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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
The Silent Confession - Sujk/Leda (1/1) 
Aug 08 09
Title: The Silent Confession
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: aimaitrace @ xxshamisen
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Pairing: Sujk/Leda
Disclaimer: Real people, real circumstances, fake stories.
Summary: I just move my lips and my tongue and breathe and the sounds are made. But still, I do not say "I love you" easily.
Comments: Prompt was kind of twisted a bit so you can read it both ways, (if that makes sense) ahah. ^^;; And oh, hello DELUHI fans, I'm xxshamisen and I'm new around this place. I ask for your kindness and regard. m(_ _)m [Yes I suck at titles.]

From a distance Sujk would always find himself staring at Leda, for reasons he himself did not understand. At the first days it was just the admiration of how talented the young guitarist was (despite being young himself) but lately it was the wondering of how innocent and child-like his band mate was. But there was something else that he discovered about Leda in his observations – he was very unpredictable.

Leda was unpredictable in many ways, Sujk decided. There were times that he’d be able to compose something out of thin air just because he liked it, and there were times that Juri had to beat the inspiration out of him because they would miss a deadline if they didn’t. Sometimes he goofed around, sometimes it would seem that he’s goofing around even if he wasn’t. And whenever the two of them would lock eyes, Leda would smile at him and make Sujk shades redder than his make-up would allow.

This went on for months and while Sujk wasn’t exactly impervious to a thing called feelings, somehow he just couldn’t bring himself to say anything. Of course he could just open his mouth and let the words roll off his tongue – he’s done that many times now, by the way – but he just couldn’t say anything.

Out of habit he said those words to the guitarist again and instead of a smile he was replied with a (gentle) shove to the wall and a silent kiss on the lips. Once time started again Sujk furrowed his brows and looked at Leda, who, as always, sported that full, innocent smile on his face. And upon asking why he did that, the drummer’s ears caught this answer –

“You love me, right?”

– and of course he would have to nod.
Aug 08 09 (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Oh yes, of course. I've been wanting to write fanfiction for DELUHI for quite some time now, so I hope I did fine with this~ :3
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Ok, is that for me?

>_> Because someone commented to my reply... it seems...?
LOL. /confused.
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Yay for the DELUHI fanfic. More fanfiction with this band, please!

The scene with their kiss was cute ;3

(sorry, I think I accidentally replied to someone's comment first, it happens to me sometimes ^^;;;;;... but I deleted it, lol)
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
LOL no problem~ Thanks for reading anyways! ^^
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
No problem, they're one of my favorite bands!

(I'm writing a fic where two of DELUHI members appeared, if you want to read it, feel free to visit my journal)
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Oh, you've got them in your net. I loved the characterization and the fact that every sentence you wrote served to that purpose and letting us get to know them. Sujk being silent and watching Leda from afar. Leda so complex, distant, a mystery. I liked this, as another way to show of their personalities. And whenever the two of them would lock eyes, Leda would smile at him and make Sujk shades redder than his make-up would allow. The kiss was lovely, gentle shove, a smile, a nod. Just <3
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Yes, finally, after weeks of dreading it I was at least able to make 300 words. T_T

Sujk/Leda is my new Aoi/Uruha, except less angsty 8D
Aug 08 09 (UTC)
Sujk/Leda is my new Aoi/Uruha, except less angsty 8D
I like that.
May 23 10 (UTC)
OMG! ♥
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
sweet ♥
Apr 23 12 (UTC)
That was so cute x3
And nicely written :3
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