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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Until the Day We Gain Wings - Aoi/Uruha (2/3) 
Feb 22 09
Title: Until the Day We Gain Wings
Chapter(s): 2/3
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: It was only for two days and one night, in an autumn in Hokkaido.
Comment: Otsukimi is the moon viewing festival during autumn. ^^

[ 001 ]

“Sorry I had to drag you out here,” Uruha spoke up rather bashfully, eyes reluctant to hover to Aoi’s direction. “…again.”

A small smile simply crept its way on the older’s lips. “No worries. It’s been a while since I’ve attended Otsukimi anyway.” He looked at Uruha from head to toe, noticing that he was wearing nothing more than a simple black shirt, denim jeans, and slip-on shoes. No other jewellery can be seen aside from the watch that he wore. Aoi himself wore something simple, but he just had to wonder. “I thought you were gonna wear your hakama?”

Uruha sighed woefully as he shot the older an awkward smile. “I couldn’t steal it from the dressing room, after all.”

With those words Aoi let the blond lead the way, all the while staring up to the heavens pensively, though careful not to trip as he walked by. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the night sky – to his surprise – as it was nothing but a simple, bare scene, with its entirety only blotched by many thick and strangely-shaped clouds and nothing more than that. It was void of stars, the millions of glistening dots that he had always been fond of looking at, and of the moon, the very full moon that they were supposed to watch upon arriving at the field. Though it did strike him as odd, he wasn’t one to complain tonight; even with no stars to adorn its body or moon to decorate its face, the sky managed to be beautiful in its simplicity, as it always had been.

Aoi then turned to Uruha and smiled, and the latter smiled back.

“What?” the younger inquired, head cocking slightly to the side as he stopped.

“Nothing. Are we here yet?”

Nodding, Uruha bent down and sat on the grassy ground, motioning the other to sit down next to him. Aoi complied silently as he sat to the blond’s right, then suddenly remembered that he was wearing white pants. The image of brown dirt against white jeans amused the older greatly that he had to let out a small chuckle.

“What?” Uruha asked once more, this time more out of annoyance than curiosity.

“Well, it’s the Otsukimi and the moon hasn’t shown,” he covered immediately as he looked up to the sky. True enough, there still wasn’t any trace of the moon.

“Oh,” Uruha answered thoughtfully as he raised his head as well, trying his hardest to look for the missing moon. Perhaps it was hiding behind the flock of massive clouds. Or maybe there wasn’t any full moon in the first place. But that couldn’t be, now could it? Still, the blond looked around his surroundings, rather crestfallen, hoping that somebody could enlighten him with the situation. Aoi wasn’t helping at all – he seemed pretty contented with just watching the clouds. His ears quickly perked up as he heard a couple of people talking about tonight’s happenings.

“A lunar eclipse?” he echoed while eavesdropping, turning to Aoi as he tried to contain his excitement. “I think I just heard that there’s gonna be a lunar eclipse.”

“Yeah apparently,” the older answered, pointing towards the sky. “Seems like the moon was hiding from us because it can’t show its beauty fully?”

Furrowing his brows, Uruha turned to Aoi for a second before looking to where he pointed. “What do you mean?” The sky was starting to clear up, and there was a single spot where light shone the brightest. So there really was a lunar eclipse.

“Mmm…” the older started, pausing for a while to collect his thoughts, “I just thought it must be hiding behind the clouds because it knew it’s not gonna be perfect tonight. With the lunar eclipse and all.” Uruha simple shot Aoi a confused look, and the latter smiled at that, then laid his back against the ground. “Just think of it like this. The moon is gonna perform for many people tonight. And then this scar, the lunar eclipse, appears all over its face. So it’s hiding.” Before the blond could even open his mouth to speak, Aoi added swiftly, “Not that I’m saying the lunar eclipse is a scar, just a metaphor, y’know.”

For a moment Uruha stayed silent, and then rested his back against the ground as well. “But there’s no need for it to hide, is there? I mean despite its imperfection, it still looks beautiful.”

Aoi had to wonder. Since when had he been attracted to those whose beauty shines the most in their simplicity, bareness, and imperfection?
Feb 22 09 (UTC)
I don't know what to say. Nothing in particular comes to mind. I like the mood, their interaction, friendly with undertones of something else? It's nice to imagine them talking like that, Uruha with his childlike wondering, Aoi just being his usual silent and contemplating self.
Feb 22 09 (UTC)
Ahaha, just commenting is enough~ *huggles j00*

Thanks for reading. ^^
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