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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
Cigarette Break Conversations - Aoi/Uruha (1/1) 
Jan 27 09
Title: Cigarette Break Conversations
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Vagueness
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Everything written here came from my imagination. Plus I don't own any of the boys though I wish I did xD.
Summary: Two guitarists, cigarettes, and an empty hallway outside the studio. Not much to do but to talk, right?

Comment: IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. As in. I started writing it last November but only got to finish it now because... well I dunno I just saw it xDD I think I wrote it one night while me and my friends were out star gazing, and I just needed to write down something fluffy. Figures why it doesn't make any sense, ne?

“I don’t understand what’s so damn interesting about the floor.”

Aoi looked up, only to be greeted by the cheery expression on Uruha’s face, a cigarette stick in between his plump lips as he sat down beside him on the ground. Aoi frowned a little, because those things could very well distort the beauty that is Uruha’s face. He frowned even more and looked away, finding himself to be quite the hypocrite when he had the same Marlboro Menthol in between his fingers.

So. The floor.

Nothing was really interesting about it, unless you’re a freak who counts the cracks on the marbled floor just for kicks, and Aoi was far from that. It’s just that the way he was crouching down on the floor, with cigarette ashes pooled by his feet, head downward was easier for him. Nothing was interesting about the floor, but maybe there was something interesting about the images it reflected.

His sleepless eyes, adorned by black circles under it, towards the direction of the honey blond beside. It wouldn’t be so intriguing had Aoi’s eyes been less intriguing towards Uruha as well.

The older guitarist shook his head a little to rid himself of these thoughts. He was asked a question (was he?), and he better answer it, of course, with an acceptable answer. Unfortunately, nothing acceptable surfaced in the brunet’s mind, but didn’t have anything smart to tease the other with either. In these times Aoi preferred being silent and let Uruha wonder about the things that could very well be swimming in his mind. Even when the truth was there was nothing currently occupying in that shell he calls a head — he just liked playing with Uruha like that.

“You know how it feels like to feel… you know… empty?” Aoi suddenly breathed out, cutting the long silence that the two of them had been comfortable with, along with the smoke that filled their noses. “Like… nothing. Nil.”

Unfortunately for Aoi he still seemed so interested with the floor — with his dark eyes scanning carefully over it, looking for something, but not quite knowing what it is — that he failed to see the look of utter dim-wittedness on Uruha’s features the moment he said those words, and also failed to see that Uruha’s cigarette had now been replaced with bubblegum.

“This gum wrapper makes more sense than you, man,” Uruha replied in that smartass manner, half grinning and half clueless, unable to fathom what the hell Aoi was talking about. Sometimes he didn’t like that about older people; they take life way too seriously and go on talking as if they’re going to die tomorrow. Not that Uruha was permitted to think of Aoi as an old person, or it’ll be him that’s going to die tomorrow. He continued to play with the wrapper anyway, before throwing it to the wind once he got bored with it.

Those very same lines were actually what had Aoi thought, having known Uruha for so long. It was never hard to figure Uruha out anyway — he’d always been so carefree, so small-minded (but not as an insult), basically he’s just so simple. Aoi had to smile at that. Here was Uruha, though simple to understand and incredibly relaxed, he’d always seem so full of life. And Aoi… well. He’s Aoi.

The emptiness rung in his ears as he repeated his name in his mind. He could swear his name must mean ‘empty’ in some other language, regardless if that name is Aoi or Shiroyama Yuu.

His contemplations were broken by the sudden hand that was almost smothering his face, although the truth was that sudden hand had only been waving in front of him for a few minutes now.

“You know it hurts when sometimes you treat me as if I don’t exist,” Uruha joked, prodding the older man in the ribs, chewing his gum loudly even as he spoke.

“Yeah… well, anyway. Do you know how it feels like?” Aoi started again, although he wasn’t exactly dismissing what Uruha had to say. It’s just that he had something more important to say… not that any of the two of them would actually know whose sentiment is more important.

A sigh escaped Uruha’s lips, but not out of annoyance… just, plainly letting a small breath out. “Sometimes you’re a self-centered ass,” Uruha laughed, wrinkling his nose from the smoke that had already accumulated under it. “Not really… except maybe during my hangovers. I just can’t think when I have hangovers, therefore I feel empty.”

“Then you’re always not thinking.”

Both men laughed, though Uruha almost tumbled on Aoi’s side due to the obscure sitting position he was in. That kind of position works for Aoi, but apparently not for him. After seconds of struggling Uruha did fall on Aoi, but the latter was more than ready to catch him. Uruha stayed still in his position for a few moments, looking straight at Aoi’s face which was merely a few centimetres from his, and grinned. “Still feeling empty?”

Aoi grinned as well. “No, not when you weigh like a whale on my legs.” Of course he was joking, he was sure that Uruha knew it as well but was very much surprised when the other lashed out his signature pout and pulled Aoi in the collar, making the two of them fall down on the ash-littered floor.

“What the hell?” Aoi muttered inwardly, falling face first against the blond’s chest, though swiftly regaining composure as he leaned his palm against the ground. He glanced at the now wasted cigarette stick on the ground, and for a split-second there shot a glare at Uruha. His stance, however, softened as he was met with the other’s still pouting face, completely adorable and simply irresistible to be mad at. Just when he was about to whisper an apology, Aoi was once again grabbed by the collar and pulled down, this time for a gentle, fleeting kiss.

Uruha immediately pushed the older away and brushed the dirt off the back of his jacket before returning to his previous spot, but this time leaning against the wall. Another mischievous grin played on the blond’s lips as he watched Aoi go back to his position as well. “How about now?”

“Mmm,” Aoi licked on his bottom lip none-too-subtly, before pulling another cigarette stick. “I guess not?”

In reality, he never thought that the taste of mint and cherry that started to fill his mouth could taste ever so sweet. With that he pushed the stick back to his pocket and pulled the other for another kiss. After all, he’d rather have Uruha occupying his lips all day.
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
i love it.its so beautiful.i want a kiss tooooo.XD
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
I would send Uruha over, but unfortunately own him. Plus Aoi would get cranky~ D=

Anyways, thank you for reading! ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Awwww, this was cute!

I don't really see why you don't think this makes sense, I think it was awful sweet ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Because everything that I wrote down here was just a spur of the moment and some more random stuff.

I'm glad you liked it though! Thank you very much for reading. ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Aww this was really sweet! x)
I like the 'feeling' of the whole thing.~
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Thank you! ♥

I actually focused on the feel of the fic instead of the actual plot. You could say it's... fluff without plot lol xDD FWP FTW! xDD

Oh I like your icon xDD =||B
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
I liked it. I was little bit disappointed that the first kiss was only fleeting but fortunately Aoi took things into his own hands. I like how you described the mint and cherry taste of the kiss.
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Ahaha, well. Yay for Aoi! xDD

Awww, thank you very much for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this fic. ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
It was really sweet, thank you! !heart_06
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Thank you for reading! ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
I think you're getting tired of my same useless comments.

But this one's really cute~ :3
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Aww, j00r comments are not useless! I luff them! They make Aoi and Uruha do hot smex inside my closet me happy! ♥

Thank yoooou~ ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
aaah this's very sweeet~
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Thank you! ♥
Jan 28 09 (UTC)
the end was so very cute <3
Jan 28 09 (UTC)
YES~ ohohoho.

Thanks for reading! ^^
Jan 28 09 (UTC)
definitely a thumbs up for this fic...
it is well written with the way you allow action to speak for the implied emotions of each character and also revealing the progress of feelings from one of emptiness to one of cheekiness and possible romance... nice! *hugs*
Jan 28 09 (UTC)
Ahaha, personally I think the transitions are so random, but I'm glad they blended up just the way I like it. ^^

YAY I'M HUGGED~ xDD *hugs back*

Well, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading~! ^^

Jan 30 09 (UTC)
Well it's not as if people don't have these kinds of senseless conversations, right? </excuses>


Thanks for reading! ♥
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