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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Blanche - Aoi/Uruha (1/1) 
Mar 28 09
Title: Blanche
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: Saying nothing sometimes says the most.
Comment: For #23 (roses; white rose) of 30_romances. Dedicating this to cherryrazor and ricklein too. ^^ Hope you like it~

Uruha lived in a world drowned in noise. Mouths spewed mindless, conceited words. Ears were filled with headphones and earphones, which oftentimes worked as one person’s armor from everybody else. Minds buzzed of problems that shouldn’t even be thought about. He found himself loving that noisy world because he contributed in it with his music, and in that world, he was a star.

It was the sound of incoherent teenage babbling and supposedly mature yet empty promises that filled the local park these Sunday afternoons instead of soft, angelic laughter of little children dangling about their parents’ arms. Somehow Uruha would always find himself in the middle of this crowd, walking beside Aoi as they passed through the lovebirds of different age groups that swarmed the place. No words would be exchanged between the two of them – one reason is because they wouldn’t hear each other anyway. Even so, Aoi never seemed to exert any effort into bringing up a conversation. And here Uruha was, simply waiting for the other to speak out which, as always, proved futile. But somewhere along the line he’d forget about telling the older man about the disgusting exotic food that Kai let him try yesterday. Or that Reita tried to drag him to a repair shop the other day because he has, yet again, broken one of his precious gaming consoles. He’d forgotten that he was supposed to go out with Ruki today to help him get something for his girl, too.

Whenever he was with the older man, it was as if everything would fade into stillness. Uruha once described it as something like a really big bubble in which the two of them walked in, and the noise of the outside world, the noise inside their minds would be blocked out and they’d be just inside, walking. He could never imagine how Aoi makes it work; he was always loud and enthusiastic when it comes to others, but when it’s just the two of them, everything changes. Regardless, Uruha never once complained about that.

Every time they went to the park they’d immediately head for a certain spot near the rose bushes, where they would always have a beautiful view of the sunset. They’d just sit there, watching as the people come and go with amused smiles on their faces. Occasionally they’d throw each other glances, smiles, but then they’d go back to watching the surroundings again, waiting until the sun sets before they leave. Another thing Uruha could never imagine is how he could stand simply watching these people, when he could perfectly do those same things that they do with Aoi – kiss him, embrace him, hold his hand in a loving manner, whisper sweet nothings in his ears. And Aoi could do the same. It wasn’t like anybody would care, anyway.

But just before the sun sets, Aoi would reach back, pick one flower from the bush, and give it to Uruha. The latter would always reply with a smile and hold the rose close to his chest. After all, the single, white rose was enough for Uruha to know that he was deeply loved.
Mar 28 09 (UTC)

But LOL RL work comes first before reading fics! lies

Haha~ I'm glad you liked it! I'm actually happy I've expressed my love for hanakotoba in one of my fics. ♥ YAY ENIGMATIC!AOI.
Mar 28 09 (UTC)
For me?
I see my name up there in the comments ^^
You've just made my day~! ^^~♥

That was really sweet.
You really know how to satisfy my hunger for sweet stuff that make my teeth rot.
And the way that you write always makes me feel as if I'm there seeing it all unfold before my very eyes ^^

Did I mention that I'm mem'ing this?

Thank you so much for such a cute piece of writing. ^^
You did a great job once again~!

Edited at 2009-03-28 01:03 pm (UTC)
Mar 28 09 (UTC)
Haha, it's thanks for helping me with the Aoi/Uru pic. 8D

I'm really glad that you like my writing and flattered that you're mem'ing my work again, ahaha~

Sankyuuuuuuu for reading~ ♥
(Deleted comment)
Mar 28 09 (UTC)
Ahaha~ thank you! ^^ Glad I made your day. ^^
Mar 28 09 (UTC)
oh, wow, this fic was beautiful. ^_^ I loved it! :P

"He’d forgotten that he was supposed to go out with Ruki today to help him get something for his girl, too." --> Are u calling Reita a girl? =)
Mar 28 09 (UTC)
That has to be the funniest thing I've read today LOL 8D What was I thinking, trying to write Ruki as straight when he's obviously not? *le gasp*

Thanks for reading and making me laugh! xDD
Mar 28 09 (UTC)
I find it extremely appropriate that your journal refers to comments as flowers at this moment. Because I feel happy and content and don't want to say much but just give you a flower :)
Mar 29 09 (UTC)
Ahahaha, I'm actually quite obsessed with hanakotoba so there~ 8D

*takes flower* Thanks for reading! ^^
Mar 29 09 (UTC)
hmm... how do i explain this... When i read your fic, i feel this calm and gentle atmosphere around me. I feel relaxed and at the same time filled with enormous joy! XD hahhaha...

Well, what i'm really trying to say is that this is ONE GREAT FIC. And as they've said, you've got great writing style!!! XD

(LOL at what micukofelton said about Ruki's "girl" XD)
Mar 29 09 (UTC)
I try aiming for that kind of atmosphere, and I'm really happy it goes through to you guys~ ♥

I'm really flattered, ahaha, thank you for your kind words! ^^
Mar 29 09 (UTC)
so beautiful*sighs dreamily* i love the way you've written this...i feel like i myself is floating in a little bubble peacefully^^
Mar 29 09 (UTC)
OMG HAI. Thanks for friending me back~ ^^

Ahaha, that floating feeling is really nice, ne~ thanks for reading! ♥
Apr 04 09 (UTC)
;O;"" Why did I not notice this fic until now?? And you even dedicated half of it to me ;__; *feels bad now*

It's really beautiful, you got the atmosphere perfectly right, as you always do. <3
That's what I really like about your writings, you always manage to let the reader feel the mood. Somehow. XD (Do I make sense at all? xDD) Cause when I read one of your fics, I always feel all warm and giddy. *nods*

They’d just sit there, watching as the people come and go with amused smiles on their faces. Occasionally they’d throw each other glances, smiles, but then they’d go back to watching the surroundings again, waiting until the sun sets before they leave.
And this reminded me of my icon. Nonverbal communication = ♥

'tis going straight to my memories. <33 Thank you so much!
Apr 05 09 (UTC)
Haha don't feel bad dear~ ^^

I'm really glad you guys feel like that when reading my works~ ♥ So happy you liked it. ^^


Thank yoooooooou~ ^^
Apr 05 09 (UTC)
I'm always too slow to notice something like that XD;

That's why I like reading your works ^_^<3 they're refreshing and imo stand out beside all the "gloomy" fics. xD I had already lost hope that people would write fluff & romance from time to time. ♥

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