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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
The Smile That You Wore - Aoi/Uruha - 3/? 
Jan 27 09
Title: The Smile That You Wore
Chapter(s): 3 - Gray Skies
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 depending on the chapter ^^
Warnings: Shortness
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Disclaimer: Everything written here came from my imagination. Plus I don't own any of the boys though I wish I did xD. And I do not know much about Kai's habits or how the boys practice, so please forgive me for the misfires ._.
Summary: It was an unrequited love; everybody knew that, but never made mentioned of it even once. Ever since that fateful day almost seven years ago, Aoi knew Uruha was different from anybody he’d laid his eyes upon.

1 - Friday Night
2 - Just Fine

“Reita, how many times have I told you, you’re not allowed to act like Rambo inside the studio! If you want action so badly, you should’ve applied for a job as a stunt man instead of being a musician,” an exasperated Kai fumed, walking past the now glassless glass door, to be responded by Reita with a rather harsh punch on the shoulder.

“It wasn’t me, you idiot! I don’t even use the stupid backdoor — I park my bike at the front entrance, remember?”

That answer satisfied Kai; it was fair enough, at least. Still, he wasn’t satisfied that until now, he didn’t know who did this to the poor old door. It couldn’t have been anybody from the other bands — as far as he knew they were scheduled to use the other PSC studios yesterday, and the five of them had been the only ones using this studio incessantly since last week. Eyes pleading, the Gazette leader turned to Ruki, hoping that he had the answer.

“Not me,” the vocalist simply shrugged, continuing to message Reita’s shoulders so the latter wouldn’t lunge at Kai any more than he should have.

Needless to say, it was a mystery. That meant either Uruha or Aoi did it, or somebody in the PSC staff, or some stupid outsider who had a knack for destroying glass doors. He wished it was the last one, because the staff had always been the sanest in all of PSC-land (as Miyavi would put it). Uruha didn’t seem like he’d even have the motivation to break fragile things, and Aoi, though he had anger issues in the past, is a sensible man and besides, he’d been fairly happy for the past couple of days. Kai sighed. He wasn’t going to rack his brain for an answer that’s impossible to come up by himself when he can have the boys practicing already.

The sudden vibration of the phone secured in his pant pocket snapped him out of his daze, bringing him back to reality to check who it was that messaged him. With a sigh escaping his lips for the second time, the young drummer pushed his phone back to his pocket and headed further into the hallway, expecting the two to follow his lead.

“C’mon, let’s start. Aoi called in sick today and it’d be useless to wait for Uruha anyway.”

Ruki and Reita nodded in unison.

The phone lay limp on Aoi’s open palm as he was on the bed; eyes transfixed on the blinding mid-morning sunlight from outside his window. He believed it was a wise decision not to attend practice even only for this day – he wasn’t in any mood to play, discuss band issues, or do anything for that matter. What’s more, Aoi didn’t want to see Uruha for fear of punching the blond’s lights out.

Worse, he just might break down again, this time in front of the other guitarist, more pathetic than the last time.

For the nth time since he woke up at 6 AM today, Aoi sighed. In his otherwise chaotic mind, the only thing that gave him peace was the vast, azure sky.

13:23. It amused Aoi how it’s already been around three hours since he sent Kai a message and until now he was staring outside his window, lying on his stomach and still not moving. The only time that he did move was when his phone vibrated. So it was Kai. For the average person it would’ve been strange to receive a reply three hours after you’ve sent a message, but in this case it was unusual that the drummer even sent a reply. Unless it was important, of course. The older guitarist could imagine how much stressed out Kai was today, with only a few more days from the concert and here he was, lying on his stomach like a bum, taking his time in reading whatever message Kai had for him.

I hope it’s not very troubling for you, but could you send us some music clips that we’re supposed to use?

I can’t seem to find it here in the staff computer and Uruha’s still not here.

Immediately he pushed himself off the bed and exited the room, on his way to the computer. He pulled the swivel chair and sat on it, about to switch the computer when he stopped abruptly, hand falling to the arms of the chair. Aoi sighed Why did he have to send the file to Kai when he’s perfectly capable of playing the piece himself? It would be more productive if he just went down there and practiced instead of moping around the house for no reason in particular, not even having anything remotely interesting to do anyway.

Of course.

In fifteen minutes or so Aoi had arrived at the studio. It had been surprisingly empty in the trains today, and for some reason, ever since Kai sent him that message, time seemed to have sped up. Or was it that he just moved uncommonly fast this time? Either way, he had to empty his mind of such idle thoughts and reached the practice room at once. The others probably weren’t able to do much for the past hours without the proper guitar plays, and there was no more time to lose.

“Aoi!” Reita announced as the older guitarist entered the room. “Kai said you were sick, are you okay now?”

Aoi’s eyes automatically roamed around the room, his expression turning into something unreadable as he turned around.

“Aoi,” Kai piped in, tapping the dark haired guitarist on the shoulder as a sign of apology as he entered the room as well, fazing the latter a bit. “You feeling okay now? Sorry that you still had to go down here…”

Though Aoi was still quite taken aback, a smile cut into his stern features. “No, that’s okay, I feel a lot better now actually so I decided to swing by. I suppose I can practice a bit too.”

“Don’t force yourself okay? We can’t afford to be any sicker in the days to come,” the drummer answered, then shot a piercing look to his side. “If Uruha only came earlier—”

Raising an eyebrow at Kai, Uruha slightly lifted his face as he continued to strum and pluck on his guitar. “The hell? I told you I had a hangover earlier and isn’t it better if I stayed at home for a bit than coming here wasted and wrecking havoc instead?”

“Why’d you even drink last night man?” Reita answered the blond’s rhetorical question with a question; his tone sounding somewhat annoyed, but Uruha took no offense. Instead the younger guitarist simply shot him a fleeting look and shrugged before going back to tuning his guitar. Not that Reita really expected an answer from him, anyway.

Ruki stood up, grabbed his bottle of water and drinking on it then made his way to the microphone. “So can we practice now already?” he sighed on the mic, his glance alternating between Aoi and Uruha. After all, he’d wasted so many papers and used a hell lot of ink drawing covers for singles and albums that were yet to be written and created.

It wasn’t hard for Aoi to fake being sick but trying hard to practice even if he wasn’t physically sick or that he wasn’t even trying hard. A few audible sighs and the constant shaking of his hand was enough for Kai to notice and make him rest on the couch for a few moments, making Uruha do all the work. Ruki and Reita couldn’t care any less however – perhaps all they wanted was to get the practice over with, maybe unwind a little and sleep before practicing back at home, which is what the two had been doing these past few weeks. Despite the laid back appearance, those two could really be hardworking if they wanted to… of course unless there was something more to their enthusiasm in band practice.

Before Aoi knew it the practice was already over. Kai ended it earlier than he normally did. Of course with Ruki informing him that he and Reita did polish their work at home which was quite obvious – both only had a couple of misfires but otherwise they played good – and Uruha pointing out that he couldn’t do the songs alone (to Aoi’s surprise), it really wasn’t all that unexpected for the leader to do so. Ruki and Reita went ahead, and as much as Kai wanted to go ahead as well, he had made a new rule for himself that he should be the last one to leave just in case something was to go wrong. Not that he didn’t trust the two; he was just being careful.

A small laugh cut the silence in the room, making both guitarists eye Kai. “You guys are awfully quiet today,” the latter commented, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the door frame.

“Aren’t we always?” Aoi giggled in reply, finally finished in fixing his things. It amused him that even though he was deliberately moving at a snail’s pace so as to look weak and sickly, Uruha still managed to out-slow him. “Besides Uruha was just concerned that I’m sick, so that’s why we’re not talking…” his voice drifted off a bit but then let out another chuckle, an embarrassed one this time. Aoi shook his head inwardly and greatly regretted what he had said.

Uruha just looked up and smiled, already making his way to the door. “Well you seem not to feel well. Anyway, get well soon man. I’m off.” With that he tapped Kai’s shoulder, and before Aoi knew it, the blond was also gone.

According to the digital clock on his wall, it was already exactly 6 PM. It was funny how it seemed that he didn’t move from his position at all – cheeks probably marked with the folds of the bed sheet again as he stared outside the window, eyes still glazed in the same way as before. But for Aoi, it was funnier how although he and Uruha existed under the same gray skies, they still lived in two very different worlds.

A/N: I'm not happy with this chapter at all. =\ But I knew I just had to update and if I don't write chapter 3 at all, I'll never get to finish it because that's how weird my brain works~ >>;; I know it doesn't make sense, but I'll make sense out of it, eventually >>;; *gets shot* Just think of it as a filler chapter. Ugh I need more inspiration for this fiiiiic~ ;_;
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Waaah...I liked! I am glad that Uruha and Aoi are finally (somewhat) speaking. XD
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Ohohohoho yeah, they're talking now~ but I wonder what comes next~ xDD

Thank you for reading! ^^
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Finally >D

Good thing they're talking, but I can sense some underlying tones.. hmm...
Jan 27 09 (UTC)

*gets shot*
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
mouuu~im so in love with this story.And the last words...it sooo beautiful.
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Oh thank you! ^^ It's my first multichapter so I'm glad to hear that you like it~

Ohoho, the last words actually is the core of this chapter. ^^

Thank you for reading, dear! ♥
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
its really your first?i just found your fanfictions,and i love themXD i like your writing style.
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
Yup, first multichapter, written in a fit of angst xDD

Awww, I'm flattered~ *blush then shot* Thank you for the kind comment~ ♥
Jan 27 09 (UTC)
I'm so happy you updated! I like this story.
I want to know what's exactly Uruha's problem! It seems serious enough if he went out drinking on a weekday.

Aoi's behavior made me smile. He tried to avoid Uruha XDD and when he got to know Uruha also skipped practice he decided to show up. What a coincidence Uruha also arrived to the studio XDDD
But the best part was when Aoi pretended he is really so weak and sick just to justify his earlier absence!

But poor Rambo-Reita at the beginning of this chapter! It was so funny Kai's 1st thought was he broke that glass...

I'm really curious about the further happenings!
Jan 28 09 (UTC)
Ohohoho~ well, my Uruha has way too many issues, I don't know where to start! Not an excuse to be bitchy towards Aoi though~ D<

Ahaha, well. That's the Aoi we love~

LOL RamboReita! xDD I had fun writing that part, mainly because I dun like Reita as much~ ohohoho D<

Thank you for reading! ♥
Feb 02 09 (UTC)
Nice update!! Inspiration must be tough... :/ But the story is really awesome and I can't wait for the next update! Whenever your inspiration will hit~ :P
Feb 02 09 (UTC)
Yes it is ;_; Myuuuuuu~ thank you for the support~ and of course thanks for reading and commenting, dear! ♥
Feb 03 09 (UTC)
I was just bored out of my wits, looking for something to read, but it seems all the people write lately are death and gore and what not and I just can't make myself to even try reading that. So I remembered your story and came to see if you updated it. I'm glad you did :) First part with Rambo Reita was very funny, I liked it. Also Kai trying to find out who was the culprit. The second part was troubled. I mean with poor confused Aoi and everything. And Uruha got drunk? I think that has something to do with Aoi. I know he's being a bitch but I'm still fond of him. Even if nothing really happened in this chapter I'm glad you posted it, because it means you're working on the story. And I really like this story, although it's confusing and everything :)
Feb 04 09 (UTC)
I've noticed that too~ =\ Seriously though there are only a few writers who update lately. Maybe they're busy with life and stuff ._.

Ohohoho well~ it still is very confusing because Uruha's a bitch I haven't really wrapped my mind around it. But when inspiration hits, I'll be sure to make it clear as day~ ♥

Well if it makes you feel better, I'm working on the sequel to my other fic From Twelve to Forever, if you've already read that. ^^ Will finish it a bit later, maybe during class because I'm not letting my stupid Aoi/Uru muses sleep D< They can't sleep in the middle of a fic~ >_<;;
Mar 12 09 (UTC)
Wah, I like the story. Get some inspiration dear, because I want to read more of this story. I think it will be quite exciting. Thanks for the story again.
Drowning poor Uruha's sorrow in alcohol is not healthy...even if he is just an imaginary-Uruha... try an outburst rather!
Mar 12 09 (UTC)
I was just thinking of the flow for the next chapter for this one as well as some plot points, ahaha. And thank you for reading! ^^
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