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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
No Love for Reita - Kai/Uruha (1/1) 
Mar 31 09
Title: No Love for Reita
Chapter(s): 1/1 [Part of the Membranophones and Oh, Hello series]
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: Retarded talking xDD
Pairing: Kai/Uruha, implied Aoi/Ruki
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: Sometimes Reita just feels really unloved.

Comment: That Kai/Uruha series is back again, haha! Honestly I missed these two, and seeing as I can't write anything too long as of the moment, I took this opportunity. And yes there is no love for Reita here, LOL. >D For #104 of 15_minute_fic.

“Uruha just pay attention to me for a second!”

Reita frowned as the other man continued to ignore him. Apparently Uruha found it more important to play some dumb kids game than to talk to his best friend about what exactly it is that happened yesterday or at least this morning. It was odd enough that he was the first one to arrive at the studio, usually it was Kai who did, but it was even odder that Kai was the last one to arrive, together with none other than Uruha. The bassist decided to turn a blind eye when Kai insisted to make French toast for everybody first before going to practice and letting them do whatever, but this was driving Reita crazy. If something happened between the two of them then Reita had to know. He sighed – this was exactly like that time where he found Ruki on top of Aoi, with the older’s clothes all ripped off. They reasoned that it was Koron who ripped Aoi’s shirt (seeing as Ruki brought his dog that day). He simply gave those two the benefit of the doubt and let the incident slip, but not this time, not when it was Uruha.

The room was silent except for the obnoxious ‘GET! GET!’ sound that Uruha’s game had every ten seconds. The objective of the game was to get as much gold (or whatever the hell that golden orb was, Reita didn’t really care anymore) as he could and as a hardcore gamer, Reita would’ve enjoyed it too no matter how retarded it looked. But not today, not when his best friend was ignoring him, not when the other man was obviously hiding something from him.

Footsteps started to emerge from outside the lounge and Reita turned back. It was Kai, sporting a million and one-megawatt smile that was even brighter than his normal million and one-megawatt smiles, and Reita could swear he also grew a dimple in his right cheek overnight. “Aoi and Ruki are already in the practice room, they said they ate breakfast already,” the drummer chirped, setting the plate of French toasts on the coffee table in front of Reita. The latter could only raise a confused brow towards Kai, asking him with his eyes what exactly it was that happened. “Huh? What’s that look for, Reita-kun?”

His puzzled expression turned into a pout, then to a frown. Kai was certainly playing dumb, and he’s already had enough. Just as he was about to bang his fist at the armrest of the couch he was sitting at and shout those words on top of his lungs, Uruha stood up, made his way behind the cheerful drummer as he put an arm around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek. Kai chuckled softly, muttering a small, “Stop that.”

Reita couldn’t believe his eyes (well actually he could, but still). Uruha just smirked. “Kai-chan GET~”
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Dawwwwww X3
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Ohohoho thanks~ ♥
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
This is just too cute. Reita's like an adorable little puppy~ I love it! Thank you for writing
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Haha there is love for Reita after all! xD

Thanks for reading~
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
AWW ^__^

That was awesomely cute! :D
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Ahaha, thanks~! ^^
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Somehow I had the image of Reita as an only child who's only parent got a new lover ~~~~ :D
Cute ^^,
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Mmmm, Kai would make a great stepmother~ ♥

OSHI-- O_O;;

Well, thanks for reading, dear! ^^
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
lawl, this is great. xD
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Thank you! ^^
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
wowwowowowowow o.o
I kind of couldn`t exactly pair up these two in my mind,but this totally made it work xD
great one!
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
Ahaha, then I suppose you haven't read a lot of Kai/Uru fics, then? xD Try reading the ones in my archive~ *bricked for shameless plugging*

Anyway, thanks for reading! ♥
Apr 01 09 (UTC)
haha,nope,I haven`t
i`ll go and check them out *gives cookies*
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
It is cute. Reita is left behind?! Poor Rei!

"this was exactly like that time where he found Ruki on top of Aoi, with the older’s clothes all ripped off"

I'm a visual type... *blushes*
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
LOL you can truly see that Reita is my least favorite. >D But at least I'm writing about him! *bricked*

Ahahaha LOL. Ruki Koron is a wild animal, it seems 8D

Thanks for reading! xDD
(Deleted comment)
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
IKR. But somebody out there will be there for him, I'm sure~ *bricked*

Ahaha, yeah, Uruha saying 'Kai-chan GET!' is pretty cute. I can actually imagine him saying that LOL.

Thanks for reading! ^^
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
*raises hand* Can I volunteer to give some much needed love to Reita? He's actually not my first pick but the way you wrote him here just kills me. I couldn't help grinning all the time reading this.
"He sighed – this was exactly like that time where he found Ruki on top of Aoi, with the older’s clothes all ripped off."

*ramble mode on* "Reita could swear he also grew a dimple in his right cheek overnight."
I'm so glad when I find the writers who acknowledge the fact that Kai has only one dimple. The mistake is understandable but it's still one of my smaller pet peeves. *ramble mod off*
Mar 31 09 (UTC)
He's all yours, dear~ 8D

Haha, I know that very well because I have two dimples and I'm always gloating about it. I srsly go like, 'haha I got two dimples Kai only has one~ >D'

Plus it's in Road to NLSG, lol.

Thanks for reading! ^^
Apr 01 09 (UTC)

My all time favorite pairing...I LOVE THEM!!!!

Poor Reita...so unloved...he needs a huggie
Apr 01 09 (UTC)
A really cute pairing, I must say. ♥ Go give Reita a hug, then! 8D

Thanks for reading~ ^^
Apr 01 09 (UTC)
naaw.. there-there rei-kun.. let's match you up with other cuties out there.. hmm who do you think can suit rei-kun well? XD

any uru-chan is very adorable XD

"Kai-chan GET~"

*imagining he said that in maid uniform or other cosplay costume XD*
Apr 01 09 (UTC)
Haha IDK really~ hopefully there's sombody out there for him 8D LOL @ Uru saying that in cosplay outfit xDD

And oooh your icon~ @u@

Thanks for reading, dear! ^^
Apr 01 09 (UTC)
Aww...Rei-rei's being ignored again...-wants to give Reita a hug-

"His puzzled expression turned into a pout, then to a frown."

I could imagine this one and Reita's just cute~! The only thing missing is someone doing the 'big,sad, puppy dog-eyes' other than Koron-chan.

Hmm...and, Uruha and Kai arriving together, what an unusual pair that would be...hahaha...

And lastly, how could I forget this part? it's just LUV~!

"He sighed – this was exactly like that time where he found Ruki on top of Aoi, with the older’s clothes all ripped off. They reasoned that it was Koron who ripped Aoi’s shirt (seeing as Ruki brought his dog that day)"

Hmm... Koron-chan must had drank something hot that day to make him that wild...hahaha...-slaps self to get out of her perverted thoughts-

Lolz, seriously I enjoyed this and I hope you don't mind me stalking you soon for more fics~ XDDDDD
Apr 01 09 (UTC)
LOL well imagine away~ haha glad somebody's showing some Reita love. ♥

Perverted thoughts are good, ohohohoho~ >D

No problem, I like being stalked! 8D *bricked* Thanks for reading~ ^^
Apr 02 09 (UTC)
I had this goofy grin on my face while reading^^
Loved this!

And the “Kai-chan GET~”...
It's priceless!
Apr 03 09 (UTC)
Ahahaha, glad I made you smile~ Thanks for reading! ^^
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