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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
The Simple Things - Uruha/Aoi (1/1) 
Mar 17 09
Title: The Simple Things
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: Deep in his mind he prayed – perhaps he even knew – that one day, everything would fall into place.

Comment: Uruha-centric, also for #102 of 15_minute_fic, but mostly a small thanks to my new lover, fatalblissy. I will make a proper fic some other time, bb~ ♥

When somebody said life had to be complicated, things had to be complicated, they were lying. Uruha didn’t think this because he was too much of a happy-go-lucky person or a simple-minded one at that, but because that’s just the way life is. Everyday people always search for complications in their lives and complain about it, and that isn’t what it’s supposed to be. He most definitely did not complain – he simply let nature take its course, asked for guidance from a higher spirit, and lived on. While he was not the richest or the most famous person in the world, he most certainly has the shot for being the happiest.

Even despite all those years back, that was the kind of mindset he was in. As much as he didn’t want to let go of the things he loved, he had to, for the simple reason of not making anything complicated. Deep in his mind he prayed – perhaps he even knew – that one day, everything would fall into place. Even if he shed tears for the things he left behind (more for them than to himself), there was no regret in his decision, perhaps a bit of stalling but that was it. Memories always kept him company, and whenever he recalled those images in his mind – images of his childhood, his home, his love – he realized even more that there was no need to be sad. After all, the things that he loved had always stayed with him, inside his heart, in the form of precious thoughts.

He had to let out a chuckle. Sometimes when you think so strongly of something, the whole world just makes a way to make that thing come to you. Only for Uruha’s case, it wasn’t a thing; it was a person.

From that distance he could see perfectly the face of the man he loved – the man that he’s always loved, even noticing how he was a little bit tired from what Uruha guessed was his arrival (after all, Japan was a long way from here). At this point there was no need for him to complicate anything, play guessing games or something along those lines; what he knew he had to do was to go down and walk out of his office, tap Aoi in the shoulder, and utter a simple ‘hi.’ And maybe, along the way, they could start an uncomplicated love again.

Not that it was ever stopped, of course.
Mar 16 09 (UTC)
What the hell just happened xDD

Well it's a feel-good fluffy fic for you, bb. ♥

YAY I'M SMOOCHED. *cuffs your other hand to the bed post* ^^
Mar 16 09 (UTC)
But yer not on MSN anymore ._. Meh.
Mar 16 09 (UTC)

Ahaha, well why not try meebo.com for MSN? I used to use it all the time at school when the messengers were blocked, ohohoho.

And I just noticed, Uru's wearing a collar in your icon 8D
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
Goddammit Uruha get out of my brain D=
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
UPTAKE. goddammit. >>;;
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
Beautiful, as always. :)
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
Thank you, dear. ♥
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
Ohhhh cant wait for more xD

I like the atmosphere of this one <3
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
LOL yay for more~ xD

Thanks for reading! ^^
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
Oh, I got goosebumps reading this. I loved Uruha's way of thinking. Very simple, but very unique, I could take some pointers from the man :)
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
IKR. We should all take life lessons from this Uruha. ♥

Thanks for reading, dear! ^^
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
*gasp* Just AWWWW.

*cough* Talking more properly, I'm meming this since it seems written just to bring back to life certain thoughts in my mind. And well, I think that once in a while I should take account of those. *stops blabbering senselessly and searches the meming button*

And oh, yes. Thank you. I felt like saying it. (:
Mar 17 09 (UTC)
Uruha's way of thinking here is pretty inspirational, methinks. I should really take advises from my own writing LOL xD

Oh, thanks for reading and mem'ing, dear! ♥
Mar 18 09 (UTC)
LOVE that.. <3

Sometimes when you think so strongly of something, the whole world just makes a way to make that thing come to you.

law of attraction.. =)
Mar 18 09 (UTC)
Ahahaha is that Uruha slipping I see there. 8D

Mmmmyes, it's the law of attraction! ♥

Thanks for reading, dear~ ^^
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