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Mistake - Aoi/Ruki

Title: Mistake
Chapter(s): N/A; RP
Author: fa_ying & xxshamisen
Genre: Drama, smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mmm, some stuff that needs to be italicized aren't italicized?
Pairing: Aoi/Ruki
Disclaimer: We don't own anybody.
Summary: Just this once.
Comment: Thought we'd share this lovely smut with all of you guys. ^^ Comments are ♥ ne~ ^^

A little background: Ruki is currently going with Aki (SID) in this RP. fa_ying plays Ruki and I play Aoi. F-list, sorry for spamming you with this story again, but we've finally fixed and proofread it a bit. :3 Anyway, enjoy ne~

His place was only at the fourth floor of the building but he couldn't be bothered to climb the stairs all the way up there, and obviously it was the same for Ruki. While still inside the elevator he thought of something for them to talk about, but nothing came to mind.

The elevator dinged before he knew it and Aoi stepped out first, leading them to his unit.

Room 408.

Aoi fished the keys in his back pocket and opened the lock immediately, and then pushed the door open for Ruki. "Come in."


Ruki endured the silence between them while the elevator needed to get to the 4th floor. But he didn't mind. Being forced to be close together and stare at each other brought a certain embarrassment alone along. After less than a minute it would be over anyway.

Following Aoi along the hallway to room 408 Ruki couldn't help but feel a certain excitement. He didn't expect anything to have changed but it had been a long time Aoi had invited him to his private place like this.

"Thank you," He replied with a smile and took off his shoes right away, not wanting to create a mess. Without an invitation though the blonde wandered around Aoi's living room, looking at everything as if he had seen it for the first time.


Aoi smiled softly, noting how the younger immediately put his shoes away. It was very different from when they hung out together with their other band mates -- they'd just barge in and throw their shoes to some place, not caring where it landed. Thankfully Ruki shared his sense of orderliness.

"I'll just go get us some water." He let Ruki wander off to his living room while he headed to the kitchen, making his way to the sink first to wash his hands.

As the water hit his bare skin, the thought that it was a mistake for him to have invited Ruki over popped in his mind, and he stopped in his actions. What was he doing, inviting Ruki, of all people, of all times, to his apartment? He slapped his still wet palm against his forehead, not even caring that droplets of water already went to his shirt. He just sighed and closed the tap before heading to the fridge to get some water.

With two glasses and a pitcher of water in hand, Aoi stepped out of the kitchen, sighing inwardly as he spotted Ruki. Without much word he placed the pitcher and glasses down, and then plopped down on the couch.


Nodding with a happy grin on his face when Aoi left to the kitchen Ruki paced the room, peering into the bedroom next door as well. Not much had changed at all which gave Ruki a feeling he was still welcomed here. It was strange but if Aoi had rearranged the whole apartment Ruki would have felt left behind, like he would have missed something.

After the blonde had seen enough he sat down on the couch, waiting for Aoi to return. God, he loved this couch, so soft. But as he watched Aoi walk inside Ruki frowned.

"What's wrong?" Ruki asked, looking confused, he paused, "You look at me like... you don't want me here." Sadly he was good at reading other people's expressions and Aoi was mostly unable to hide his true feelings or Ruki could just guess very well what the other thought.

"And why's your shirt wet?" Ruki added, his forehead tensing more and more.


"No Rucchan," he answered immediately, pushing himself off the couch to reach for the glasses and the pitcher, "It's just... it's been a while since anybody came to my place." He smiled a bit, proud of himself for thinking of something not heavy or offensive for an answer. He filled one glass and held it out to Ruki, before filling the other and taking it for himself.

Aoi reclined back to the couch, turning his head to the ceiling as he played on the rim of his glass absentmindedly.

"Huh?" He looked down on his shirt and saw some blotches there, and he laughed softly. "Oh, that's just water." He turned to Ruki and smiled, not knowing what else to say at the moment.


Ruki watched Aoi with his eyes narrowed together. But he couldn't believe his ears when the older shrugged him off with such a lame answer. Why was Aoi lying and why didn't he try some better if he really wanted to lie?

The blonde knew it hadn't been long since anybody had come to Aoi's apartment. Long times no visits looked different, like dirt, chaos, unwashed dishes and an Aoi who wasn't ready to see anyone. Whether Aoi had had friends over or lovers Ruki didn't know but either way the other lied.

Draining the glass in one go Ruki panted when he set it back down on the table. It was making him furious how innocently Aoi looked at the ceiling and acted as if nothing was happening.

"I'm going," Ruki declared and jumped from his seat, storming to the door. He didn't want to stay somewhere he wasn't wanted.


Before he knew it Ruki was on his way to the door, and Aoi panicked. He didn't know exactly why he did but he slammed his glass on the coffee table, not even caring that the water had spilled on his carpet and jeans this time.

"Ruki wait," he said sternly, grabbing Ruki's wrist and spinning him around so that his back faced the door. "Wait."

Aoi took a sharp breath and rested his forehead against Ruki, tightening his hold on the latter's wrist while he gripped the younger's other hand.

"Please. Don't go just yet," his voice came out ever so soft, pleading. "I don't want you to leave this apartment mad at me like this, but I... I just don't know where I stand in all of this, Ru. You know I have something for you, but I just can't help but think about what will happen in the future... with Aki, and other things..." It was hard for Aoi to bare his heart like this, but he was ready to make an exception, just this once.


The force with which Aoi grabbed Ruki's wrist had him easily spun around without the younger being able to do anything. With his back against the door he stared up at Aoi, suddenly an anxious feeling in his stomach. Of course, he had provoked the dark haired by leaving so rushed and not even explaining himself but maybe Ruki needed a reaction from Aoi, something he could understand.

Ruki acknowledged the strength it took Aoi to confess all this and bare his heart in front of the vocalist. He knew Aoi had a very weak spot when it considered feelings and talking about them. But only now the blonde could understand why Aoi had acted this way.

"But Aoi..." Ruki began, his hands squeezing Aoi's gently back, "You've always been special to me. And you always will." He breathed out with a soft voice, saying it like it was the most obvious thing and as if Aoi was stupid for not realising it.


Aoi's hands trailed up to Ruki's arm and finally he wrapped his arms around the other's slim body, locking him in a soft embrace. "Thanks." Knowing that Ruki wasn't mad at him -- confused at least, but not mad -- was a big relief to the older man.

He pulled away and smiled softly at Ruki, brushing away the hair strands that veiled a part of the younger's face. Cupping Ruki's cheeks, Aoi moved in a little closer, trapping the younger between him and the door.

"Just this once... until you've fixed everything with Aki."

Aoi raised his other hand to the back of Ruki's neck, pulling him near, and with a soft kiss he closed the distance between them.


A shiver went along where Aoi's fingertips were touching the skin of Ruki's arm, making him tense up. But it was gone when he felt the older's warm and gentle embrace envelope him. Once again Ruki noticed how they seemingly fit together like made for, the way Ruki's head leaned against Aoi's shoulder or that the guitarist could lock him within his arms - it all fit perfectly, and it felt so right.

Ruki felt himself being pressed against the door but didn't panic. He could feel the comfortable weight of Aoi's body lean against him and keep him there. Inevitably a sigh left the blonde's lips when Aoi's fingers trailed to the back of his neck and brought their faced closer. This had been so much more than he had wished for today.

Ruki moved his lips against Aoi's, at first gentle and carefully but once he was sure what to do, his movements became determined and feverish. Licking over Aoi's lips Ruki pushed against the other's body, challenging him.

Along with Aoi's words Ruki had promised himself this would be a one-time only thing, nothing more until he had talked to Aki and even then they still needed to break up...


Aoi furrowed his brows as he felt Ruki's tongue prod inside his mouth, but made no moves against it. Instead he welcomed it and sucked on it hungrily, first letting Ruki take the lead before taking over with a hushed moan.

Just this once.

As they broke the lip-lock Aoi stared into Ruki's eyes, but not a moment too soon the younger lavished his mouth with a quick swipe of the tongue and with that he already knew. Ruki's tensed body seemed so right against his own, and he couldn't help but push back, just to let him know who's in control... for now, anyway.

Aoi situated his leg in between Ruki's and pressed his thigh in the juncture, one hand still at the back of Ruki's neck, thumb caressing the soft skin there, while his other hand pushed the younger's shirt up.

Just this once.


Caressing Aoi's tongue with his own Ruki felt his body slowly starting to move by itself and along the lines it found most pleasuring. He wasn't thinking anymore if this was right or wrong, just like his own consciousness had stopped tormenting him that they should stop, he just reacted to Aoi the way he knew the other would like it.

"Ah... Aoi," Ruki panted when the older's leg suddenly came up between his own. Ruki steadied himself and put his hands on Aoi's shoulder, allowing him to have a good leverage of his own body. He lifted himself a bit just to grind right down on the thigh rubbing deliciously against his crotch. Biting his lip Ruki stared at Aoi for just a second until he lunged forward and kissed him again.

But he wasn't ready to give up on control so easily. With his thigh up between Ruki's legs Aoi gave the blonde a perfect view of his own weak spot. Leaning sideways he let his hand glide over the bulge visible in the dark haired's jeans, stroking his palm over it just lightly until he grabbed it harder.

This would never happen again. It had to. Just now Ruki would let loose and allow Aoi to have him. Tomorrow he would be strong again and able to resist that tempting devil kissing him.


Aoi couldn't help himself from smirking upon feeling Ruki rub against him; there was just this smug streak in him whenever it came to this. Funny considering how just minutes earlier he didn't think this was a good idea, but that thought was fully drowned in his minds with just the thought of taking Ruki right now. Sometimes the desire of the flesh was more powerful than rationality; at least, it was for Aoi.

"Fuck," Aoi pulled back for a moment as Ruki started to knead his growing erection, for a second thrusting into the touch then swayed the younger's hand away.

His dark eyes stared into Ruki's own, seeing and feeling the lust reflected in their eyes. He licked his lips deliberately and pulled away from the younger, but grabbed his hands and pulled him along.

"Bedroom." It was just a single word, but the way that his voice dropped a few octaves made it mean so much more.


Ruki grinned deviously when Aoi cursed and finally swatted his hand away. He knew he was teasing and he loved it. Ruki was very honest to himself about his personal needs. He knew sex was one of them and he didn't feel embarrassed to get himself what he wanted, even if it meant he would stroke himself in front of Aoi.

Captured by Aoi's eyes and the look they were giving him Ruki reduced himself to staring and feeling. Aoi's tongue brushed his piercing every so lightly and caused a want inside the younger to lunge forward and claim those lips as his own, that he felt it hard to contain himself anyhow.

Ruki followed Aoi willingly and let himself be pulled along. It was just a few steps until the blonde laid his eyes on Aoi's plush king-size bed. He wanted the two of them in there, immediately.

Smirking Ruki grabbed the hem of Aoi's shirt and pulled it over his head. That was a step into the right direction.


Aoi let Ruki pull his shirt over his head and once it was off he threw it away, not caring where it landed. What he cared for was getting Ruki on his bed, which he did -- he pushed the younger to the edge of his bed and pushed his shoulders so Ruki would sit there. Again running his tongue over his lower lip, he looked at the other man, so eager and willing, and Aoi wondered why he was pushing him away. At this point that didn't seem logical.

"God I want you..." he breathed out hotly as he sat at the younger's lap, straddling his thighs as he pulled his shirt off too, but stopping midway to claim Ruki's lips in a heated kiss.


"Hmm... you still like it rough," Ruki breathed against Aoi's lips when the older straddled him. Replying the kiss hungrily his hands crept up Aoi's arms to finally tangle in his hair, holding the guitarist in place and just where Ruki wanted him - right against his own body.

Breaking away Ruki stripped off his shirt and started undoing Aoi's pants, brushing over his erection one more time. By now Ruki's breathing had quickened so much he was panting, adrenaline pumping through his veins. There was no way they would stop now even though his bad consciousness was still nagging him.


"I always like it rough," Aoi answered as deviously then let Ruki take his own shirt off. He gasped lightly as he felt a small pressure on his groin again and he frowned; he knew Ruki loved to tease and Aoi liked being teased as well, but for today there was a strange sense of dominance taking over him and so he swatted the younger's hand away again. Perhaps because of the fact that he might not be able to do this for quite some time again, and it made Aoi frown even more.

He latched back onto the younger's lips then pushed him back down on the bed, rolling his hips against Ruki's for some delicious friction. As Aoi sucked and licked on Ruki's lower lip, his hands took the younger's hands and pinned them over his head, making sure he won't be able to tease again. Aoi swiped his tongue down to the creamy skin of Ruki's neck, nipping on some random spots a little (not enough to make a lasting mark, though) before licking on them, as if it was an apology.


It was delicious to see all the little frowns on Aoi's face whenever the blonde teased him. Ruki relished in watching how Aoi was unable to deny it turned him on even if it annoyed him as well. But Ruki sensed today it was different and Aoi wouldn't be so easily impressed by him. On contrary though Ruki didn't mind the least, it was a welcome change having someone dominate him.

"I thought so..." Ruki murmured, "I guess I can hope you will fuck me then?" He asked, his eyes half-lidded in pleasure. Ruki arched his body against Aoi and groaned, wanting more friction between their bodies, especially at a certain area southwards. A surging feeling rushed over him when he was pinned to the bed by Aoi's strong hands. He kept them over his head, knowing it would please Aoi and make him do delicious things to the blonde.

Craning his neck to the side Ruki panted harshly. Weak spot. Slowly he raised his knee between Aoi's legs and pulled upwards.


For a second Aoi looked up to Ruki then pressed a kiss to his neck, smirking at how sweetly vulgar his words were. Ruki's dirty talk turned him on greatly, and if he'd continue that all throughout this encounter then Aoi wouldn't mind.

"I will... if you keep being a good boy and keep your hands over your head." He leaned up to lavish Ruki's lips again -- kissing, sucking, licking on it -- before going back to press kisses on his neck again. He couldn't really resist that dirty mouth of his, after all.

Aoi then slipped his arms under the younger's back and hoisted them upwards so that he was laying his full body on the bed. With a feral glint on his eye, Aoi undid Ruki's pants with one hand while the other roamed on Ruki's stomach, all those before crawling back on top of him.


"Oh? A good boy?" Ruki questioned huskily, noticing the faint blush on Aoi's cheeks, "But I thought sex is only good when dirty..." He smirked. Ruki liked it rough and dirty and he wanted to be able to say what was on his mind, however vulgar it may be.

Ruki's lips were kiss-swollen, bruised so many times by Aoi's teeth and lips that they became more and more sensitive. But just as hungry and impatient Aoi tended to him Ruki was replying all those kisses, slowly driving him mad. He wished so bad Aoi would move to another place on him.

Watching Aoi undo his pants caused Ruki to sigh softly, trembling a bit. He couldn't hold his arms up anymore, he wanted to touch Aoi so much. So his fingers snaked around Aoi's neck but before roamed over his naked chest and nipples.


The older hummed, noting the wicked smile that Ruki wore. "If you say so..."

"Ah," Aoi moaned softly as he felt Ruki's deft fingers on his bare skin. He figured Ruki wouldn't listen to him and so he gripped on his wrists and pinned them on the bed, as he continued showering the younger's naked torso with light, teasing kisses. He was in control now, after all.

Aoi kept his hand over Ruki's even as he dipped lower, and pinned them down harder as he came in contact with his crotch. First he shot the younger a mischievous gaze and darted his tongue out to lick on the still clothed erection, all the while keeping his eye contact with Ruki. He could only imagine how he looked right now; it must be insanely dirty and he was sure it would excite Ruki to no end.


No, Ruki was bad at following commands that went against his own intentions. He had his own will and wished it accepted and possibly followed. Ruki could have never gone to the army; they would have sent him home immediately for lacking subordination.

"God... Aoi!" Ruki scolded, his hips bucking upwards involuntary when he felt the wetness of the older's tongue through the fabric of his jeans. God, Aoi was teasing him mercilessly! The blonde squeezed Aoi's wrists which held him in place again, showing him how much Ruki felt this was torture.

Then Ruki dared to look downwards, almost groaning again. Aoi looked so absolutely delicious with that mischievous grin on his lips, hovering between his legs like he belonged there. Ruki could have come from that sight alone and he knew Aoi had done it on purpose.


As Ruki bucked up, Aoi let out a low, dark laugh and then scraped his piercing at the younger's hard length, all the while pushing his pants down all the way to the ankles. He loved how Ruki writhed beneath him, how he deprived him of the control in this situation. In a way he did not have control over any of these too, and god knows how it would be better for the two of them to just lose control like that.

Aoi then stripped Ruki of the remaining lower garment that he had, taking it off along with his pants, and Aoi simply had to marvel at the sight. Ruki's length erect before him, the flushed face that the younger sported -- oh Aoi couldn't help but lick his lips at that.

"Stay still Ru," he said softly as he held the younger's hips down, but he was pretty sure he wouldn't listen to him anyway. So he just started on kissing Ruki's erection all the way down to the base, lewdly licking on it as if a delectable lollipop, occasionally brushing his piercing on the sensitive skin.


Ruki knew Aoi would laugh at him when his own body gave him away so easily. But what could the blonde do? Being teased and held back all the time didn't make it easier to suppress any growing... feelings.

He was glad the pants and everything else along with it were finally off of him and his erection freed from the confines of it. Though, Ruki felt himself melt under Aoi's glance, his eyes roaming over the younger's body like he was a prey Aoi found precisely delicious. And it all had been Aoi's doing that Ruki now looked this flushed and excited.

Ruki tried to follow Aoi's command as best as he could but it was only possibly because his hands almost ripped the bed sheet apart when Aoi's gentle lips collided with Ruki's painfully hard erection. It needed all the remaining willpower Ruki had (which wasn't much) to stay still.

"Aoi...ah, right there," Ruki yelped, his eyes pressing closed when Aoi's lip ring brushed along the vein of his cock.


"Here?" Aoi grabbed the base of Ruki's cock and pressed his tongue on the most visible vein there, then dragged the slick muscle all the way to the tip. He then sucked on the head and looked up to the younger, wanting to see how beautifully contorted his features now were, and Ruki didn't fail to please. Seeing that desperate look on his face made Aoi suck on harder, all the while gripping the base with a certain force.

He lifted himself up for a moment and started undoing his pants too but slowly and surely so as not to topple over Ruki. Once the pants were gone he started taking off his soiled underwear, already wet from his pre-cum. Aoi gave himself a few gracious strokes before lying on top of the younger again, bracing himself with his forearms.

"Ruki..." he breathed out the younger's name as he pressed his lips on the other's again. The kiss was soft and sweet, but the same couldn't be said for the way that Aoi currently rubbed his needy erection against Ruki's own.


Ruki wanted to nod and tell Aoi that was exactly the right spot but when the older's tongue dragged along his shaft the blonde was only able to groan helplessly, his breathing hard and rushed. The grip Aoi maintained at the base of his erection was just perfect and then he sucked the head... and Ruki started trashing.

Once Aoi stopped he tried to calm down a bit, he was already so close to coming and didn't want to ruin the fun they were having. Just in time to see the dark haired giving himself some gracious strokes Ruki opened his eyes and had to smile.

Aoi looked so beautifully obscene the way he was standing before Ruki, the sweaty skin of his forehead made his hair stuck to it and look messy and wild while further downwards his erection was leaking pre-cum when he stroked it. Ruki bit his lip, unable to wait until Aoi came back to him.

Replying the kiss eagerly Ruki bent one knee at the junction and rolled them over, making Aoi lie on his back and Ruki straddling him. Grinding their bodies together he smiled, his palms gliding over the sensitive skin of Aoi's chest.


Aoi cocked a brow as Ruki flipped them over, though not at all surprised with the action. He knew that Ruki didn't like to give his power up so easily, and it wasn't as if Aoi could really deny him of that for long. Ruki was special enough for Aoi to submit to him.

As they broke the kiss Aoi grabbed the younger's head so as to keep him just above his lips, wanting Ruki to feel the way his lips move against his own. "I thought I was going to be the one fucking you," he breathed out before darting his tongue out to lick on the younger's lips; obviously he couldn't keep himself away from that too.

A moan escaped Aoi's lips as Ruki moved against him; his hand slipping to the younger's back and the other creeping to his ass. While Ruki continued to move, Aoi spread his legs and planted his feet down on the mattress, very much like a whore would. Then again, Aoi had no objections in being called Ruki's whore.

Part Two
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