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Surveillance - Uruha/Aoi (1/1)

Title: Surveillance
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Smut, PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dubcon
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi
Disclaimer: Real people, real circumstances, fake stories.
Summary: Little did he know that under those blond locks was a pair of brown eyes staring back at him.
Comment: For kouyou_x3. More of my thoughts on this piece here.

Aoi hated how much of a pushover he was when it came to his friends, hating how he could never say no to their whims. How they could drag him along anywhere they wanted to drag him to with him reluctant to protest, because at the end of the day (or night) he’d be having fun anyway even if he wasn’t at all social. But tonight he really hated them for dragging him out to this club and leaving him alone by the bar, because they scattered themselves in the four corners of the dance floor. Rather than making a fool out of himself, Aoi just decided to make liquor his company, because at least it wouldn’t leave him alone and would hopefully show him a good time tonight.

As the night grew older Aoi realized how he could very well enjoy himself with just having a glass of Jack Daniels refilled every now and then. He was always the silent type of the group anyway, and he preferred watching his friends go crazy than do those crazy things himself. But with his friends nowhere in sight, there was nobody he could openly derive his amusement from, so he just opted for the strangers on the dance floor. Not that these people actually made him laugh, but he just watched them with fascination, just like he would had he been watching about crazy mating rituals on the nature channel. Somehow these people did seem as if they’re doing crazy mating rituals on the nature channel.

One person who caught his eye was this tall blond on the dance floor. Aoi couldn’t even pinpoint if it was a male or a female, since he (Aoi just assumed it’s a guy since it was quite unusual for girls to be that tall) was wearing black all the way to the shoes, and his face was obscured with his longish, dirty blond hair. His movements were little but not awkward, and he didn’t seem to care even if he was dancing against the beat. While everybody was so hyped up in grinding their bodies against the ones closest to them, he was just there, tilting his head and baring his neck every now and then. In Aoi’s eyes it was as if all of the people there were blurred out and the blond was the only person he could see, for some strange reason. Perhaps it was because every movement he made was so sensual and different from everybody else’s, and so Aoi had to tear his eyes away and drank on the last drops of his liquor.

Little did he know that under those blond locks was a pair of brown eyes staring back at him.

After another glass Aoi felt the need to piss, and it didn’t help that the bar area was cold and he was wearing a thin, long-sleeved shirt. He stumbled his way into the crowd, pushing against the unfamiliar bodies and getting disapproving groans from them, but he didn’t really care for now. Not that he really needed to empty his bladder, but he just wanted to piss already and maybe get the hell out of there. He could just take a cab home, because splurging on transportation was better than being a complete loser by the bar.

Once he entered the bathroom his first thought was about how stupid it was to have this kind of bathroom – meant to be occupied by only one person at a time instead of the usual public, multi-cubicled washroom – since it wouldn’t be impossible for people to feel nature calling at the same time. It wasn’t until a few seconds that he noticed that there was actually somebody else in there, taking a piss on the urinal just across the toilet.

It just so happens that person was the blond guy he was checking out earlier.

“Fuck man, do you know how to use the lock?” Aoi exclaimed embarrassedly, eyes cast downward though his feet were still glued on the ground.

There was only a small, taunting laughter but Aoi didn’t dare look up. “Don’t be such a pussy; I only thought people might need to piss even while I’m here. Just use the toilet if you want, I’m still not finished.”

It was a jab on Aoi’s pride being called degradingly like that, but it wasn’t as if there was anything he could do about it. He simply walked over to the toilet without much sound, spreading his legs wider as if to take a piss already, but he just stood there, hands over his crotch. He wanted the other guy to leave first before he took a piss.

There was the sound of a zipper being done and then footsteps also followed, making Aoi sigh in relief. There was a click and he waited for the sound of the door being slid open but nothing came. In curiosity he was about to turn his head, but he stopped his actions midway.

“W-what are you doing?”

The blond was now behind him, pressing against his body as his hands roamed under his shirt.

“Relieving sexual tension, of course,” he said casually, as if it was something so normal. And yet for some reason Aoi couldn’t push him away, not when he started licking on the side of his neck.

“P-please stop…” was the breathless plead, which was immediately replaced by a soft moan when the blond rolled his index fingers over Aoi’s nipples. This was wrong, terribly wrong, but he couldn’t help his body to react. Add his tipsiness and natural passiveness to that, and Aoi may very well be the perfect rape victim. Submissive, responsive, and oh so beautiful.

“Dear you don’t seem very convincing,” he replied lowly as he gripped the smaller man’s chin so that their faces would meet, and started to kiss him. When Aoi didn’t respond, the blond sneaked his hand inside his pants and gripped on the hardening length there, finally making Aoi open his mouth, which he assaulted very eagerly. Even though Aoi didn’t want to admit it he liked being violated like that, more so being violated skilfully like that by a gorgeous person such as this blond. But it still wasn’t right, and Aoi made begging sounds in his throat, clutching tightly on the man’s arm.

“Ah, don’t think of this as rape,” he said in a soft tone, placing soft kisses along Aoi’s cheek, down to his neck and shoulders, “One because you obviously were raping me with your eyes back there—” Aoi’s eyes widened at that; he noticed? “And two because I swear you’re gonna enjoy this. We’re both gonna enjoy this.” He started sucking on Aoi’s skin as he continued fondling him through the fabric of his briefs.

“But… somebody might come in,” Aoi answered quietly, desperately clutching on the man’s arm for fear of his legs failing him.

He spun Aoi around and lifted his shirt up, starting to nip and lick at the smaller man’s lower lip while he grinded his hips against Aoi’s. “Don’t be like that now babe, you should think of this as a privilege, because I don’t usually come on to people as fast as this,” he said as he descended to Aoi’s chest, laving the exposed chest with that lithe tongue of his. Aoi couldn’t help but arch his back to that, for a second there truly thinking that this kind of treatment from him was a rare privilege. He didn’t look like the type who’d come begging at all; he looked more like the one who got things with just the wink of his eye.

“I usually have people wrapped around my finger,” he continued on, confirming Aoi’s theory while he dipped his tongue on the smaller’s pierced navel, swirling his tongue on the stud there. “But you’re far too beautiful to pass up, and it didn’t seem like you’d approach me anytime soon, so I took the matters into my own hands.”

The man had successfully unbuckled Aoi’s belt and looked up to Aoi with a smug, triumphant grin. “Besides, I locked the door. I actually know how to use it,” he continued, deliberately licking his lips in a sultry manner which made Aoi’s face flush in arousal.

“Oh, the name’s Uruha. Just so you’d have something to moan once I fuck you against this bathroom floor.” Uruha pulled Aoi’s briefs down just enough to reveal his erection and started licking down on it. At that moment, Aoi wondered which devil or god’s interest he attracted that he was getting to experience this.

The next thing that Aoi knew is that he was being pushed against the bathroom floor, feeling the tiles mark lines on his back, though it was immediately overtaken by the sensation of wet tongue on the underside of his cock, making him thrash and bite on the back of his hand. A low chuckle on his sensitive organ followed, making him look down at the man hovering between his legs.

“Don’t fight it love, just savor everything,” the blond breathed out, and for a moment Aoi hated him for knowing his body even better than he did. He also hated how Uruha continuously called him these endearments because they sounded all too condescending. Aoi tried finding even more things to hate about this man but everything was always pushed in the recesses of his mind whenever his full lips came in contact with his length.

“D-don’t call me that,” he finally gained the courage and will to speak up after being silent all throughout (of course, with the exception of the moans he so tried to repress at the back of his throat), though his voice was weak and shaky. “It’s… Aoi…”

Aoi felt Uruha smirk against his hard member at that and he groaned, feeling the other move up and whimpered at the loss. “Ah, so finally you’ve given in to me. Good… I love that, Aoi,” Uruha purred, bracing his arms on both sides of the smaller man’s head before diving down for a kiss, to which Aoi responded with an equally eager passion. “Talk to me more.”

Despite that Aoi decided to be cheeky, vigorously shaking his head and shutting his eyes closed. He knew Uruha’s kind – they derived enjoyment from the submission of others, and though Aoi was always a docile person, he also was passive-aggressive. He didn’t want to submit to Uruha even more than he already has.

What Aoi didn’t know is that Uruha’s already got all those figured out the moment they met eyes, and unfortunately for him Uruha loved to make the feisty ones crumble.

“Hmmm. Then I’m gonna make you scream until you can’t scream anymore,” the blond whispered that onto Aoi’s lips, and it sent shivers down Aoi’s spine.

Everything happened so fast – Aoi was suddenly fully naked on the bathroom floor and Uruha was pushing his condom-sheathed cock onto Aoi’s thoroughly prepared entrance. Without any warning the blond pushed in roughly, knowing Aoi would have a hard time choking down his moans. To his disappointment, Aoi stayed defiant as he bit down on his lip, though his face contorted with each thrust.

“So… stubborn, Aoi…” He gave Aoi a short yet sloppy kiss before straightening up, spreading his legs and folding them so that he could move better. With this new position, Uruha found it easier to pound into Aoi, but frowned when Aoi still refused to budge. Aoi certainly was harder to break than he thought. He hummed again, and continued to shove in harshly.

“U-Uruha!” Aoi cried out – not loud enough for Uruha’s liking but definitely louder than his small whimpers – once he felt the blond’s hand grip tightly on the base of his cock just before he reached down to stroke himself. Uruha grabbed on Aoi’s weakening hands and pinned them over his head, all the while gripping on Aoi’s length with more pressure.

“Until I can make you scream, I won’t let you come, dearest Aoi,” Uruha stated with a wicked grin. Aoi felt tears form at the corner of his eyes, feeling each nerve of his body a hundred times more sensitive now that Uruha has restricted his still throbbing member. Each thrust felt more painful though undoubtedly pleasurable, more so whenever Uruha hit his prostate repeatedly.

“Uruha, please!” Aoi pleaded again, his voice loud enough to pierce through the echoing sounds of skin slapping against skin, wanting for Uruha to remove his hand or at least move it across his painfully hard member.

“Say it again…”

Thrashing weakly, Aoi clenched his eyes tight as his resolve faltered with each second that Uruha tightened his grip. “Uruha! Please!”

“One more time…”

“God, Uruha! Just let me come!”

Uruha smirked and hastily stroked Aoi’s cock, matching it with his ruthless thrusts down Aoi’s ass. “That’s more like it.”

Not a moment too soon the bathroom echoed with the sound of Aoi screaming out Uruha’s name, and his thick, white release spilled onto his taut stomach in a straight trail; his slim body convulsing every time the blond continued to thrust into him. The sound was so delicious that that alone made Uruha reach the edge.

The sight of the few beads of tears that pooled on Aoi’s eyes trickling down his cheek and his small, yet continuous whimpers drove Uruha to his climax as well.

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