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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Until the Day We Gain Wings - Aoi/Uruha (1/3) 
Feb 09 09
Title: Until the Day We Gain Wings
Chapter(s): 1/3
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance, angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: It was only for two days and one night, in an autumn in Hokkaido.
Comment: Used rheakurokawa's prompt. ^^

Ferris wheels had always been very fascinating. From a distant view – or even a really close view – you just can’t help but marvel at how enormous and beautiful and amazing it is. And then once you enter in one of its cars, only one of two feelings will emerge in you: either the joyous feeling of being able to see how beautiful whatever view the ride offers, or the overwhelming dread that any second in that ride, everything just might fall apart despite the view; its beauty even mocking because somewhere along the supposedly peaceful ride towards the heavens, something just screwed up. And you, unfortunately, happen to go down with whatever it is.

The latter feeling had always been prominent to those people who feared rides such as these, feared high places, or simply just feared. Aoi didn’t fit any of those characteristics, and yet that second idea filled his very being. More so when a car finally stopped in their direction, revealing its poorly constructed design and thin supporting metals that didn’t help in making Aoi think it actually was a safe ride to take.

Of course he couldn’t show any of that, not when Uruha is so very keen in riding this carnival’s ferris wheel. Besides, he’s not afraid of any carnival rides in the first place.

Uruha was the first one to step inside. It was glassless ride, with no other safety measure other than the narrow, rusty strips of metal that make out the grills. Obviously very different from the ferris wheels that they have back in Tokyo, but then again, this carnival was just visiting from some European country – Germany, if Aoi remembered correctly – which piqued the younger’s interest even more. It wasn’t every day that German carnivals visited Hokkaido, and it wasn’t everyday that Uruha went to Hokkaido, either.

The ride started moving. Uruha tilted his head to the side and noticed how Aoi was spacing out. He pursed his lips.

“Aoi, something wrong?” he asked innocently, for a few seconds fixing his gaze on the older until he figured Aoi really won’t answer, and then turned to the window, if it really was a window.

Aoi sighed. It really wasn’t polite not to answer when asked. “Nah,” he replied nonchalantly, propping his elbow on the window sill.

“I never thought you were afraid of ferris wheels.”

“I’m not,” he finally smiled, “I’m not afraid of heights either.”

Uruha chuckled softly, and the smile on Aoi’s face widened as he faced the younger. “You know,” Uruha started, “This ferris wheel is so tall I bet it could reach the sky.” He paused for a moment, pulled out his a box of Marlboro Menthol from inside his pant pocket and took one stick, while Aoi graciously pulled out a lighter and lit Uruha’s cigarette. “I wanna reach the sky.”

“You’ve already reached the sky,” Aoi answered thoughtfully, taking the stick that Uruha offered and put it on his lips, deciding whether or not to light it yet. With a few more flicks of his Zippo he decided to light it.

Uruha stretched out his neck and blew circular cigarette puffs outside so as not to fill the ride with smoke, not that it would actually fill the ride anyway. “No, it’s more like seeing the view from below the ferris wheel,” he understood that Aoi pertained to their fame, their music, “Yeah, it’s beautiful and all, marvellous even, but you know there’s something more when you look up. There’s the sky. Or at least the highest point of the ferris wheel. That’s something.”

“Still,” Aoi exhaled after taking a drag himself, mindless that the cigarette smoke already dispersed inside the ride, “With this kind of flimsy ferris wheel, you won’t even be sure if you can reach that. This thing just might fall apart. Maybe it’s not even meant to reach the highest point, more so the sky.”

Uruha eyed on the older questioningly, then gave away a sheepish smile. “God forbid, I don’t want to die right now,” he chuckled again, earning him a soft shove on the shoulder and a low ‘idiot’ by Aoi. “But you know, sometimes you just gotta take the risk. Not every flimsy ferris wheel fall down anyway, and when you’re too caught up thinking about that, you just might miss the beauty of the view down, or the fact that you’ve already reached the sky, even for just a short moment.”

“Are we still talking about the same thing?”

“Well there’s only one thing we’re talking about, aren’t we?”

Both men laughed, but silence – a comfortable one, at least – followed. There was only the sound of their heavy blowing and the unobtrusive crackling of rusty metal as the ride continued to turn, but otherwise, they’d be able to hear if ever a needle was dropped. At the left side, of course, was Uruha, his head turned outside, though looking at nothing in particular. Aoi, on the other hand, stayed motionless, elbow still propped at the window sill, but this time, looking in.

Uruha thought of nothing much as he looked towards the sky, eyes a bit sleepy if not at all bored. Aoi, on the other hand, tried so hard not to miss their arrival at the highest point of the ride.
Feb 08 09 (UTC)
Oh my. *-*
That was so..
♥♥♥♥ xD

:D I can't wait until the next chapter.
Feb 08 09 (UTC)
LOL! xDD Your lack of words touches my heart. xDD

Thank you for reading! ^^
Feb 09 09 (UTC)
I really liked the mood in this! Your writing style is quite nice if I may say so~
Feb 09 09 (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'm really flattered and glad that you like my writing style. I'm actually kinda conscious about it since it's mostly RP-style, if that makes any sense =\

Anyways, thanks again for reading~ ♥
Feb 09 09 (UTC)
You started writing another AoixUruha story! I guess I should thank rheakurokawa :) I loved the ferris wheel idea and not to sound too smart but I thought it was a metaphor for something else :) The way you described it in the beginning, the feelings riding a ferris wheel would evoke just seemed very similar to feelings of falling in love with someone. Either you are joyous or uncertain. Uruha and Aoi were very well captured, Uruha just being more open one and Aoi very pensive. I loved the last line :)
Feb 09 09 (UTC)
Oh, only one more thing, I don't know what to make of it. Ferris wheel was supposed to be from Germany, right? But in the next sentence there is a mention of a Dutch carnival. Is that supposed to be the same ferris wheel and the carnival. Because Dutch is an adjective for things from Netherlands (or Holland) and for things from Germany adjective is just German. And if I'm not mistaken GazettE were in Germany, so maybe Aoi wouldn't refer to it as some European country. Especially since he remembered it well because there was no food :)

You can delete this comment after reading it.
Feb 09 09 (UTC)
There is lack of fics in the Aoi/Uru category, me thinks. *nods* So yay for more Aoi/Uru~ xDD Haha well I am trying to say something here, but it's not about ferris wheels xDD Although the stuff here especially about the bad side of ferris wheels is true for me. It was nerve wrecking writing that part because I'm terribly afraid of heights, so if I made ferris wheels sound bad I win I'm sorry xD

Srsly though it's not about the ferris wheels xDD

Oh, well, I'm not being particular from which European country the carnival came, so I just wrote there what country first came in mind xDD And LOL sorry about that, I suppose I was trying to look smart when I dun have internet to research my stuff >_<;; *bricked* I was seriously thinking Deutsch = Dutch >_<;; Obviously somebody's not from Europe xDD Never doing that again, gomen~ xDD

Ahaha I didn't know about that~ >_<;; I guess I better read more Gazeinterviews.

Thank you very much for pointing those stuff out~ *huggleclingcrash* ♥
Feb 10 09 (UTC)
About GazettE being in Germany, don't take my word for granted. I was wrong before, I'm not long in this fandom so I get facts messed up. But I know they were in Europe in the past. I kind of thought it was something like Deutsch = Dutch :) I saw you're not from Europe so it's more than understandable. Dutch thing kind of confuses me too and I am from Europe :)
Feb 10 09 (UTC)
LOL nuuu, it's okay. You've really been helpful~ ♥
Feb 10 09 (UTC)
I really like this chapter a lot! It was beautiful. The ferris wheel reminded me the one of Yokohama. I remember our convo on Ferris wheels. ^0^ It also reminded me of Plastic Tree's "Replay".
Feb 10 09 (UTC)
Ahaha, yes the talk about the ferris wheels. O_O;; Those things are made of pure evil pretty nice. xDD Well at least you know the reason why this fic is written this way xDD

Oooh... wait, why dun I have that PuraTuri song on my iTunes? DDDD= Will DL it later, then~

Thank you for reading~ ♥
Feb 10 09 (UTC)
hehehe...yes. i was like i think i know what's coming. XD but i loved it! ^0^

sure. i love that song! <3
Feb 22 09 (UTC)
"You´ve already reached the sky"
Wow, I liked that sentence very much! To me the whole thing about the ferris wheel has some metaphoric meaning... I dont know, it feels like it´s indicating their relationship, where wonderful moments but also danger are hidden x3 I can´t explain well what I mean ;_;
Anyways, this fic was really beautiful, I´m looking forward to the next chapter <3
Feb 22 09 (UTC)
Ohohoho, I believe it really depends on the reader how they interpret the ferris wheel metaphor. ^^

Ahaha, the next part is up. ^^ Thanks for reading ne~ ♥
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