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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Happiness by the Kilowatt - Aoi/Uruha (2/2) 
Feb 05 09
Title: Happiness by the Kilowatt
Chapter(s): 2/2 [sequel to From Twelve to Forever]
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Romance, AU
Rating: NC-17 (this part)
Warnings: None
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for my stories.
Summary: Uruha couldn’t remember the last time he felt the days pass by so very quickly.

Comment: Cheesy lines, cheesy scenes, cheesy everything! Oh the fluff will rot your brain. xD Also, I made a post for it where the two parts are merged. In that one there are some edits, but they're very, very minor. ^^

Uruha couldn’t believe his ears. Ever since his eyes were opened to the truth, he decided not to believe in those three words. They had always been thrown carelessly into the wind, shouted at the height of passion, and taken for granted for many times now that its meaning was already lost to the blond. One could say that he loathed those words as most of the time they never really meant shit to anybody anymore. Still, deep down inside, though he refused to admit, he wanted to hear them used in that context that he wanted them to be used.

If only Uruha wasn’t in the verge of crying and Aoi wasn’t refusing to let go of him, he would’ve found that realization humorous. Perhaps he’s a romantic, after all.

He bit his lower lip and focused on the shooting pain there so as not to let the tears shamelessly fall down. As much as he wanted to say those very same words to the man in front of him, he couldn’t – he didn’t let himself. Although Aoi meant it, Uruha refused to use those words as they didn’t mean anything anymore. Even if he knew that the other wasn’t expecting any answer from him anymore – the strong hold that he had on the older’s arm, asking him not to let go, was answer enough – Uruha knew he needed to reply, and also refused to let this time pass. Of course, only in the only way he knew how.

“Sleep with me.”

Aoi knew that no verbal response was needed, but he returned the favor nonetheless.


With those final words, they locked their lips in a needy and frenzied kiss.

It was Uruha’s first.

Both found themselves naked under the covers of Uruha’s small bed, kissing, exploring, feeling each other. The sun was still up, emitting an inviting glow that seeped through the small crack in between the blond’s curtains. Orange shadows were cast on Aoi’s bare skin, same with Uruha’s, and both couldn’t help but marvel at each other’s beauty being engulfed by the setting sun’s rays. At this point there was no need for them to say how beautiful the other is; the way that Uruha looked up at Aoi through lidded eyes, as well as the way that Aoi’s eyes seemed to come even more alive at that sight, was more than enough.

Aoi brushed a few strands of hair away from Uruha’s face before kissing him chastely in the forehead, trailing down to the flushed cheeks, and finally to those cherry lips. They tasted of the bitter coffee that they had earlier on, cloaking the sweet taste that was distinctly Uruha’s, and Aoi knew he needed more. He slipped his tongue past Uruha’s teeth and the latter gladly welcomed it, sucking and twirling his own, similarly desperate to taste the older man. But the cursed need to breathe arose, and Uruha frowned as Aoi pulled back. However his brows knitted in pleasure as the older started showering the soft skin of his neck – the most sensitive part in his body – breathy and teasing pecks, making him mewl and wriggle for more.

But the older has always been fast-paced, whether it be about his art or something else, and brushed his wet lips on Uruha’s chest. Aoi could only smile against the blond’s sweat-coated skin, taking note of how fast the latter’s heart was beating. It made him proud that it was him causing it to beat like that, and as a reward, he gently grazed his teeth over the two perked nubs there. Uruha’s wanton moan sounded ever so sweet in his ear, that he applied even more pressure on them; mouth on the left nipple, his right hand on the other, and one hand snaking to the younger’s inner thigh.

Uruha’s already hardened flesh twitched in excitement as Aoi continued to tease his thighs with soft touches, finding Aoi’s fingers on his skin surprisingly silky. He moaned louder and pushed forward so as to relieve himself, begging for some friction. But Aoi simply smiled against his navel and flicked his tongue over it, deliberately avoiding coming in contact with the blond’s excited member.

Using one elbow to support his weight, Aoi lifted himself up a bit, and upon seeing Uruha’s expression – face slick with a thin layer of sweat and plush lips parted so promiscuously – he knew he needed to do it now. And as if he was reading Aoi’s mind, Uruha closed his eyes for a moment then reached under his already sweat-drenched pillow. He handed the lubrication to Aoi and opened his eyes once more, with them saying that that’s all the preparation he needs. I want to feel you inside of me, he wanted to add, but even without saying anything Aoi already understood and nodded at that.

Panting slightly, Aoi threw his head back as his throbbing length came in contact with his lube-slicked hand, giving it a few strokes in the process, and Uruha watched in anticipation as his hand also played with his own. Seeing that, Aoi nudged the younger’s hand away and positioned himself in between his legs. He paused, for a moment hesitating as the other received no preparation whatsoever. But Uruha simply nodded and pushed into Aoi, no doubt ready for the pain. And Aoi had to smile – Uruha was strong (and stubborn) enough to receive this; something that he had come to love about him.

Aoi pushed ever so gently inside of the other. Uruha groaned in pain, but pushed himself insistently against the other, unable to bear the excruciatingly slow pace in which Aoi moved. His spine tingled as Aoi’s length was buried deeper inside of him, with the other letting out soft moans as well as he sheathed himself to the hilt. The two ceased movement, with Aoi adjusting to the delicious tight heat that he was in, and Uruha simply keeping himself from bringing himself to the edge.

Clutching tightly on his pillow, Uruha then whispered the older’s name in a low, quiet manner, signalling him to move. And that Aoi did, with his eyes shut tight and curses, of course not harshly meant, escaping in between his breaths. They started out soft and slow, and there was moderate silence in the room, but as Aoi’s thrusts became faster and harder, Uruha’s moans became louder and needier.

As the older man neared his climax, he granted Uruha’s neglected member soft touches, eventually turning into rhythmic strokes which followed his now controlled thrusts. Uruha tried to smile gratefully even as he bit on his lower lip hard, trying to muffle any more shameless groans. But Aoi did him that favor and leaned down, still continuing to push in and out, lapping on his already abused lips. And as the older pulled back from the sloppy kiss, he shuddered, spilling inside Uruha, and within seconds, Uruha also came on Aoi’s hand.

And at that very moment, the two thought that nothing could ever be as magical as that.

Aoi withdrew himself from Uruha and rested face down beside the blond, breathing still heavy and chest pounding unevenly. Uruha was the same, eyes still half-closed in the afterglow. With a smile, the older man grabbed the end of the blanket and put it over their heads, reliving his childhood days when he used to play under the sheets. Back then he was happy to be by himself, but today he realized that it was also fun sharing with someone else – someone who fit him perfectly, just as the blond did.

Of course Uruha had to smile. And for many reasons too, not only because of the wonderful twelve minutes that passed, but also because of the warm blanket that covered him, the sweet silence that filled his ears, the sun setting beautifully (even though he couldn’t see it), and of course because of the person that laid next to him.

So this is continuous happiness.


And yes I know I have no originality *cough Benjamin Button cough* but I promised one of my friends that I'll use that line in a fic that I'll write. And it happened to be here. Ahhhh~ it's so nice to finish this fic once and for all, I dislike the thought of having to prolonge a oneshot. Dear me I hope you liked it because... LOL I just hope you like it. xDD
Feb 04 09 (UTC)
“Sleep with me.”



i was expecting some extreme fluff/romance..
yet, this one.

i guess i should have read the NC-17 part..


it was very nice though!

So this is continuous happiness.
Feb 04 09 (UTC)
LOL, but that ish fluff to me~ AND I'M SORRY ABOUT THAT I HOPE I DIDN'T SCARE YOU MUCH~ ;_;

Haha, I dun credit that line to myself, it's actually from Happiness by the Kilowatt by Alexisonfire!/City and Colour. Very sad song but I needed some cool lines and a cool title so there xDD

Thank you very much for reading! ♥
Feb 04 09 (UTC)
«Uruha knew he needed to reply, and also refused to let this time pass. Of course, only in the only way he knew how.
“Sleep with me.”
Aoi knew that no verbal response was needed, but he returned the favor nonetheless.
With those final words, they locked their lips in a needy and frenzied kiss.
It was Uruha’s first.
Just, awwww. *squishes them*
The chap was hot but uber sweet at the same time. And the last lines just made me melt shamelessly~
Thanks for making a sequel for that oneshot, it really was worthed. Straight to mems ♥
Feb 04 09 (UTC)
YES. They're really cute ne~ ^^ And it had to be Uru's first kiss because he's a special prostitute~ xDD plus he never let anybody lol

You're welcome! I'm very glad you liked it~ Your kindness and comments make me a very happy girl~ myuuu~! ♥♥♥
Feb 05 09 (UTC)

It's such a sweet story. I gave me a warm feeling.
Feb 05 09 (UTC)
Oh damn. That icon. It is made of pure awesome and win. @u@ So is the GIF. ♥

Thanks for reading~ I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^
Feb 05 09 (UTC)
I've been waiting for, like, ages~

Thank you for writing this sequel and fulfilling my unreasonable request X'D yay this is awesome.

"Even if he knew that the other wasn’t expecting any answer from him anymore – the strong hold that he had on the older’s arm, asking him not to let go, was answer enough – Uruha knew he needed to reply, and also refused to let this time pass. Of course, only in the only way he knew how.

“Sleep with me.” "
I love this part <3 it was clumsy, but way too cute

This made my day, thank you~
Definitely my favorite X'D

Feb 05 09 (UTC)
After more or less a month~ >_<;; Prostitute!Uruha muse was quite uncooperative lately.

Ahaha, like I said earlier, I didn't come up with the line myself, but it's very fitting!

I'm glad I was able to make your day and fulfill your request. Thanks for reading~ ♥♥♥
Feb 07 09 (UTC)
it's so cute that he had his first kiss with Aoi ^_^ but it's kinda sad Uru can't tell someone he loves them, and that his only way to show them is sleeping with them :/
Feb 07 09 (UTC)
Though Uru's just being a stubborn bitch by not saying ILY. Man, that's just... three words. >>;; Sometimes I dun understand my muses xDDD

Anyways, thank you very much for reading~! ♥
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