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Relax - Aoi/Ruki

Title: Relax
Chapter(s): N/A; RP
Author: fa_ying & aimaitrace @ xxshamisen
Genre: Romance, smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Stuff that needs to be italicized aren't italicized, typos maybe
Pairing: Aoi/Ruki
Disclaimer: We don't own anybody.
Summary: Aoi has been distant and Ruki wants affection.
Comment: Again, comments are ♥~ ^^

Water was still dripping onto Ruki's shoulders from his wet hair as he raised a towel up to his head to dry his hair. Doing so he watched, hopefully unnoticed, how Aoi passed him and went from the bathroom to their bedroom, probably to get dressed.

And just in that moment the blond couldn't help but sigh and slump against the sink. Ruki felt edgy and uncomfortable and he knew quite well when they would lie in bed he wasn't going to be able to sleep.

Almost becoming pissed at himself he threw the towel onto the floor and moved to brush his teeth, staring at his own reflection in the mirror. Ruki inclined his head, what was wrong with him now? The day had been stressful, Aoi was tired and so their shower had been just quick and plain. Maybe that was the reason - somehow the younger felt forgotten. By Aoi.


As he started to put his sweatpants on, Aoi wondered why there was a look of frustration on Ruki's face when he passed by him earlier on. Even more puzzled when he saw his lover's actions inside the bathroom through the small gap in the door, and somehow he couldn't feel a bit guilty. It made him evaluate himself in his mind.

And indeed, he might've been a bit too distant for Ruki's liking. He knew that the younger loved his attention no matter what day it is and sometimes sulked when he failed to give it. This was one of these times.

Realizing that, the guitarist felt bad. After all, it wouldn't kill if he indulged Ruki in himself for a minute or two. And so he waited until Ruki finished brushing his teeth before slipping back into the bathroom and stood behind the younger, rubbing on his shoulders soothingly.

"Hey, what's wrong Rucchan?" he asked; though he somewhat knew the answer already, he had to, hoping that perhaps Ruki had a different answer. It was more to relieve himself, actually.


Ruki sighed again before finally starting to brush his teeth. There wasn't much he could do anyway, so it would be better if he calmed down and accepted this would be one sleepless night.

He surely wouldn't ask Aoi why he had been all professional today again, not looking at Ruki or giving him a smile like he used to. Ruki needed Aoi's affection just like the air he was breathing and if the older failed to give him attention Ruki would become moody.

Dabbing his mouth dry with a towel Ruki stared at the mirror as Aoi reappeared behind him. He had believed Aoi was already in bed, waiting for him.

Just the same Ruki felt his still naked body shiver when Aoi's gentle hands rubbed his shoulders and whispered to him with a dark voice, care clearly sounding through it. Though as much as he wanted to tell the truth he couldn't and just shook his head so that it hung low and he would avoid Aoi's eyes.


His face fell when Ruki avoided his eyes in the mirror -- clearly this is one of those days when the younger felt neglected, as much as Aoi hated to admit it. Sometimes he just got so absorbed with his work that he blocked out thoughts of anything aside from it, even thoughts of his lover who was always just an arm's reach away.

"Really?" he asked in that sweet, low voice that Ruki had always loved, coupling his question with some loving kisses on Ruki's cheek.

"I'm sorry ne... for not even properly talking to you today," Aoi pouted a bit against the younger's cheek, hating how those words tasted bitter in his mouth (since it was true anyway). "You know how I get absorbed with my work sometimes." The guitarist continued those soft pecks on his lover's soft skin, trailing his full lips down his neck.


Aoi was talking as if he was reading Ruki's mind and most of time it was probably just like that, his lover knew him so well that Ruki was sure Aoi knew what he thought. Just like he knew what to do when Ruki got into this kind of mood. But Ruki was more than glad Aoi knew what to do and didn't leave him alone right now.

As much as Ruki would have liked to stay mad at Aoi, if he even felt that way or wasn't just disappointed, all his resolve crumbled when Aoi's lips pressed against his cheek and his voice went right to the core of him. Every time Aoi did this he would become weak and forgive his boyfriend, whatever he had done.

Ruki gripped the edge of the counter when Aoi's full lips trailed down his neck and he sighed, in defeat. "I know," he breathed out, his voice weak until he finally looked up and saw Aoi's troubled face in the mirror.


Aoi continued those soft kisses along the skin of Ruki's neck and shoulders, and only looked up when the younger finally spoke. He felt relieved that Ruki wasn't that mad at him for earlier, but he knew he still had to apologize for that, in the way that he knew his lover would immensely like.

For a moment he pulled himself back to lift his head, looking directly into the other's eyes in the mirror.

"Forgive me?" he said with a small, apologetic smile, but even before Ruki could answer, Aoi placed a hand on his chin and turned Ruki's face towards him so he could kiss his lover, as his other hand snaked onto Ruki's bare stomach, rubbing there softly and sensually.


Ruki's body relaxed visibly under Aoi's soft kisses along his shoulder and especially the ones placed on his neck coaxed him to let go. He stared back into his lover's eyes in the mirror, transfixed by their darkness and the complete beauty of Aoi.

"Forgive me?"

Aoi showed Ruki all the remorse he had for his behaviour earlier and it wasn't a question anymore if Ruki would forgive him or not. Even less when he felt those full lips he loved more than anything against his own, making him forget everything he had been disappointed about.

Just when they pulled away Ruki nodded sincerely, the same affection reflected in his eyes. The small but honest smile on his lips would show Aoi he wasn't mad anymore and had already forgiven him.


Humming in approval, Aoi planted soft kisses on Ruki's lips again a few moments after they pulled away, wanting to show him that he really was sorry and that he loves Ruki dearly, despite of his momentary insensitivity at times. But not only that, something else was building at the bottom of his stomach too, something that he couldn't ignore anymore. After all, how could Aoi resist a half-naked Ruki, only having a towel on his hips, and not get hot?

The seemingly innocent pecks turned into a wet, hungry kiss in no more than a few seconds, as Aoi lowered the hand that cupped Ruki's chin down onto the younger's chest, letting his fingers graze the cool skin while his other hand continued its ministration on his stomach, going dangerously low by the second.


Only now Ruki realised that with every kiss Aoi planted onto his lips his lover's upper body brushed against his own, and he couldn't help but think what a nice feeling it was. He loved it when Aoi wrapped his arms around him from behind and when he stood there, of course taller than the blonde, Ruki felt safe and protected.

Even though he could feel the same stirring in his stomach it nevertheless caught him off guard when Aoi suddenly intensified the kiss, not that he minded it. Ruki kissed back with fevor, caressing his lover's tongue with his own hungrily. But he broke away and panted when he felt Aoi's hand slip dangerously close to the towel wrapped around his hips, his cheeks turning a bit red.


"Hmmm," Aoi hummed again when Ruki broke the kiss, and this time he directed his mouth back on the younger's neck, knowing very well how it was one of his weak spots. Unfortunately he was busy lavishing attention on the soft skin there -- kissing, licking, sucking on it expertly -- to even notice the cute blush on the younger's cheek.

As his left hand continued to rub on Ruki's chest, occasionally rubbing on the younger's perking nipples, Aoi started to rub his lover's crotch through the fabric, being the tease that he was. And he smirked against Ruki's skin when he felt something stirring to life down there, making him all the more eager to fondle Ruki's hardening member.


Aoi didn't need to talk to Ruki to drive him crazy, the humming of his low and deep voice already did enough to his sanity that he wasn't sure if he could think properly anymore or not. But that didn't matter anyway, all Ruki could concentrate on were those lips against his neck and how wonderful they made him feel.

"Aoi..." Ruki panted when he felt his lover's delicate finger brush over his still clothed crotch, not surprised that his erection reacted immediately to the touch. He was wax in Aoi's hands.

The look in Aoi's eyes didn't leave any question open and he knew what to expect now. Even if he liked to turn around and lavish Aoi with the same attention he was showing him, Ruki knew his lover wouldn't let him. This was just for Ruki.


Aoi lifted his eyes up to look into Ruki's eyes in the mirror, though still having his mouth latched on the younger's shoulders, even darting his tongue out boldly to lick on the bare skin, knowing that it would heighten Ruki's (and his, actually) excitement.

With a soft tug, the fabric over the vocalist's hips fell on the floor, leaving him naked against the sink and all for Aoi to touch. A tingle shot down his spine once his fingers came in contact with Ruki's half-erect cock, as he curled his hands on it, before beginning a series of languid strokes. His movements quickened as Aoi started nipping on the Ruki's shoulders, marking him, then moved up to his neck, doing the same thing.


Not noticing that Aoi was watching him Ruki had his eyes shut and bit his lower lip hard when the older licked the bare skin of his shoulder. Slowly he felt how his knees would give away if Aoi continued at this speed. The feeling Aoi gave him just made Ruki surrender.

It seemed so easy how the towel fell to the floor and suddenly Ruki was naked before Aoi, but this time his cheeks weren't flushed from embarrassment but excitement. He could feel his lover was partly clothed and regretted Aoi had already got dressed. He would have liked to feel Aoi's own erection press against his back.

With a breathy sigh Ruki's body fell back against Aoi's tall form when those hands finally touched his length, stroking him gracefully. Together with Aoi licking, biting and sucking on his neck and shoulders he wasn't supposed to last long, was he.


He let out yet another low hum of approval as he felt Ruki quiver under his touch, loving how his slim stomach tensed with every stroke on his length. Tonight he just wanted to bring his lover close to his bliss as early as possible, not bothering with any kind of foreplay, fun as it was. It was a long-awaited display of affection, after all, and surely Ruki would love that too.

With that Aoi made more aggressive strokes on Ruki's now fully hard cock. However he somehow felt like something was missing, and so for a moment his other hand left Ruki's torso while the hand on the younger's lower regions start slowing down while he grabbed the bottle of lube on the counter. He immediately poured a generous amount on his hands and brought it to Ruki's length, both hands now working their magic on it. The slipperiness would definitely add to Ruki's pleasure, Aoi was sure about that.


Ruki knew he reacted just the way Aoi wanted him to, no teasing and no foreplay this time. But even though they were taking it quick Ruki enjoyed Aoi's affection as much as possible, the feeling of his hands on his body was after all simply the best feeling.

Stifling a moan through his lips Ruki's head fell back onto Aoi's shoulder, supported by his strong frame. Where that bottle of lube had come from or why it stood onto the counter Ruki didn't know and honestly couldn't care less at the moment. The coldness of the liquid excited Ruki that he drew in sharp breaths and whimpered gently. And after the coldness was gone it was slippery and wet and Aoi's strokes were harsh and fast.

"Aoi- ... I.. I'm gonna... Ahh-" Ruki groaned as he forced his eyes open to see their bodies reflected in the mirror, panting at the sight.


"Don't fight it, Rucchan," Aoi's low, sultry voice greatly contrasted with the cute pet name he used, but that didn't matter anymore. His dark eyes stared at the mirror, liking what he was seeing -- his own intense gaze as he looked straight at their reflection, and Ruki's half lidded stare, coupled with his lips parted in a soft moan. Oh, if anybody would see their states now, then they'd get the turn on of their lives.

"Ruki..." he whispered huskily against the younger's neck, letting his breath tickle the sensitive skin before licking there, his eyes still transfixed on the mirror. All the while his hands continued their doings onto Ruki's member, right hand tugging jerkily, hard, and fast, while the left fondled his balls. He wanted to see his lover come undone already.


Even if Ruki wanted to last longer, Aoi was right. He shouldn't fight but just give in to the overwhelming feeling caused by Aoi's skilled hands on his body. Ruki took a deep breath and gulped hard, calming down for a second until he was ready to let go.

"Oh Aoi... you're... so good," Ruki whimpered between breathy moans. He was still staring at their reflections, Aoi's eyes had caught him again and the determined expression on his lover's face turned him on to no end.

Ruki moaned again but then he couldn't take it anymore -- Aoi stroking his erection erratically and fast, his other hand even fondling his balls and his hot breath against Ruki's shoulder followed by his full lips. Panting and groaning at the same time Ruki's body tensed, his eyes shut close again while his head fell back onto Aoi's shoulder, and he came. The blond death gripped the edge of the counter until he felt his own seed spilling messily over Aoi's hands, and his body slumped a bit down.


As he felt Ruki's hot release on his hands, Aoi heaved out a sigh of contentment. It was gratifying to have pleasured his lover in that way. Well, it was always gratifying to pleasure Ruki in every way, actually.

The predatory smirk in Aoi's lips was immediately wiped into a gentle, caring one as the younger's body fell slightly, catching Ruki's small frame (or at least his stomach) in his arms and pulling him against his chest. He wanted the younger to rest against his chest, wanting to letting him know that he could lean onto him at any time.

"Good?" Aoi asked, even though he somehow already knew the answer. At that he placed soft little kisses on Ruki's cheek, eventually trailing to his lips.


Ruki let himself be pulled against Aoi's chest and tried to calm down while he took deep breaths but still kept his eyes closed. He didn't want to ruin the moment by letting reality come back to him too soon. Ruki wanted to enjoy the bliss Aoi made him feel and it was all the better that he could rest against his lover's chest, safe in his embrace.

Hearing Aoi's question Ruki's lips turned into a smile and he snuggled his nose against the dark haired's neck, placing a kiss there just when Aoi's own lips touched Ruki's cheek.

"Very good." Ruki said meaningful, his eyes still closed as their lips met in a kiss the blond cherished so much, especially after sex. "You were... wonderful, Aoi," Ruki breathed out dreamily, his hands stroking over Aoi's arms, "Thank you." In the afterglow of orgasm (if it had been a good one) Ruki always seemed to be on drugs or something, he felt so entirely happy that it didn't matter anymore what happened around them, at least he had Aoi.


"Of course I'm always good, Rucchan," he said with a haughty smirk, though coupled with a small laugh; joking only of course and just wanting to make the younger laugh somehow. Aoi really was dorky like that, despite the time of the day.

The guitarist then grabbed on some tissue and wiped his soiled hand, then wiped on Ruki's limping member. After all, he just took a bath and it would suck so bad if he felt sticky afterwards. Once the tissue was disposed to the bin, Aoi turned the younger around so that they would face each other. He smiled.

"Ready to go to bed, baby?" he asked, making a cutesy little pout as he circled his arms around Ruki's waist.


Ruki chuckled lightly, his chest vibrating with gentle force, "Oh yes, you're the best, Aoi-chan." he confirmed solemnly until laughter broke from his throat as well. Aoi had his weak sides of course, even some of them pissing Ruki off at times, but after all he loved the dark haired as much as he could, and he wouldn't if Aoi was such a bad person.

A breathy sigh left the blond's lips when he was wiped clean, even his member relaxing by now. It was so nice in Aoi's arms Ruki almost didn't want to leave them, but fortunately he was too tired and content to sleep standing.

"Hmmm yes," Ruki hummed, staring into Aoi's eyes with a smile to his lips. Aoi was right, he really was good. "But what about you...?" He made a troubled face and looked down at Aoi's body, knowing the older would understand his hint.


Aoi pulled the younger out of the bathroom, not answering the question posed right away, and instead focused on getting his lover dressed. He pulled out one of Ruki's usual sleep ensemble and threw it on the bed.

"Well I think my body needs rest more than pleasuring, Rucchan," he finally replied, softly so as to let the younger know that he wasn't avoiding him or anything, but just merely tired. It had been a long day, and his semi-hardness wasn't going to deprived him of a better sleep.

He then slipped under the covers, waiting for the blond to crawl to the bed as well. "Plus, we need to get to the studio early tomorrow... promise we can have fun when we're not so busy anymore."


Ruki let Aoi guide him back to their bed but remained a puzzled look on his face. Sometimes he thought Aoi was thinking slowly and needed time to comprehend things, but that he wasn't answering right away was probably because compared to Ruki Aoi thought about the things he said and didn't blurt them out right away.

"Really?" Ruki questioned doubtfully as he pulled on a shirt and boxers, watching his lover get to bed. Though he had said it lovingly the blond couldn't help but feel disappointed about it, but he had more self-confidence this time.

"You're so lame, Aoi~," He said with a smile and snuggled under the covers close to his lover. "You know it can be so quick and you have a much happier sleep." What sucking his cock had to do with Aoi sleeping well, wasn't so clear but to Ruki it made sense.

"I really hope you will keep that promise." Ruki smiled and leaned over to give Aoi an overwhelming kiss before sleeping.


"Really," the older answered; a tired but sweet smile on his face. Unlike his younger lover Aoi had (better) control over his libido, and although he did have a familiar tent inside his boxers, he knew better than to tend to it in favor of not being even more exhausted.

Once Ruki was under the blanket, Aoi immediately scooted close until they were only a hair's width away, slinging his arm over the blond's shoulder and caressing the skin on his cheek. "But Rucchan, I'll get even more tired," was his equally playful whine, pinching on the younger's cheek, hoping that he would smile at that. "Stop pouting, ne?"

There was nothing more to do but to reply to Ruki's dominating kiss, chuckling a bit as they went on. Ruki never restrained himself when it came to those things, and although it can be bothersome, Aoi didn't get bothered by it at all. In fact, he's already come to love that side of Ruki. Then again, he already loves all of what the younger was.

"Of course I'd keep that promise, now let's get some shut eye. Night babe," was the coo before Aoi gave Ruki one last chaste kiss on the lips.


Ruki could feel the hardness within Aoi's sweatpants when they cuddled close against each other but didn't say or do anything. Now wasn't the time to convince Aoi or make him have it Ruki's way. And as the blond laid down in bed and came to a rest he didn't feel the desire to pleasure Aoi anymore.

"I'm not pouting," Ruki protested with a small voice and if there hadn't been a pout on his lips, now there would. He wasn't mad or anything but even after all the time they had spent together it was always Aoi bringing Ruki back to earth, and mostly Ruki was very thankful for that. Like tomorrow when they would get up early and Aoi had been so thoughtful to pretend the blond from staying up late.

"Well then," Ruki murmured defeated and rested his head against Aoi's chest, snaking an arm around his lover's form. "Night." Ruki waited for his good night kiss and then fell asleep, less tired than Aoi but just as satisfied.
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