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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Please feed my muse. 
Jan 04 29
Okay guys, here's the thing. Somehow I've lost my muse and so I'm taking on a challenge.

One-sentence Drabble challenge.
Rules: Give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

     → Doesn't matter the pairing or my own personal love or hate for the pairing.
     → Doesn't matter the fandom as long as I know it.
     → Doesn't matter if someone else already demanded said pairing / fandom / whatever.
     → It shall be unique to each of you.
     → You can also ask for more than one. And I'll see what I can do.
     → This has no time limit and will never expire.

As you can see, I've somehow changed the rules. I won't only go for one sentences, although it's okay if you request for a one-sentence drabble too; just mention it. My range will be until around 300 words or less, but if I exceed 300 words, then yay? :D

Fandoms I'll write for would be Gazette (duh), Deluhi, Nightmare, Versailles. I can also write for Girugamesh, Kagrra, 12012, Alice Nine, Screw, Sug, Miyavi, Gackt, HYDE, but my knowledge of them is very limited. And like I said in my previous request post, don't hesitate to ask for the other fandoms because I might be able to write for them too. Oh, I'll also write for anime, especially L/Light (Death Note), Hikaru/Kaoru (Ouran), Roy/Ed (FMA), and just ask for the other pairings.

[EDIT] And oh, if you have a prompt, it would be lovely. Also, please do indicate what kind of piece would you like to have, like, if it should be mushy, NC-17, angsty, or if you're letting me decide for myself. :3

So~ request ahead. ^^
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
oh, such opportuinity as this is ... it would be pity not to use it if it´s you writting..XD

hmm well...
I would like to request Gazette´s Uruha/ Kai
and I have a prompt for you :

"Confusion is always the most honest response."

Jul 27 09 (UTC)
I hope I don't disappoint~


The words rung in Kai's ears, continuing to stare unbelievingly at the man in front of him -- the man with the most honest and adorable smile in this world, in his opinion. The words seemed too far-fetched to even have come from Uruha's full lips but the things heard cannot be unheard anymore, and there was nothing for the Kai to do but to let the words seep into his mind, into his heart, into his soul.

Those words which Uruha claimed true.

Those words which Kai started to doubt because while he ransacked his heart and mind and soul for some response, Uruha started to laugh in that amiable way that's really hard for him -- for anybody -- to hate.

"Kai... there's no need to answer now," came the soft, calming, yet husky voice, making the smaller man look up as the taller cupped his cheek, "I think I can clearly see your answer to that."

"But... I haven't even answe--"

And his sentence was cut once again by that childlike laughter, and Kai had to furrow his brows at that. He really didn't know whether Uruha was just tripping or what because the way that he's been laughing and smiling was confusing him to no end--

"It's okay. I think I already know your answer."

Because despite those brown eyes hazed with so much questions and chaos and disbelief, Uruha could perfectly see the exact same words that he uttered earlier written in deep within them.
Jul 27 09 (UTC)

I wonder if you'll make a ReitaXAoi for your friend~

even if I know you're into AOIxURUHA

Jul 27 09 (UTC)
Well of course I would! Is that your request? :3
Jul 27 09 (UTC)

*hugs you*

You decide between fluffy or NC17.anything is LOVE!
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
BGM: Starlight - me-al art


And there they stared out the glass window, fingers interlinked with each other, bodies flush against each other, hearts beating fast together. They never did show any kind of affection when it they mingled with other people -- nobody would really suspect that the two of them would actually end up falling in love with each other. Not when Reita pulled off the macho man appeal quite impressively, not when Aoi stated he wasn't the least bit gay.

And so they could only be thankful that this particular night -- this particularly beautiful night -- they were granted the opportunity to room together, one of the rare times when Kai decides to shuffle their room assignments. Harbors camaraderie among the five of them, the leader would say, but between Reita and Aoi, it has always been more than camaraderie.

Of course they knew how to keep their affection at bay; they had to -- should anybody discover that special something between the two of them would prove really disastrous. Plans would be destroyed, reputations would be shattered, everything would fall into inevitable chaos. But for now the thoughts of distraught were lost to the both of them -- until there was a click on the knob, a knock on their door, a ring on their telephones, all that existed was only the two of them.

And as Aoi leaned his head softly on Reita's shoulder -- feeling even safer as the blond pulled him close -- both men looked up to the vast, starlit sky, wishing to the million and one glistening bodies for a forever as blissful as this.
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
I am not Benjas, but I am happy.
Jul 28 09 (UTC)

it was short but it bring forth
certain amount of romantic waves rushing to my brain.

*dies of kilig*


Jul 27 09 (UTC)
*dances around*

yay THANK YOUUUU for writting this!

this was really great
I love it !!

ps:sorry for deleting message before ...but it was doing some ...weird stuff ...
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
Oh, wow. This is so sweet. I love this line the man with the most honest and adorable smile in this world, in his opinion. It is so great, especially coming from Kai. I think I have to agree.
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