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花 言 葉 × h a n a k o t o b a
seems that soon i'll wither away without knowing the answer
In A Memory - Uruha/Aoi (1/1) 
Jan 23 09
Title: In A Memory
Chapter(s): 1/1
Author: xxshamisen
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13; NC-17 (for the bonus)
Warnings: Shortness
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi, Aoi/Ruki, Reita/Uruha; Aoi/Uruha (for the bonus)
Disclaimer: Everything written here came from my imagination. Plus I don't own any of the boys though I wish I did xD.
Summary: When Aoi had already forgotten their love, Uruha remembered.
Comments: Would you believe it, this fic actually was inspired by a lecture in one of our majors? Yeah, so I give credit for my professor who discussed to us about memories. And yes, unfortunately this is a sad one, but I made you guys a little bonus, so you better read on, myuuu! ♥ Enjoy!

Uruha turned to Reita. “Why do we forget?”

The smaller man lifted his face up. “According to this article?” he answered, raising the magazine that he’d been reading for the past few minutes. Uruha simply nodded, to which Reita responded with a raise of a brow. “First one here says it’s because of interference – we’re not always in complete control of our attention.”

With a pained expression, Aoi watched as he stumbled his way in from the door to the living room. Uruha reeked of alcohol, perfume, and sex, yet he had the gall to tell the older man off when the latter simply offered a hand. Aoi’s stare had been accusing – that was his reason. That the older man saw him as a failure despite the soothing words, and that it’s a disgrace that someone like him was in his presence.

But it was simply his own perception of himself reflected in the older’s eyes.

Try as Aoi might to dissuade the blond of his nonsense, nothing worked. He simply waited for sleep to finally come to his confused lover because tomorrow, it would be the same again anyway.

“We learn new things everyday that interferes with what we already know,” Reita continued.

Uruha found nothing prepared for him as he entered the kitchen. Normally Aoi would be there, sometimes smiling up to him and telling him to eat already. Other times when he arrived home late, the older would still be there, resting his head on the table top and snoring softly, but immediately stirring up once Uruha was there. Then he would sleepily point at the fridge and wait until Uruha finishes his meal before going back to sleep.

It should’ve been the first scenario that’s happening, but instead Uruha found Aoi lazily flipping channels in the living room. He was tired, and the least that his lover could do was to warmly welcome him home and fix him something after a hard day’s work.

“What the hell Aoi, is the television more important to you than me now?” the blond finally said after a long and heated argument; both men kept at their edge, though no voices were raised.

“Uruha,” Aoi warned; his voice low and serious, “I’m not the one who slept in all day and got Kai so pissed that I had to practice all night long.” With that the older man flicked the television off and stood up. “I always work my ass off to prepare something for you every night, but sometimes you don’t even come home. I’ve been eating out for the past month because fixing meals at two in the morning just isn’t rewarding anymore. I’m not your maid.”

Although there was no loud, smashing noise after Aoi’s exit to the bedroom, Uruha’s ears were still met by a bitter sound – that of a door being locked.

“…third, we lack practice or rehearsal.”

It was just like calm after the storm. Finally they were already in speaking terms, but that’s just Aoi being passive. Nevertheless Uruha was contented with it.

This time it was the older man who came home late. Midnight was still a reasonable time and it wasn’t like either of them cared how late the other got home anymore. Both of them knew that this was no time to fool around anyway, not when they had so much work to do.

Uruha was already lying down when the bedside lamp flickered open. He simply shifted a bit under the covers and moved away from Aoi’s side of the bed; he couldn’t sleep anyway. Propping his elbows on the pillow, the blond rose a little, watching as Aoi change into his night clothes.

“Say Aoi,” Uruha started with a faked drowsiness; behind those lidded eyes actually an excited predator. “We haven’t been getting it on lately.”

The bed dipped in Aoi’s weight silently. “You’ve been screwing other people anyway, so why bother?” the elder guitarist answered, and the room was basked in darkness once more.

“Lastly,” Reita paused for a moment and then sighed, looking at his friend, puzzled at the awkward silence between the two of them. “Hey Uruha, are you alright?” He immediately dropped the magazine on the couch and wrapped an arm around Uruha’s shoulder.

The other blond tried so desperately to stifle a sob and prevent his eyes from watering, and succeeding at it somehow. At that he reached for the magazine and with a hazy vision he tried to make out the black ink on glossy white paper.

With a bittersweet smile in those full lips, Uruha mouthed the words written down there. “We are affected by our own emotion.”

Despite the strong, protective assurance that Reita’s embrace provided, it still didn’t ease the pain in Uruha’s heart. Not when at the corner of his eye, he could see Ruki under Aoi’s arm.

Uruha leaned against Reita’s chest. “Reita, will you help me forget?”


It's like oekaki, except in it's in fics, LOL! xDD HERE BE THE CRACKISH DRABBLES xDD

Title: First Words
Comments: From our lecture too. And yes, I just bastardized Alexander Graham Bell. SO SHUT UP AND READ xDD

In the 1800s, inventors were seen as nothing but lame, bitter virgins who had no (love) lives. On the contrary, for Shiroyama Yuu, the leading name in the field of communication devices, nothing says celebration like sex after having invented something new. Sex with his assistant, Takashima Kouyou, that is.

However right after the victory sex for having made this new mechanism which the two of them dubbed as the ‘telephone,’ Shiroyama still wasn’t satisfied. Now in his study room, where he was alone and slipping a hand inside his pants again, he pulled the new invention.

He breathed hard over the receiver. “Come here, Takashima-san. I want to see you.”


Title: First Message
Comments: I wasn't listening all too well while my professor was discussing this, but just in case you want to know what really happened, here~ xDD

Another invention, and another victory sex. Shiroyama Yuu laid on the bed next to his assistant and lover, Takashima Kouyou, eyes glazed over as the two of them continued to pant heavily. A few more moments past the afterglow, the older man reached the bedside table and grabbed the newest model of cellular phone that he and his lover developed just hours ago, finally test driving this mode of communication that they now call ‘texting.’

Takashima’s cellular phone rung, and he smiled upon reading the message Shiroyama sent him.

ごちそうさまでした, as weird as it sounded, would now be known as the first ever message sent.

*ごちそうさまでした (gochisousama deshita) means roughly means ‘thank you for the meal.’ And actually, the first message ever sent was ‘burp.’ So yeah, you can pretty much figure out what they did here xDD


Title: Raising the Flag
Comments: Inspired by a conversation I had with route337. Oh you can't imagine how much crack goes on in this journal~ so add me up LOL xDD *gets shot*

EDIT: Inspired by this pic, actually xDDDD

“Oh god Aoi, harder, faster…” Uruha panted and writhed on the bed as Aoi continued to push against him, enjoying every moment that his length was clenched by his lover’s tight insides. “Fuck I need this really bad…”

“I know baby,” the older man purred as he lapped and nipped on Uruha’s bottom lip, eliciting even more shameless moans from the latter. “Little Kou-chan was really excited earlier, and I haven’t even touched him all day~” Uruha grunted louder as Aoi’s hand possessively gripped on his cock and pumped it.

Surprisingly Uruha managed to flick his eyes open, but immediately putting a hand over his eyes and shutting them tight. “You’ve already seen the pictures? Ugh damn those photographers are fast.”

The elder guitarist simply chuckled. “No Uru,” he breathed, stroking the blond’s length faster and with more pressure. “You remember that picture of mine that you taped at the back of your guitar? I actually put a small camera there.”

Uruha laughed too. But Aoi wasn’t kidding.


Hope you enjoyed them all! xDD
(Deleted comment)
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
Well every inventor needs one! xDD

OOOH PSYCH~ I'm envious~ >3

Thank you for reading! ♥
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
I was actually moved by the first fic
but then

Jan 23 09 (UTC)
Adik talaga LOL xDD

I hate sad endings so I just had to add them at the end~ I was gonna put it in a separate post, but meeeeh xDD

Jan 23 09 (UTC)
Awww...In a Memory almost made me cry. I liked it a lot!
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
It's really sad ne~ which is why I have crack after it xDD

Thank you~ ♥
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
yes it is. ;_ ;

hahaha...good crack it was. XD
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
LOL we have to thank my perverted brain for that. My prof was discussing about the firsts in technology and I was thinking of these fics already xDD
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
hahahaha thank you brain! ^^ professors and their lectures...they have no idea the things we think about while they are teaching. uruxaoi, ne?
Jan 23 09 (UTC)

My friend who happens to be my seatmate could only wince!smile while I was fangirling lol xDD
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
hahaha....that happens to my friend and i too. recently, it has been Kazuki from Screw. XD The man is total hotness. XD
(Deleted comment)
Jan 23 09 (UTC)
Oh noes I hope the crack made it up D=

Thanks for reading! ^^
Jun 20 09 (UTC)
"in a memory" was really nice; how they didn't really care for each other anymore, but kept living together nevertheless...
Jun 20 09 (UTC)
Awww. Well it's kinda tragic for the two of them, but oh well.

Thanks for reading~ :3
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