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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Please feed my muse. 
Jan 04 29
Okay guys, here's the thing. Somehow I've lost my muse and so I'm taking on a challenge.

One-sentence Drabble challenge.
Rules: Give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

     → Doesn't matter the pairing or my own personal love or hate for the pairing.
     → Doesn't matter the fandom as long as I know it.
     → Doesn't matter if someone else already demanded said pairing / fandom / whatever.
     → It shall be unique to each of you.
     → You can also ask for more than one. And I'll see what I can do.
     → This has no time limit and will never expire.

As you can see, I've somehow changed the rules. I won't only go for one sentences, although it's okay if you request for a one-sentence drabble too; just mention it. My range will be until around 300 words or less, but if I exceed 300 words, then yay? :D

Fandoms I'll write for would be Gazette (duh), Deluhi, Nightmare, Versailles. I can also write for Girugamesh, Kagrra, 12012, Alice Nine, Screw, Sug, Miyavi, Gackt, HYDE, but my knowledge of them is very limited. And like I said in my previous request post, don't hesitate to ask for the other fandoms because I might be able to write for them too. Oh, I'll also write for anime, especially L/Light (Death Note), Hikaru/Kaoru (Ouran), Roy/Ed (FMA), and just ask for the other pairings.

[EDIT] And oh, if you have a prompt, it would be lovely. Also, please do indicate what kind of piece would you like to have, like, if it should be mushy, NC-17, angsty, or if you're letting me decide for myself. :3

So~ request ahead. ^^
Jul 27 09 (UTC)
Myaa, I didn't get into detail~



And with that Aoi stormed inside the bedroom as he banged the door close, aiming for the closet to pull his things from there again. Lately there hasn't been a day that he didn't argue with his lover; their fights starting from something so small and insignificant but later bursting out to World War N. Perhaps it was just the stress from work passing onto their personal lives, but when two arrogant hotheads clash together, peace just can't be easily achieved. Rather, peace just can't be achieved.

With the same scowl on his face, Ruki followed Aoi inside and violently pushed the door open, not caring about how it hit the wall and probably causing a chip on the paint there. "You're so fucking difficult Yuu! I don't even know what the hell you're trying to say here!" the vocalist screamed on top of his lungs as he watched the older throw a bag on the bed, shoving in as much clothes as he could. Ruki stomped on the floor as he stood in front of his lover, arms crossed so as to prevent himself from actually hitting him.

"And you're so fucking useless and inse--" and Aoi's words were cut as Ruki lunged for him, pushing him against the bed and grabbing on his collar, about to swing a mean punch at his face for calling him useless. But Ruki punched on the mattress instead before grabbing on both of Aoi's hands and pinning them above his head, then dove in for a sloppy, heated kiss.

It was always like this: after a few heated screaming somehow they'd always end up on the couch or the bed, legs tangled on each other and fighting for dominance. Sometimes Aoi won, sometimes Ruki did, but this time the victory was Ruki's because technically he was the one aggravated here. But of course that doesn't mean that everything becomes peaceful after that -- there was nothing peaceful about the way that Aoi scratched on Ruki's chest, digging his nails and creating red marks against his skin, more so with the way that Ruki slapped on Aoi's thighs harshly and gripped ferociously on the base of the older's cock.

Both came at the same time, with Aoi's seed spilling all over Ruki's chest down to his tensed abdomen, and Ruki's own fluids dripping from Aoi's still twitching hole and down his limping cock. Unable to support himself anymore, Aoi pulled himself off Ruki and plopped down, half his body covering the vocalist's own, and the other half awkwardly leaning on the bed.

"What were we arguing about again?" Ruki said, brushing the wet strands of dark hair from Aoi's face.

"I actually forgot," the guitarist answered in a hushed tone, nuzzling his face on Ruki's neck, making Ruki smile.

"You just have a knack for making me mad, don't you?"

Aoi smiled too. "Hmmm... maybe."


484 words. And haha yay Aoi riding Ru~ ♥

Jul 27 09 (UTC)
perfect <333 thanks a lot :D
YAY Aoi riding Ru gets much love from me <33

lol i have more ideas already :3
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