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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
In The End - Aoi/Uruha (1/1) 
Feb 14 09
Title: In The End
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance, AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Use of real names? =\
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha [Yuu/Kouyou]
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: When circumstances slap you in the face with opportunities, obviously you don’t dare try turn your head away from it.
Comment: For prompt 7 of tragic_ennui. Oh, just to clarify things, both Aoi and Uruha are architects. ^^

The view from outside Kouyou’s window was all too familiar despite the different buildings, infrastructures, different shapes and colors it offered. The jalousie and the bright orange curtains were a new touch too, but for some reason, everything felt the same as before. Perhaps it’s because he was simply staring up at the same gray sky (the fluffy clouds made him smile every once in a while, though), something that he’s very much used to seeing in his old apartment.

Kouyou outstretched his hands and sat upright, finally finished resting after a hard day’s work. With a content sigh he looked around the flat, making sure if everything already was fixed and in their rightful places. They were, maybe except for that one picture frame that was positioned sideways which he immediately fixed, of course. Otherwise, everything was perfect.

Now he just had to wait for Yuu’s arrival and ask him of what he thinks of their new home.

Two long years was what it took them before they finally agreed to settle in just one house. For Yuu, Kouyou wasn’t sure, but for him, it was fear. Fear because after two years of being together, he’d gotten his share of troubles, anxieties, and arguments – all to the point where he thought that maybe they really weren’t meant for each other. Misunderstandings happened on a daily basis. Cheating had also been a recurrent issue. Kouyou feared that if the two of them lived together it would be worse, and that one day they’d just wake up not wanting each other anymore.

But of course the universe had always been conspiring on him and Yuu, and it just so happened that Yuu had been assigned to a job in Shibuya (the older almost always slept in his work place) and Kouyou just got himself a nice new flat in Shibuya, rewarded to him by his boss in the design firm, which happened to be a five-minute walk from Yuu’s new work place. When circumstances slap you in the face with opportunities, obviously you don’t dare try turn your head away from it.

Kouyou had already instructed Yuu to come home tonight, wanting to spend their first ever night in Shibuya soil together in their new home. Secretly he just wanted his lover to see, appreciate his hard work, and maybe spend the night in a very romantic manner. However seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. Afternoon had obviously faded into evening and evening had turned into midnight. This definitely was grounds for another luscious argument between the two of them, as the littlest things (But is it still a small thing? he reasoned to himself) can push the blond’s nag button.

The sound of keys clanking outside in the hallway snapped Kouyou off his somewhat drowsy state, having been notified of Yuu’s late arrival. He positioned himself on the armrest of the couch directly across the door, hands clutching on his waist. Even if this was their first night together, he was most certainly determined in giving the other a piece of his mind. The door finally opened, revealing a rather tired Yuu, who, even in his fatigue, still managed to close the door properly, drop his bags as quietly as he could on the floor, look up and smile at his already pouting lover.


And with those words, every trace of annoyance and frustration melted away from Kouyou. The blond shifted and sat upright on the couch, arms wide spread, waiting for the other to come to his arms.

Okaeri,” he replied softly as Yuu sat next to him and buried himself into his arms.

It didn’t matter that his star-printed pajamas was getting all the dirt and pollution from Yuu’s clothes. Kouyou just remembered himself from before, how he snuggled under his bed sheets and waited for sleep to come to him. How he waited for the morning to dawn, with the sun’s promise of less gore between them as another new day starts. Because really, in spite of every catastrophic thing that had happened in their relationship, at the end of the day he only wanted to be in Yuu’s arms and vice versa.

A/N: Tadaima = 'I'm home.' okaeri = 'welcome home.'

I know this is uncalled for, but let me just say I HATE THIS YEAR'S VALENTINES DAY. It makes me want to puke so yeah, the fic's not really Valentines-y >>;; I think it's gonna take me a few more days before I get into that Valentine swing. UUUUUUUUUUGH.
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
hwow! so bittersweet! i love it! i think it's good enough for valentines... XD
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Yay! ♥

Thanks for reading~ ^^
Feb 14 09 (UTC) - aw^^
I loved this fic ^^ well, I think it was cute... and very enjoyable.*_* haha, they're architects, awesome. :D
Feb 14 09 (UTC) - Re: aw^^
Ahaha, yes, well, somebody's been inspired by the anime Honey and Clover, and the boys there are architects. Mmmm. 8DD

Thank you for reading~ ^^
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Wow, that was really sweet! Especially the end of the fic x3
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Oh, I'm glad you thought it sweet! I thought it turned out kinda angsty even though I really didn't write it like that~ =\

Thanks for reading. ^^
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Complicated stuff, their relationship it seems. I hate cheating. Well, not actually hate. Just I don't cheat myself and expect that from the person I'm with. So I don't like reading about cheating in fictions. But the ending is what matters the most, that they are together, so it was ok :) I kind of hate this year's VD too.
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Well, actually I think any real relationship is complicated, especially with guys because they always seem to be the ones to cheat. Of course I'm just generalizing, but still. =|

Ugh, I'm just glad this day's almost over. D<

Thanks for reading~ ♥
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
the end was so sweet.i love it
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Thank you for reading! ^^
Feb 14 09 (UTC)
Hello! :D Dunno if you remember me, but when I saw your warning, I immediately remembered you from my fic. x3

So, your fic. It's really nice, has a nice realistic flow to it. I like how it's not just sunshine and rainbows in their relationship. =)

Oh, and I totally adore that bit about 'Ruha wearing star-printed pajamas.

Thanks for writing! (thank god vd's over already. 6.30 am of the 15th already here. xD)
Feb 15 09 (UTC)
Actually I do! How can I forget about how you used Math and writing on the same page? xDD

Mmm, I like realistic fics, although of all of the fics I've written, I think this is the most realistic. Since yeah, like I said in the other comments, real relationships really are complicated.

Ohoho, Uruha + star-printed pajamas = ♥. Thanks for reading! ^^ (And yeah LOL, V-day's finished here, it's already the 15th and 9AM here 8DD)
Feb 15 09 (UTC)
it's just like the scene of an unpatient wife waiting for his husband to come home from work, late... all preparations are made, a romantic candlelit dinner, soft bed sheets, fluffed pillows and stuff(you know, like for stuff like this and that) LOL... XD but then, when the husband comes in, all of those moments of waiting becomes overlapped by happiness seeing that the husband is already home... XD
Feb 15 09 (UTC)
i love the scene... good work XD XD
Feb 15 09 (UTC)
Haha, you nailed it. ^^ I should write them being married some time, although, ugh, that'd be hard for my case LOL xDD

Thanks for reading. ^^
Feb 15 09 (UTC)
well...i dont like valentine's too but this fic is sweet enough..so dun worry gals...hehe
Feb 15 09 (UTC)
YAY. Another V-day hater xDDD

Thank you for reading. ^^
Feb 17 09 (UTC)
hey chantal~ this is junko number seven hitomi haha~ added you~ 8D
Feb 17 09 (UTC)
Haiiii Hitomiiiiiiii~ ♥
Added chu back. ^^
Feb 22 09 (UTC)
chantal~ this is junko number seven's writing journal. adding you here also~ X3
Feb 22 09 (UTC)
Haiii~ added you back. ^^
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