January 6th, 2029


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Ohai. :D
Do comment here if you wanna add me up and see all my nonsense~
So I'd be able to know a little about you and be more comfortable in adding you up, ne?
I only ask that you introduce yourself and sacrifice one of your working limbs for me
uhhh... say if we have something in common or where you know me from?
Go crazy, LOL. ♥

Disregard that, I'm moving all my personal stuff.
If you still want to check all my other crap, please direct yourselves to:


From now on, 花言葉 will serve as a fanworks journal.
Thank you! ^^

Edit again:

I moved, again!
All my works will now be seen at


I will still keep this journal up though, for the lulz.
If I end up deleting it though, don't be surprised. :D