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Carry Me Away - Ruki/Aoi

Title: Carry Me Away
Chapter(s): N/A; RP
Author: fa_ying & aimaitrace @ xxshamisen
Genre: Fluff, smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Stuff that needs to be italicized aren't italicized, typos maybe
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi
Disclaimer: We don't own anybody.
Summary: Even workaholics need some relaxation time too.
Comment: Again, comments are ♥~ ^^

It was a long and hard day for the dark-haired guitarist, but he knew he couldn't complain. They had to perfect their parts before anybody else could work on what they had to work on, and it didn't help that Aoi was a little bit of a perfectionist... maybe not even a little. He wanted to get the work done fast and perfect, even if that meant staying at the studio up to a very late hour.

Aoi put his things down and closed the front door as quietly as he could, not wanting to wake Ruki who was already sleeping. He could see the younger man from the small opening of the door, and he had to smile at how adorable his little boyfriend looked. But he had to shake his head and rid himself of those lovesick thoughts because he still had so much to do.

The time was already 11:35 PM and the older man sighed. The only relaxation that he allowed for himself right now was a bath. Even that he had to do quickly. Aoi tiptoed his way to the bathroom just past the bedroom, making sure not to bother the sleeping blond.

After a few minutes Aoi emerged from the bath, with only a white bathrobe on, letting his hair down and not caring that it dripped on his robe and on the floor. He was much more engrossed in getting his laptop out of his bag so that he could start working already. Aoi settled on the couch and set his laptop down beside him then sighed again.

He figured it wouldn't hurt if he reclined against the seat and rested his eyes for a while.


Just like Aoi Ruki's days had been stressful lately but today he had been allowed to go home earlier and have some time off. His part of the recording had been done and just need some mastering now.

Ruki had wanted to wait for Aoi and make them something to eat but once it was 9:30 PM and Aoi still not home Ruki ate dinner alone. Crawling under the soft blanket of the bed the blonde had meant to wait there and read a bit. By now the book lay deserted next to him while he was sleeping peacefully.

It needed a lot of noise to wake up the vocalist because one of his good points was to have a deep and long sleep. But as Aoi closed the bathroom door for the second time Ruki stirred in his sleep. He thought he saw something white flash by and got out of bed. That meant Aoi finally came home.

Staggering to the living room Ruki stopped at the door frame, leaning against it to balance himself. He rubbed his eyes wearily and blinked. Oh, Aoi was already sitting on the couch. Smiling sweetly the blonde walked over to him, snuggling close to his boyfriend on the couch.

"You're late," Ruki commented quietly and looked up, expecting Aoi to give him a kiss.


Aoi was stirred into consciousness not by the wetness that had accumulated into the cloth of the couch behind his head, but by the feeling of hair strands brushing against his neck. He smiled upon finding Ruki there, all snuggled up beside him.

"Yeah," he simply breathed, swatting away his still dripping hair from the side where Ruki sat. Aoi slipped his hand over the younger's arm and pulled him closer. As he placed a gentle kiss on Ruki's head he had to smile again; the scent that was distinctly his definitely tickled Aoi's nostrils.

"Uruha and I found it a bit difficult to play our parts, and I was trying to find a better way for us to easily do them so we won't mess up too much during the lives," Aoi confessed, face dropping with each word that he uttered. He then straightened up and gave his boyfriend an apologetic kiss on the lips before reaching over for the laptop, pushing it open.

"Which reminds me, I still have a ton of things to do."


Ruki smiled back when Aoi opened his eyes and graced him with his presence. He looked worn out and tired, dark circles under his eyes and his lips were torn on several spots, probably were the dark haired had bit his lip too hard.

"Don't be depressed because it doesn't go easily, Aoi," Ruki said in a gentle voice, feeling his heart warm up when his lover pressed a kiss to his forehead. But he couldn't help but notice seeing Aoi's face fall with disappointment and frustration.

Ruki didn't comment on Aoi's plans for tonight which collided with the ones he had for the older male - which were to come to bed with him. The blonde's hands reached forward to grab Aoi's wrists, pulling him gently back to the couch. Sitting up he leaned over Aoi's chest, cupping his lover's face with one hand to coax him to a kiss.


With a gentle smile playing on his lips Aoi turned and let the younger pull him back. He relaxed for a while but he still eyed on his laptop, though his attention was quickly snatched when Ruki started kissing him.

"Baby I still have a lot of things to do, and I need to get started," Aoi said as he pulled back, reaching up to his lover's cheeks and caressing the skin with his thumb. "When I finish everything I'll come to bed right away, okay?"

But of course Aoi knew Ruki wouldn't be satisfied with only that, and so he leaned forward and caught the younger's lips, pushing him to a deeper kiss this time.


Aoi was truly a perfectionist, even if Ruki had sat naked in front of him he would still have insisted on getting some work done. But the blonde thought of a way to make Aoi relax although he didn't want to admit it himself.

Ruki smiled to himself. Aoi seemed to know him too well to realize he wouldn't just let it go without proper compensation. Had it been any other day Ruki might have let it be and allowed Aoi to finished his work, but not today. He knew the guitarist was overworking himself and needed to take a break.

After replying the kiss with equal fervour Ruki moved from the couch to kneel in front of Aoi without saying another word. Slowly he opened the belt of the bath robe and leaned forward, placing gentle kisses all over his boyfriend's chest and stomach. Uncovering Aoi's body Ruki brushed the bath robe from his lap and licked his inner thigh.


Aoi should've known better than to think Ruki would be satisfied with just clashing tongues, though he wasn't particularly annoyed with it. He had been overworking himself, after all, and though he doesn't realize that, Ruki does. So perhaps this was for the better.

Gripping softly on the blond's shoulders, Aoi moaned silently at every kiss that Ruki planted on his still wet skin, thinking about how wonderful those lips felt against his bare chest and stomach. "Ru..."

Aoi's body shivered visibly as Ruki's tongue tended to the sensitive skin on his inner thigh, and as a reflex he opened his legs further.

"Ru," he panted out, "It's almost midnight... I still have some stuff to do..."


Ruki felt Aoi's chest raise in raged breaths as he kept kissing and licking over it. The wetness of the water now mingled with the older's natural taste and was very much to Ruki's taste.

When Aoi called his name so lovingly he stopped and looked up at his boyfriend as if he was the centre of his universe (which was most likely true).

Ruki knew better than to stop now, seeing as the dark haired already spread his legs and enjoyed his affection. Whether Aoi had work to do or not, Ruki didn't care.

Slowly the blonde's hands glided over Aoi's bare chest, causing the bath robe to slip from his shoulder, revealing more of his lover's marvelous skin. His hands settled on Aoi's thighs and Ruki leaned down to kiss his half-hardened member.


Ruki's quietness meant that he wasn't going to listen to him, and Aoi sighed. He never could say no to his boyfriend after all, and so he just urged his rationality to take a step back and enjoy whatever Ruki has to offer.

Under Ruki's ministrations, Aoi's skin became more sensitive, that even the brush of the robe against his shoulders felt nice and... sexy. Throwing his head back a little he waited until Ruki finally got settled, and let out a hushed moan when the younger tended to his length. Aoi looked down to see that angelic face doing sinful acts, and Aoi couldn't feel any luckier.

"Rucchan..." he called out softly and lovingly as he reached over to the blond's face, gently cupping his cheeks then tucking away loose strands of his hair behind his ear. It was Aoi's silent thanks to his boyfriend for being this caring.


A smirk crept along Ruki's lips as he heard Aoi sigh defeated. He had known sooner than later his lover would give in and let Ruki have his way. And he knew as well when they both were lying in bed Aoi would thank him for being so thoughtful and caring.

With a shudder running down his spine Ruki looked up, staring directly into his boyfriend's eyes. He could easily see all the love and happiness held within them and it made Ruki so perfectly happy.

His cheek clinging to one of Aoi's hands Ruki smiled brightly and placed a kiss on the older male's palm, telling Aoi he understood. For as long as they had known each other now some things were plainly clear to Ruki, and one of them was that the guitarist just tended to try too much of his best and needed to be forced to rest once in a while. He wasn't mad at all, rather concerned.

Then Ruki leaned down again and let his tongue slide over the length of Aoi's erection, breathing in the musky scent of him.


Aoi couldn't help the wide smile on his face as well upon seeing Ruki beam at him. It was a heartwarming sight to see Ruki smile so brightly like that, and Aoi had to laugh softly in realizing that the younger was actually between his legs. There was just something wrong in that picture, but nevertheless it felt perfectly right.

When Ruki's tongue came in contact with his length Aoi had to let out a soft groan, eyes rolling back and feeling his shaft being coaxed into full hardness. It had only been one single lap on his cock and yet he could feel himself being aroused so fast. Ruki had been the only one to make him respond in such a way.

With another hushed moan, Aoi opened his eyes halfway, watching his lover please him.


Hearing Aoi laugh light-heartedly was music to Ruki's ears, then he knew the older male really relaxed and accepted he wouldn't be doing anymore work today - well, except the one of having some fun with his boyfriend and then going to bed.

Ruki watched how fast Aoi's member erected and wondered if it was just from his ministrations or if the blonde had hit a weak spot and Aoi had been a little sexually frustrated? But the younger liked to think it was because of him and the power he had over his lover when it came to this.

Slowly Ruki licked Aoi's erection until he took the whole shaft into his mouth, engulfing Aoi with warm wetness. Glancing up at Aoi Ruki's hands gently massaged his hips while he moved his head up and down in a steady rhythm.


"Ruki... nngh," Aoi let out short, breathy moans, throwing his head to the side. His still-wet hair clung messily on the skin of his neck, making him feel a little bit uncomfortable but his thoughts were immediately averted as he felt his cock being taken in fully.

His hands then traveled to the younger's shoulders, just gripping there and not at all pushing down or anything. A familiar sensation started to build up at the bottom of his stomach and he started thrusting up shallowly, though carefully so as not to choke his lover.

"Shit... Ruki... so good..." Aoi never did say intelligible things whenever given this kind of treatment.


Aoi's hands gripping on the blonde's shoulders didn't disturb Ruki at all, it rather encouraged him to give everything he got. If Ruki sped up now Aoi's fingers would tangle in his hair or massage his neck, he knew his lover so well and it felt wonderful.

Ruki allowed Aoi to thrust upwards and didn't move for a moment, letting his boyfriend enjoy the feeling of gliding in and out of Ruki's mouth by his own pace. But then he moved one of his hands to the base of Aoi's erection and joined the movements of his mouth. Stroking steadily Ruki sucked the head diligently, his tongue dipping into the slit and rubbing there with different force.

If Ruki had had time to smile he would have done it because it felt thrilling to hear Aoi moan his name and tell him how much he liked what Ruki did to him. The blonde secretly needed acknowledgement in a lot of parts of his life but to hear it from Aoi concerning sex was without doubt something special.


And Aoi's hands did travel from Ruki's shoulders, softly across his neck and to his head, gently threading his fingers on the younger's hair. The least he could do is to make his lover relaxed by softly stroking his hair, and honestly, it was the only thing he could do properly with Ruki's mouth on his cock.

The older bit down on his lower lip and stifled a groan as he felt Ruki's warm hands at the base of his length, moving in perfect rhythm with the younger's sucking. His head was swimming from all this sensation -- the wetness on his lower head, the warmth of Ruki's delicate hand on the base, and the soft press of the other's hand on his thigh.

"Ruki," he whimpered helplessly, clenching his eyes even tighter upon feeling his climax coming closer and closer.


Aoi's delicate fingers brushing over the sensitive skin of his neck elicited a gentle moan from Ruki's lips which he released around Aoi's member. Aoi was being so affectionate to him, not urging Ruki to suck him the way he wanted it but allowing him to it his way.

Ruki felt Aoi was being close and would cum soon but the blonde was prepared for it. He graced his teeth carefully along Aoi's shaft before speeding up some more and moving his head up and down erratically, causing the right friction between his lover's erection and his own mouth. Then he paused for a split second and deep-throated him as far as he could.

Thinking this would take Aoi over the edge Ruki made long but firm strokes of his hand and sucked the tip gently. He was glad Aoi had decided to submit to him today and just enjoy being pleasured.


The soft moan from Ruki's moan wasn't lost on Aoi at all, in fact, it created pleasurable vibrations down his cock, and to his ears, it sounded so sexual and innocent at the same time. He never did understand how Ruki pulled that off.

Aoi's eyes shot open and his lips parted into a soundless moan under all of Ruki's ministrations. His stomach tensed visibly, toes and fingers curled immediately, and hips thrust up involuntarily as his climax took over him, his release shooting down on his lover's throat.

With his eyes now closed, Aoi fell back down on the couch as Ruki sucked the last drops out of him, his overly sensitized body making him moan and gasp at every little suck and storke. He loved that feeling -- being thoroughly pleasured until the end, Ruki's lips and tongue around his length, his small hands planted gently on his skin.

And of course, "I love you, Taka."


Ruki would have loved to watch Aoi climax but from his current position he couldn't see all too much. And moreover he didn't want to get distracted which would most likely happen, had he seen Aoi's beautiful face in this state. What he already saw, Aoi's tensed stomach and his slightly sweaty thighs, were such a turn on.

Swallowing all of his boyfriend's release Ruki sucked until the end, making sure the pleasuring feeling of orgasm stayed as long as possible, and because he knew Aoi liked it that way. Then he slowly pulled away, kissing Aoi's stomach, and just watched his lover. He was so wonderful.

"I love you, too." Ruki smiled brightly at the use of his real name and how nice it sounded when Aoi said it. Carefully he stood up, stretching a bit, and then lay down next to Aoi, cuddling against him.


Aoi simply watched Ruki with half-lidded eyes as he moved and took a seat next to him, cuddling close. He loved it whenever the younger was this kittenish, and it always makes his heart jump in excitement to witness him being this adorable. Ruki always seemed to be an intimidating person with his sharp tongue and bossy tendencies, and Aoi always felt so lucky that the blond showed this side of his. So cute, he added in his mind.

"Rucchan, I really don't know how you get me to leave my work in just seconds," he remarked with a soft laugh, resting a hand on the younger's head then stroked down his hair while the other pulled his robe over his exposed stomach and crotch. Aoi then placed a soft kiss on Ruki's forehead, then his nose, and then on his lips, not really intending to go any further.


Just like Aoi loved Ruki being kittenish and adorably cute, Ruki loved when Aoi looked at him with those serious eyes. They told him that the dark haired loved him wholeheartedly and without doubt. And Ruki loved when the older male tended to him so lovingly like the blonde was a fragile little thing and needed to be protected and loved just the way he was.

Ruki laughed softly upon hearing Aoi's comment and looked at him. "I hope you're glad I distracted you tonight." He smiled and closed his eyes when Aoi stroked through his hair and placed tender kisses to his face. Ruki sighed just a bit because it felt so good to have Aoi doing this.

"Shall we go to bed?" He suggested, leaning his head against Aoi's shoulder and taking his boyfriend's hand to stroke over the palm and then entwine their fingers.


"No I'm not glad at all," he pouted jokingly as he pressed his nose against the younger's and gently rubbed, giving him an Eskimo kiss. "You distracted me from a lot of work!" Aoi then laughed, indicating that he wasn't at all serious with his words.

Even though the younger suggested for them to go to bed early he still leaned against his shoulders and twined their fingers, which made it for Aoi unable to move. He just wanted to watch Ruki lean like that against him so cutely first.

"Okay," he finally said after a while, deciding that if they were already going to bed then they had to do it now. "I'll just set the alarm clock to 4 AM later so I can still work before we leave."

Aoi then pulled Ruki's hand up then stood up. Once Ruki was standing up too he spun the younger a bit so that he was facing against him and he could wrap his arms around his slim body when they walked; his head resting against the younger's shoulder. When they reached the bedroom already Aoi pulled away for a moment to get a pair of boxers and a small towel. He put the boxers on, sat on the edge of the bed and fixed the alarm clock as he dried his hair a little bit.


Ruki punched lightly against Aoi's arm when the other contradicted his loving statement. He knew his lover was joking but it was enough to get some revenge. But Ruki had to laugh, too. "Tomorrow I let you rot here till 4 AM while I will sleep peacefully in our bed," Ruki said in a mocking voice and stuck out his tongue.

A lot of things Ruki said were contrary to the things he did. And later he wondered why no one understood him. But Aoi must have known him long enough to be aware that the blonde really first wanted to enjoy them lying together on the couch before going to bed. Though Ruki had never said anything of that.

Ruki wanted to ask Aoi if he was stupid for wanting to set the alarm clock to this ungodly time. But he thought he knew the answer already and so suppressed the question. Following along Aoi's side to the bedroom he wrapped his arm around his boyfriend's waist and smiled sweetly.

He watched Aoi sit down on the edge of the bed and suddenly Ruki felt so domestic with Aoi being there. He squealed a bit inside at that.

"I don't have to wake up at 4, do I?" Ruki asked doubtfully as he crawled under the covers, preparing Aoi's side of the bed the way the older liked it.


After setting up the alarm clock and setting the towel away to the bedside table Aoi crawled under the covers too. "Of course you don't, silly. Have your beauty sleep all you want, I know you don't want blemishes in that perfect skin of yours," Aoi said jokingly as he stroked the younger's face, then chuckled slightly.

Aoi then stared at Ruki for a moment, contemplating on how cute and perfect he looked there, with his blond hair splayed to every direction and his contact-less eyes looking lovingly at him. He could stare at him like that all morning, really, but he knew he really shouldn't.

He then reached for the lamp and switched them off before going back to his position. "You get to be my pillow though, Rucchan," he stated playfully, slinging his arms over Ruki's small frame and his legs tangling on the other's own. Aoi then planted a kiss on Ruki's small lips, and then stayed there. "Night, baby."


"You're just jealous, old man, because my skin is still without blemishes," Ruki teased and scrunched his face, imitating what Aoi's forehead sometimes looked like. Then he broke out into chuckles and placed kisses to his boyfriend's cheeks and nose. "But I'll still love you, even if you have wrinkles, Aoi-chan." Ruki smiled sheepishly.

Though they were just 2 years apart both of them liked to annoy each other on that matter and Ruki knew Aoi would hate him for such a comment but it was revenge after all.

Staring back into Aoi's eyes Ruki smiled and wondered if they would ever get sick of another. He hoped they wouldn't because by now the blonde couldn't imagine one day without Aoi. And he didn't want to, either.

Cuddling against his lover Ruki rested his head close to Aoi's chest, he wanted to fall asleep with the distant beating of Aoi's heart in his ears. Ruki replied the kiss lovingly and stroked through Aoi's hair as he murmured, "Good night..."
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