slippery, arousing me even more. His other hand then went for my cock so as his one hand stroked it fervently, the other was running the thumb over my slit. With that, orgasm washed over my body as my cum dripped down to the floor, my insides tightening around him as I screamed his name again. He moaned my name too (Akira, fuck!) as I continued to clench on his cock, to my dismay.

Ruki then withdrew himself from me. Panting, I fell to the ground, unable to make my legs (or any part of my body, for that matter) move from the afterglow. I couldn’t look up to the mirror to see what he was doing but I knew he was zipping his pants up because I heard. I also heard paper towels being pulled from the dispenser.

I felt him kneel beside me to pull my pants up, and I could only a bit as a silent thanks. Sex with Ruki sure was exhausting.

Ruki then got up and I at least got to move my head to his direction, only to see him reaching for the door. Gently he set the tube down on the floor where I found it, and without a word he stepped out of the bathroom, leaving me in my lonesome, feeling somewhat used.

The silence that filled the bathroom – with the exception of my still heaved breathing, of course – allowed me to clear my mind and reflect for a while. The thoughts that swam in my mind before this encounter lingered in my head. Of course those would easily be answered if I just asked Ruki directly, but there’s no way in hell I would do that. I guess I’m just afraid to know the answers to why he always came to me, how come he knows what I need, and what I actually mean to him.

I tightened my grip on the sink again and helped myself up. While I fixed my noseband I didn’t dare face the mirror; Akira didn’t want to see the debauchery that was Reita without a noseband. I then gave my reflection one last look, glaring as I left all my worries and uncertainties with it before turning around to leave the club bathroom as well.

There’s just no point in trying to understand carnal desires – neither his or mine.
Apr 27 09 (UTC) - WAI!
for me?


I also updated your fluff! ^___^

Apr 27 09 (UTC) - Re: WAI!
YES IT IS. It was a hard struggle Mama Kamiru, but I did it! I didn't even laugh! xDD

Apr 29 09 (UTC) - Re: WAI!
i saw your archive, this is your first ever ruki/reita?

I LOVE YOU MOAR BAYBEH!!! *hugsyoulikeuruhawould*
Apr 29 09 (UTC) - Re: WAI!

damn that was exhausting.

i was grinning.

i loved it baybeh.

*it's the first gazette smut ive read actually. hahaha.

**i asked you to write it because im sure ill read it. LOL. XD
Apr 30 09 (UTC) - Re: WAI!
Yes, I seldom deviate from Aoi/Uru or Kai/Uru xDD

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii! ♥ I'm so honored that this is your first Gazesmut! o////o

Thank yoooooooooou~ ♥
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Wah, it was kinda sad, but still so hot !
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Yeah, I guess~ ._. I tried making them as distant from each other as they could so as not to make it too angsty~ >_<;; Dun like leaving people with heavy feelings after reading my works.

Anyways, thank you for reading! ^^
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Wah...!?! That's all of sweet fluffy dreams...

Thank you!
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Wait... what? xDD

Well anyway, thank you dear! xDD
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Well, aside from being intensely hot, it all comes down to Reita not understanding Ruki, not even in the end. I liked how you played with their stage and real names, using it as another way to point out the differences between their personalities. Ruki being comfortable in his skin, who he really is and Reita being the total opposite. He may try to deny some of his desires but in the end he still submits to them. Ruki on the other hand isn't one for denial. Maybe that is one of the reasons he knows what Reita needs. I also would like to think that Ruki is in love with Reita, that Takanori is in love with Akira. While Ruki and Takanori are the same person, Reita and Akira aren't, they would be if Reita was willing to accept what he needs and wants. That bothers Ruki. That is why he suddenly takes off Reita's noseband and pushes him to watch himself in the mirror, because he loves that one person, the one Reita refuses to admit he is. Reita like with other things doesn't understand this, that Ruki is actually in love with him, maybe he doesn't even want to see it, because that would only freak him out. That is why he refers to their encounters as carnal desires. Gah, yes, interpretation with possible fail. I don't know what made me write all this.
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Ohohoho whoah. Long comment is long xDD

Yeah, which is why it's like speaking a language you don't understand, sometimes you use it, and most of the time you just don't understand it and go, 'what the hell, it's beautiful anyway.'

Hahaha, I love reading your interpretations! ♥ Well I love reading interpretations from other people, just so I know how they view my works.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. ^^
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Absofreakinlutely yummy. Made my night. Thank you! :)
Apr 27 09 (UTC)
Ahah, thank you! Hope you have sweet Ruki/Reita dreams. ^^
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
It was amazing. ^_^
Not only hot/which it was *_*/ but it was so deep too. Very beautiful, it was kinda sad with Reita not wanting to admit his needs and desires unlike Ruki, who knows what he wants. It felt like Akira wanted to be uuuh pure or something, what does he think, that fuc*ing a man is dishonourable? :| He just gotta admit he wants it up his as*, ts ts. =)
Hmm, anyway, it was really interesting. I liked the way you made Ruki btw. I loved this fic very much. ^^
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
Haha I like your choice of words xDDD Sorry for not making much sense, I just woke up ._.

Thank you very much, I enjoyed reading your comment. ♥
(Deleted comment)
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
I'm not sure if I made my point clear enough, but I'm glad you guys seem to understand~ ♥

Thanks for reading, dear! ♥
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
oh.. how cruel ruki left reita just like that.. T^T *pat rei(

but it was hot >_> you fulfill my reituki smut deprived lol~

^^d good job~!
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
Well Ruki's a bitch like that xDD

Thanks for reading dear. ^^
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
Wow *o*
I can honestly say I enjoyed this fic as a whole~~
The whole Ruki wanting to being called his real name and Reita NOT wanting to be called by his real name was really cool!
And the shmex was epic XD Nice job!
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
Ahahahah, well, Rukimuse and Reitamuse is epic like that. ^^

Thanks for reading, dear. ^^
May 02 09 (UTC)
this was quite hot^^ I liked how Reita felt inferior to Ruki, but in the end I also was sorry for him, lying there all alone :/
May 02 09 (UTC)
Reita's a big boy, he can cope up with it! Go Reita!

Thanks for reading~ ^^
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