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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
蜷局 - Kai/random girl (1/1) 
Jul 12 09
Title: 蜷局 (Toguro - Coil)
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Erotica
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het sex, language
Pairing: Kai/generic whore
Disclaimer: Real people, real circumstances, fake stories.
Summary: Of these dirty stains, how many are like you?
Comment: Inspired by a certain secret at jrocksecret. Thank you, anon. 8D Though I still can't believe I wrote this, WTF


Kai didn’t even blink, still continuing to push into the woman even as she pleaded and slightly clawed against his chest in protest. Of course she couldn’t really do anything anymore but to welcome the drummer’s throbbing organ into her already wet sex, knowing it that it won’t be long until the pain is dulled out by carnal gratification. And it really didn’t take her longer than a minute to finally enjoy Kai’s hard cock; she was already loose enough, after all.

“You’re rougher than the rest of them,” she commented idly while Kai started to thrust in and out, all the while fondling and kneading on her full breasts. He huffed in reply.

“I have the right to be, I work thrice as hard than those assholes do.” He hated talk during sex, but let the woman indulge into it anyway. As to why he did so, he didn’t know himself – perhaps he just didn’t want the room to echo with just the slapping of skin and breathless moans. It was too cheesy for his taste.

“Ah, there,” she squirmed once Kai rolled his thumb over her clit, making her shut up for a few good seconds. He loved how she opened her mouth to let out a whimper but not really making a sound, how she swiped her tongue over her already dry lips like the showy whore that she was. It made Kai all the more aroused.

Closing her eyes, she bit on her lower lip when the drummer licked on her neck down to her collarbone, feeling his saliva mingle with her sweat. Hot.

“The small guy was really vocal… what’s his name again?”

“Ruki.” Kai started to speed up.

“Yeah, and that guy with black hair… ah fuck… I – ah – forgot his name…”


“Loved foreplay. Kinky too. Then that tall beauty…”

This time Kai didn’t answer, and simply kept speeding up, nipping the woman’s left nipple and flicking the right with his fingers.

“Yeah, that one. Shy. I would’ve wanted to—”

He lifted himself up a bit, giving her a silent, disapproving look while his hip movements slowed down.

“Alright, I get it. No need to be pissy about it, babe,” she drawled out seductively, pulling Kai down and met lips with him. Tongues clashed intensely; her long, manicured nails making crescent-shaped marks on the drummer’s back. He then slipped a hand in between them, once again fingering her clitoris. She finally lost the game for dominance when her hands fell limp on his back and her whole body submitting to his rough yet oh-so-fucking-good touches. He smirked.

“Shit… I’m so close,” she warned, and at that he pounded even harsher into her, making her shout out wantonly with each push. That kind of noise, he didn’t mind.

Her body tensed up and she shuddered, legs spreading wide as orgasm washed over her small frame. But Kai still mercilessly thrust into her, wanting to reach his own bliss as well.

“Wait,” she called out breathlessly, putting a hand on his chest again.

Kai stopped but didn’t hold back the frown that formed on his usually calm features, and for a moment there the woman felt fear course through her. He must’ve noticed it too and he pulled out; her sigh of relief not lost on him even a bit.

The drummer then kneeled in front of her face and rolled the slightly soiled condom off his cock, positioning his still hard member on her mouth. Understanding what Kai must’ve wanted, the woman raised herself up, but she was pushed back down.

“Just lick the head. I wanna come on your face,” was the bold command, and needless to say it turned her on.

Rubbing on her crotch, she grinned. “Yes master,” she answered teasingly as she darted her tongue out to lick the blood-filled head while Kai fisted himself.

His strokes became more jerky and erratic and noticing that, the woman licked more eagerly on what she could reach of his cock. Pulling back a bit, Kai finally came, spilling a trace of his sticky release all over her heavily make-upped face.

“Mind-blowing,” she breathed out satisfactorily as he got off her, making his way towards the bathroom to clean himself up.

As he looked at himself in the mirror he didn’t see another man – perhaps the image of the woman’s debauched visage came up every once in a while – but no, it was still him. He didn’t delude himself that behind the reflection he’s seeing was just a dark persona, that in reality he was really the kind, hardworking Kai known for his adorable dimple and endearing smile. Simply because he knew he was as filthy as they come.

And he smirked again.
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
love it.

reita didnt get some sex from this whore?!


too much pron ka bakla!
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
He did, she just didn't get to mention it to Kai, haha. 8D

Did you know, I wrote it RIGHT AFTER attending church. Haha talaga nga naman 8DD But the idea's been nagging me since yesterday! xD
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
And there you go again~ Gazette isn't all that rich, they can't even afford their own whores but have to share one. XD
All hail Kai-sama, the sexy seme! m(_ _)m
*wanders off to change panties* XD
Jul 12 09 (UTC)

Srsly, I didn't realize that sharing a whore business OMFG I'M SO LOL'ING RIGHT NOW xD

Thanks for reading and pointing that out! xDD
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Did they call share a whore?
I would have stop when the whore started to talk about the other.
I mean what away to f* up the mood.
I loved how dark Kai is. You never know if he's really that way.
I think all the members of Gazette have a dark side.
BTW I hope you make one shots for the other 4 members I would like to know of their sexual exploits too.
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Well I guess the whore is popular enough to be shared by the five of them? xD

Haha, yes. Gazette's dark side is indeed something to see. ^^

Ahhh, hopefully I'll gain enough inspiration for the other four~ it's just that Kai seemed to be the best person to be in this plot.

Thanks for reading! ^^
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
of course he's rougher, he's the sexual beast of the band xD
brilliant xD although I can't believe I actually read a het fic O.o *hides*
Jul 12 09 (UTC)

I didn't think I'd be able to write het myself, WTF, I don't even read it! xD But thanks for checking this piece out anyway~
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
first before I start to bitch myself a little...

I loved the fic ...perfect piece of writing, I seriously love your style...
thank you for writing it...also for the courage to write it

now : I left that comm so angry ...I just can´t grasp the way of thinking of such people who are able to write what that one wrote...
oh, god ...that comm pisses me off unbelievably..... am I bad myself for that ???? and of course uruha is the only one holy "made" my day

I hate when people make up things and bash about anything just because of jealousy or what ...
and even if it was true ....(and I believe they are not the saints)than there is no need to spread it like this ...
jeeez jeeez
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Haha, Pope Uruha, I tell you.

Personally I won't believe anything unless the word came from the boys or PSC itself. Even if they do go on sexcapades like what anon said in jrocksecret, it's not as if PSC is stupid enough to let Gazette ruin themselves too much.

Well, thanks for reading this piece. I didn't expect people to actually read this since it's het lolololol 8D
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Kai so has the potential to be like that.

I saw the word 'breasts' and I was like waitwut .____. LOL TOO MUCH GHEI PR0N.
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Which is why he's perfect for this story :D

BUT GHEI PR0N IS BETTER D: *cleans self vigorously*
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
HELLO BB. YOU HAVE NAILED EVIL KAI. SMIRKING AT HIMSELF GOING "Oh yeah, I'm so dirrrrty, oh yeah." Loved the I work thrice as hard than those assholes do and how Kai is a man, getting aroused by that girl and molesting her breasts and yeah. It was really refreshing to read, especially how the usual het sex we get with jrockers sucks so bad. Gotta love evil Kai. I want to hear more about kinky Aoi. So mem'ing this. Keep it up!
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
OH MAN DO I HAVE TO WRITE A GIRL AGAIN~ DDDDDD: Psh, you just wanna see Aoi being baaaaaaad with a girl. 8D

But whoah, mem'ing this? THANK YOU GEORGEY! *molests you* :D
Jul 12 09 (UTC)
Fuck, woman! :D You are making me read het.

But I loved it. Loved the way you wrote it, kind of harsh, especially the sex scene. Ending, your take on all this, mind blowing :P
Jul 12 09 (UTC)

Jul 13 09 (UTC)
I just read "Surveillance", and when I wanted to write a comment I found the link to this story! It's really enjoyable! I like Kai's dark aura and the comments about the other 3 members!

I wonder if you plan to write the other 4 stories too...
Jul 13 09 (UTC)
Ahahaha well most probably I won't because I squirmed while writing it (not a het fan xDD) but we'll see.

Thank you for reading! :3
Oct 23 09 (UTC)
*added to memories*

Ok, call me retard but I totally lived for this moment:

“(...)Then that tall beauty…”

This time Kai didn’t answer, and simply kept speeding up, nipping the woman’s left nipple and flicking the right with his fingers.

“Yeah, that one. Shy. I would’ve wanted to—”

He lifted himself up a bit, giving her a silent, disapproving look while his hip movements slowed down.


Thing is, because of this I liked to interpret the WHOLE fic in a COMPLETE different way. This way I liked to translate Kai's overly dominating and dark persona against that woman as to a reaction to possible feelings he had for Uruha. SO PLEASE DON'T SPOIL MY DAY DREAMING! PLEASE! PLEASE! For me this explanation had LOTS of sense and it's elegance in the way it's so well hidden and only hinted at COMPLETELY BLEW ME AWAY! Now I totally wish for a part2 for this fic in which Kai faces Uruha all frustrated and angry and manly and dark and OMFGITHINKI'MLOSINGITRIGHTNOW!!! *and of course, it ends with sex...WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE GRIIIIIIIIIIIIIN*

“Just lick the head. I wanna come on your face,” was the bold command, and needless to say it turned her on.

Oct 23 09 (UTC)
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