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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Please feed my muse. 
Jan 04 29
Okay guys, here's the thing. Somehow I've lost my muse and so I'm taking on a challenge.

One-sentence Drabble challenge.
Rules: Give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

     → Doesn't matter the pairing or my own personal love or hate for the pairing.
     → Doesn't matter the fandom as long as I know it.
     → Doesn't matter if someone else already demanded said pairing / fandom / whatever.
     → It shall be unique to each of you.
     → You can also ask for more than one. And I'll see what I can do.
     → This has no time limit and will never expire.

As you can see, I've somehow changed the rules. I won't only go for one sentences, although it's okay if you request for a one-sentence drabble too; just mention it. My range will be until around 300 words or less, but if I exceed 300 words, then yay? :D

Fandoms I'll write for would be Gazette (duh), Deluhi, Nightmare, Versailles. I can also write for Girugamesh, Kagrra, 12012, Alice Nine, Screw, Sug, Miyavi, Gackt, HYDE, but my knowledge of them is very limited. And like I said in my previous request post, don't hesitate to ask for the other fandoms because I might be able to write for them too. Oh, I'll also write for anime, especially L/Light (Death Note), Hikaru/Kaoru (Ouran), Roy/Ed (FMA), and just ask for the other pairings.

[EDIT] And oh, if you have a prompt, it would be lovely. Also, please do indicate what kind of piece would you like to have, like, if it should be mushy, NC-17, angsty, or if you're letting me decide for myself. :3

So~ request ahead. ^^
Jul 27 09 (UTC)


"Honey, have you seen Kanon-chan? I can't see him anywhere..."

Aoi's head then popped from behind the wall that divided the kitchen from the living room as he peered out, shifting his attention to his wife who sounded quite distraught. It wasn't everyday that he heard Mao sound unnerved like that, but whenever it came to their child, obviously the motherly instincts take over. Even though he basically was the housewife and his lady was the one bringing the bread home (by doing her paintings and attending exhibits and other artsy businesses that Aoi had never come to understand).

"Have you checked the bathroom? Sometimes Kanon-chan goes there to just sit on the tub to play with his rubber ducky," Aoi answered calmly as he watched his wife trudge down the stairs, hurriedly making her way to the bathroom just down the hallway. Not a moment too soon there was a squeal of 'Kanon-chan!' that echoed from there, and it made the dark-haired man smile.

Just another day in the life of his family.
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
awwww~ mommy mao~
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
super cute!
Jul 27 09 (UTC)

"Have you checked the bathroom? Sometimes Kanon-chan goes there to just sit on the tub to play with his rubber ducky,"
I really should have my kid checked D:

Thanks wifey, I loved it :3
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