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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Please feed my muse. 
Jan 04 29
Okay guys, here's the thing. Somehow I've lost my muse and so I'm taking on a challenge.

One-sentence Drabble challenge.
Rules: Give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

     → Doesn't matter the pairing or my own personal love or hate for the pairing.
     → Doesn't matter the fandom as long as I know it.
     → Doesn't matter if someone else already demanded said pairing / fandom / whatever.
     → It shall be unique to each of you.
     → You can also ask for more than one. And I'll see what I can do.
     → This has no time limit and will never expire.

As you can see, I've somehow changed the rules. I won't only go for one sentences, although it's okay if you request for a one-sentence drabble too; just mention it. My range will be until around 300 words or less, but if I exceed 300 words, then yay? :D

Fandoms I'll write for would be Gazette (duh), Deluhi, Nightmare, Versailles. I can also write for Girugamesh, Kagrra, 12012, Alice Nine, Screw, Sug, Miyavi, Gackt, HYDE, but my knowledge of them is very limited. And like I said in my previous request post, don't hesitate to ask for the other fandoms because I might be able to write for them too. Oh, I'll also write for anime, especially L/Light (Death Note), Hikaru/Kaoru (Ouran), Roy/Ed (FMA), and just ask for the other pairings.

[EDIT] And oh, if you have a prompt, it would be lovely. Also, please do indicate what kind of piece would you like to have, like, if it should be mushy, NC-17, angsty, or if you're letting me decide for myself. :3

So~ request ahead. ^^
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
Inspired by this. >3


"What are you doing?" A startled Yuuto started questioning incredulously the moment he heard a camera phone click, eyes narrowing a bit to turn towards the direction of his their drummer. Jin's impish and amused grin was spread all over his face as he cocked his head to the side, feigning innocence that even he knew failed anyway.

"What, can't I take a picture anymore?" he mimicked his the bassist's tone as he flipped his phone shut before swinging it open again. Yuuto simply sighed and rolled his eyes wile Jin continued to examine the picture before shifting his attention back to the bassist. "Mmm, Yuuto-chan, your pants looks nice."

Another sigh passed Yuuto's lips as he looked down to the spot where Jin probably took the shot, crossing his arms in silent protest. "My boxers, you mean."

"No, seriously, I love those pants. They're so flashy and all... where'd you buy them?" Somehow Jin's tone turned from teasing to genuinely enthusiastic, and of course Yuuto couldn't stay too mad -- he wasn't even completely mad actually, though; just a bit sulky.

"Well," the bassist started shyly, "Actually I have no idea. A friend just gave this to me as a gift on my birthday. I don't even know how she was able to guess my size because it fits perfectly."

Jin put a hand under his lips as if in thought, before looking back at the other. "Hey, mind lending me those pants for a while then? I might not be able to see something like that again," was the nonchalant request, as if borrowing jeans on the spot was a very normal thing.

"Jin-kun! Did you just actually ask me to lend my pants to you?" Yuuto answered flabbergasted, eyebrows furrowing and lower lip protruding at the rather bold request.

"Well yes, I just did Yuuto-chan. Besides, nobody's around so it'll be okay. I really might not find a pair of jeans similar to that, you know."

Yuuto hesitated for a moment but gave in anyway, knowing Jin to be smart enough not to do anything stupid while they were out. He then stood up and unbuckled his belt; the drummer doing the same, but in a more excited manner. "Gimme gimme," Jin insisted as he made grabby hands directed to the bassist's pants. Yuuto simply shot him an embarrassed look when the other was finally rid of his shoes and pants. "What? It's not like you haven't seen me in my briefs before."

Once he had slipped off his pants, Yuuto threw a small pout at the drummer first before handing him the pants, but it didn't seem to faze Jin, not when he had the stupid smile plastered on his face. Yuuto sighed. Jin then gripped on the waistband of Yuuto's pants and was about to insert one leg inside, but instead threw the jeans on the couch where they had been sitting down.

"You know what Yuu-chan?" the drummer drawled out sexily, inching closer to Yuuto with a hungry sparkle on his eyes, "I think I want to borrow your boxers too. Pink skulls are way flashy."


Whoah, 512 words. You better love me for this France.

Jul 27 09 (UTC)


*gives you a thousand uruha-plushies*
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
Lol I can totally picture Jin doing that :))
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
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