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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
The Smile That You Wore - Aoi/Uruha - 2/? 
Dec 17 08
Title: The Smile That You Wore
Chapter(s): 2 - Just Fine
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff?
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 depending on the chapter ^^
Warnings: Pretty clean (except for the language), but full of conversations? =\ Plus really short >>;;
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Everything written here came from my imagination. Plus I don't own any of the boys though I wish I did xD.
Summary: It was an unrequited love; everybody knew that, but never made mentioned of it even once. Ever since that fateful day six years ago, Aoi knew Uruha was different from anybody he’d laid his eyes upon.
Comments: Ugh, whipped up at 3 in the morning because I felt really bad for not writing. And it's also very short! Gaah I really feel bad >>;; Promise I'll make it up later, I'll write as soon as I get home from the orphanage~ >_<;;

1 - Friday Night

Everything was perfectly fine.

At least, that’s what Aoi convinced himself of. And convincing himself of this was perfectly normal as well – he’d been doing this kind of self-deceit for months and months now. It’s not only because only he himself wants to; he does it for his fans (thinking how everything was always fine made him less angry), for the band (admitting to problems just does not good to the creative process), and because even if everything is the opposite of fine, he just won’t be able to do anything about it. It’s stupid to go against what’s happening anyway, and instead of thinking how miserable everything was at the moment, why not just dismiss the thought and go on with life? He smiled inwardly. That could very well be the recipe for happiness, from the way how that sounded.

But he wasn’t happy. And deceit was still deceit.

“What?” a dumbstruck Aoi asked, puzzled as to why Ruki suddenly slapped him at the back of the head (though only lightly) like that.

“I said, ‘Lying is still lying, right, Aoi?’ RIGHT AOI?” The sudden raise in Ruki’s voice startled the guitarist, unable to do anything but nod compliantly to whatever the small man said. He then shot a questioning look at Reita, who avoided his look and then he knew something was going on between the two of them. Stiffling a laugh, Aoi placed the pitcher of coffee down and headed to the long table. Kai thought it would be lovely if they had a cup of coffee together first before practicing, and of course, whatever the leader says goes else they’d have to stay up late to get lectured about how ‘they don’t have good group dynamics because they don’t spend time together’ and all that crap. And why nobody has spoken against this certain get-together is for the fear of that very lecture.

This was the first time they are doing this, however, with Kai in the end of the table, Ruki and Reita across each other, Aoi and Uruha the same. Everybody set down their coffee cups on the table, quite unsure of how to really work this thing. While the vocalist continued to chant something under his breath (probably about Reita, but nobody really bothered to listen to him), Aoi looked at Kai, asking through his eyes what to do next.

“Ah… eeto…” the drummer started, obviously unnerved by the situation at hand, especially when Uruha and Reita looked uninterested by the whole thing, and Ruki not even paying attention to him. “So guys, how was your weekend? Aoi-san, care to start?” Kai had such a pleading look in his eyes that Aoi didn’t have the nerve to refuse the young man. He sipped on his coffee for a while, praying that when he sets it down on the table again, he’d say something smart, or funny, or just something that would break this unnecessary awkward atmosphere around them.

“Yeah… umm… it was fine I guess… had a walk around the park the other day and bumped into Uruha.”

Surprise was evident on the eldest member’s face when the three – Kai, Ruki, and Reita – lunged forward on the table, all eager eyes on him. Before he was even able to say the words ‘what the hell are you people doing’ or just glance at Uruha to see how he reacted to that, the three bombarded him with so many questions he couldn’t even understand because they were speaking all at once.

“What did he say?” Kai finally chimed, ending their mindless, unintelligible probing with the poor, speechless Aoi.

The sound of a chair being pushed backward suddenly emerged from the background. The four looked around and found the other guitarist refilling his cup, looking not too amused with how idiotic his band mates were acting. “I’m here, you know,” he said rather bleakly, but with that tone that made the three retreat to their seats and behave. Aoi simply stared at his reflection on the dark coffee, eyebrows furrowed not because he found the tone offending (although it did sound so), but because of something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Guilt, perhaps?

Reita sighed, sensing the building tension in the room. “Okay, so what did you say?” It was only Reita who could talk like that to the blond guitarist, after all.

Going back to his seat, Uruha simply shrugged at the bassist’s question, matching it with his signature rise and fall of the eyebrows. “Hi?”

“That wasn’t very interesting.” Trust Ruki’s sharp tongue to spurt out a comment as such.

“Well what am I supposed to say then?” Uruha pushed himself off the back of the plastic chair and slightly banged his arm on the table, alarming the others, most especially Aoi. A pause was made before he continued, however, fearing that he might blurt something out. “Besides, it rained like a bitch, so that wasn’t exactly the best time to have a conversation with anybody, now was it?”

“Okay, I think that was a long enough break, let’s go back to work ladies,” Kai piped in as he stood from his chair, setting down his still warm and unfinished drink on the counter. Ruki and Reita followed and the two made their way out of the room first, leaving Kai by the door and the two guitarists still sitting across each other. Uruha exited the room next, coffee cup still at hand though, doing his best to avoid the leader’s puzzled gaze. Finally Aoi stood up, finishing his cup of coffee first before leaving it on the counter with the rest. As he passed by the door, Kai’s gentle hand tapped his shoulder, as the younger man looked at him with so much confusion and concern.

A smile simply rested on the dark-haired guitarist’s lips. “Everything’s fine.”

The band’s day ended with so much awkwardness that Ruki wasn’t even able to continue with his banter towards Reita, in which Aoi was very baffled of, but unable to ask of it due to the said awkwardness. Still it was a rather productive day; with silence filling every inch of the room the vocalist was able to come up with a few nice lyrics and the others able to practice on their own. More or less the day wrapped up pretty nicely, with everybody in good spirits, or at least, appeared to be.

“Hey Uruha!” a voice called from behind, making the tall guitarist look over his shoulder to see who it was. Behind the sunglasses that he wore, his eyes narrowed, wondering what it could be that Aoi wanted from him this time. Needless to say he still felt uneasy and so he continued walking until he got to his car, the older man following him thankfully (or perhaps not really). Only when he fished his keys out of his pocket and clicked on it for the doors to unlock did he turn to look at Aoi, and he wasn’t even really looking at the other man – he was simply facing him, and his eyes were glued on the ground. For some reason he couldn’t look at him in the eye.

“Um, yeah, what.”

Though a warm, friendly smile was on Aoi’s face, Uruha never would’ve seen it with him so fixed on playing with his car keys like that. “You should’ve told me if you didn’t have an umbrella that time, I kinda had an extra umbr–”

“What?” Annoyance and disbelief both were obvious in the younger guitarist’s voice, and as a reflex he straightened up and removed his glasses to look at the other man in the eye, no matter how hard it actually was for him to do so.

Aoi searched into Uruha’s eyes and was very unsuccessful into trying to understand what the latter actually meant with that look. The kind smile turned into a sheepish one as the older guitarist stepped back a little and scratched the back of his head. Uncharacteristic of him as it may be, there really wasn’t much for Aoi to do but exactly that. “Well I just thought you might’ve forg–”


“It was raining, that’s–”

“Bullshit Aoi, that’s not what I’m talking about,” he snarled, pounding on top of his car with an open fist. “I’m asking why the hell you’re so passive about… about this.”

The look on Uruha’s eyes was enough to pierce Aoi’s heart. He most certainly did not understand why there was that intense hurt on the blond’s face… at least, he tried not to understand why it was there in the first place. Aoi shoved his head to the side, avoiding the accusing stare that Uruha was already giving to him. It wasn’t fair. How come this guy gets to be angry, when he was the one taken advantage of in the first place? When he’s just trying to be a good friend? When he’s simply trying to make things the way they are, to make things alright?

As soon as Aoi was about to say something, the taller male already had his back at him, opening the car so begrudgingly. Uruha opened his mouth to speak too but no words came out. Instead he simply entered his car, closed the door and started the engine, then waited for Aoi to get the hell out of his way. Aoi got out of the way of course, turning his back on Uruha as well to head back inside the studio, and the other guitarist went on his way, chanting how everything was not fine.

With the way that the glass door of the studio smashed into pieces as Aoi slammed it so hard after him, everything was most certainly not alright.
Dec 16 08 (UTC)
Ouch. ;_;
Girl, I found this fic just now but it looks very interesting already. Cant wait to read some more~♥
Dec 16 08 (UTC)
I know. x_x Uru's a bastard, ne? >_<;;

Thanks for reading~ ^^
Dec 16 08 (UTC)
(( \( > o < \) Aoi!

That was wonderful~~ More~! More!
Motto! Motto!

- leaves black fudge cookie -

Dec 16 08 (UTC)
COOKIES! *lauches on cookie like the animal that she is*

Thanks for reading~ xDD
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
wow, more drama!^O^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Totally! xDD

Thanks for reading ne~ <3
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
very interesting... i hope i can get more cookies today

keep going i wanna know what's next

Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Cookies? *shifty eyes* Mmm... ugh, alright alright. xDD *gives you loads of cookies*

Thank you for following teh fic~ <3

*chuu back*
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
yay!!!!!!!! *munches on cookies and gets fat*

it's a pleasure :3
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Aoiiiii *pets him*
update soon^^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
POOR AOI, NE? URUHA IS SUCH A BASTARD. D< But we still love him LOL xDD

Thanks for reading~ ^^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
I'm hooked on this story. <3 I can't wait for more! ^-^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
YAY~! *clings to you*

Thanks for reading ne~ <3
Dec 17 08 (UTC)

Waah...may I add you? ^-^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
No problem! ^^

I added you back, by the way~ <3
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Thank you! ^-^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
You're welcome! ^^
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Ouch x___X I second x_okuribi´s "ouch" xD
That wasn´t quite nice from Uruha... and I do feel bad for Aoi ._____.
But I love your writing style :D The fic sounds very interesting *__*
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Ouch indeed. LOL now I feel bad for writing Urupon like this~ >_<;; He's always been a lovable dork to me! <3

Thank you! LOL I've been writing a lot lately to improve my style too~ <3
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
I think I'm as confused now as poor Aoi! We don't understand Uruha's behavior at all! But the others are so sweet and supporting towards Aoi! their reaction was really cute when Aoi mentioned he met Uruha! !heart_08b

Please update soon!

[Music]: Shiina Ringo - Yokushitsu
Dec 17 08 (UTC)
Uruha's so empty-headed nobody would be able to guess what he's thinking. At all. >D Wait that's the real Urupon xDD

I loved that part too! <3 But I like the part when Kai called the boys ladies. Haha damn I seriously CAN'T imagine Kai saying that. Well this is fiction anyway xDDD

LOL will do my best~ thank you for reading ne! ^^
Dec 28 08 (UTC)
Poor Aoi >____<

I wish he could just send Uruha to hell, even if just in a moment of anger, tell him to fuck himself would be so nice.

I hate denial.

I love this fic already!!

update soon sweetie ^^

Happy New Year!
Jan 05 09 (UTC)
Belated happy new year!

Ugh~ I'll try updating as soon as possible, if only RL and other internet stuff didn't get in the way~ >_<;; *spazzes*
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
I'm seriously loving your way of writing. I have burned through many fanfictions recently (trying to make up for the lost time I didn't even know there is such a wonderful thing like the GazettE in this world) and most of the time I could sense what will happen next but you keep me on edge. I like it. Anyway, although it is obvious that Uruha has no idea what the hell he wants I really can't blame Aoi for being drawn to him. It's just something about him, the way you described him taking of his glasses, hooot. And I kind of wish that Aoi didn't get out of Uru's way. I kind of imagine Uru trying to run him over or Aoi smashing Uru's windshield or something. Smashing the glass door was ok too but Uru was gone already then. You don't have to update soon but I hope you'll update eventually. I would like to see how this all ends.
Jan 20 09 (UTC)
YES READING FANFICS IS THE BEST WAY TO SPEND YOUR TIME. Ohoho I dig through many fanfic archives all the time you see 8D *gets shot*

LOL if my Aoi here smashed my Uruha's window everything would've been in chaos! xDD Oh what a sight xDDDD

As for the next chapter, I'm actually struggling to write but I'm gonna try my best to finish it as early as possibly while I still can ;_; Uni is a cruel, cruel thing~

Anyway, thank you for reading as well as your kind comments! <3
Sep 14 09 (UTC)
but they have to somehow get through to each other and make everything fine :'(
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